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Is Augmented Reality Conferencing the Future of Workplace Collaboration?

Is Augmented Reality Conferencing the Future of Workplace Collaboration?

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AR or Augmented Reality and VR or Virtual Reality are quite a common discussion in the world of technology. Similarly, the technology-driven workspaces demand a seamless workspace collaboration post-pandemic. People are used to working from home and the workspace culture is changing rapidly due to such habits. 59% of the US workers want to continue WFH according to a study by TalentLyft. To cut the cost of daily travel and dedicate more quality time to work, employees are prioritizing online offices. On the other hand, employers are willing to save office space and other expenses with such a professional routine. That’s where the idea of augmented reality video conferencing is hitting to keep the collaboration between workers alive for a synchronized workflow.

augmented reality in workspace

How AR and VR can assist professional collaboration and lift the operations to a better place is the current question. Also, what would be the system through which employees can be habituated to the use? All of the answers are explained in this article.

Part 1 What is Augmented Reality Conferencing and What's VR Video Streaming Workflow

Before jumping to the application of AR and VR, it’s important to clarify the concept of the two different technologies. While AR is an enhanced version of the real world, VR is totally virtual. As a basic concept, note that, augmented reality is an arrangement of the user’s real-world view whereas virtual reality is totally an illusion based on a video. AR can be accessed from a phone to set the camera with a view and a virtual arrangement would be present within it. For example, if there’s a room in the real world, with an AR video conference, people can be adjusted virtually.

ar in conference

Virtual reality, as the name suggests, is totally in control of the system. With goggles or headsets, one can view computer-generated video with 360 degrees of technical effects to be seemed as real. This technology is mainly applicable for a video currently and there’re more scopes to experiment further.

vr video streaming

Here comes the question, how these technologies can be merged with a permanent business structure that can be as effective as the older system, and there’s scope for even better results? Well, according to a study by FinancesOnline, 72% of the US customers find AR for better collaboration and 69% think it increases the efficiency in the workspace. Also, 49% of the IT experts believe that AR can access real-time information sooner.

The key idea behind augmented reality conferencing is to omit the parameters like distance, time, and space expenses and motivate positive collaboration in business workflow. There are multiple advantages of this technology for both employees and employers. As people are getting accustomed to the virtual setting in any professional or personal work from home, the plan to shift to a semi-virtual or virtual office structure is not vague now. In fact, this adaptation might take place sooner than expected as a long-term effect of the pandemic.

How augmented reality conferencing and virtual reality video streaming will be working?

AR and VR can be implemented through different technologies and hardware devices. As a result, employees can attend a meeting from home, just with a mobile application that enables the office structure in the room. Or, 2-3 members can be present physically in a meeting room while others are joining from remote places through VR. A 3D video streaming would overshadow the physical absence of the teammates. At the same time, the resources can be shared in no time for reference and transparent communication.

So, how exactly a business can be affected by augmented reality video conferencing on a large scale? Here’s a keen observation from both perspectives.

Part 2 Pros and Cons of AR and VR Conferencing

difference between ar and vr

01Pros of AR and VR Conferencing

This technology has an initial purpose to save time and energy for the workers including daily travel and balancing personal and professional commitments.

Employers can hire people from remote places based on their skills and without worrying about the distance and timezone gap.

Additional resources like bigger office space, electricity, and water can be saved if augmented reality video conferencing is in a complete performance.

Positive collaboration can be expected while the employees have more energy and a comfortable environment to work in. As a result, productivity might take a boost as well.

AR video conference serves a better experience than normal video conference in Zoom or Google meeting.

02Cons of AR and VR Conferencing

The whole process is still under experiment and there’s no confirmed news about its beginning. So, there’s no practical feedback on the process of installation, usage, and maintenance.

It would be expensive and time-consuming to set up a virtual reality conference system in a big office with n number of people.

Technical fault from the office or from employees’ home can cost serious penalties in the business workflow.

Hardware limitations like limited battery life, expensive headsets, and wireless connection are required and these things can cause problems while implementation.

It can be uncomfortable to wear headsets for a long time during augmented reality conferencing and people can experience motion sickness due to this.

Part 3 How does Wondershare Filmora Video Editor assists AR video conference?

To use AR and VR professionally at a larger scale, the videos need to be seamless and follow some standard parameters. With Filmora, it would be easier to manage all the videos during an augmented reality video conferencing. There are multiple effects like "Motion Tracking", "Keyframing", "Audio ducking", "Speed Control", and "Color matching" that are required while managing a virtual conference with multiple people. It’s important to match the environment thoroughly so there’s no lack of concentration and inferiority in the system.

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From a business perspective, a video editor has many roles to play. Similarly, for a modern integration like AR and VR video conferencing, the required tools cannot be compromised. With facilities like "Green screen", "Audio equalizer", "Split screen", "3D Lut", etc. augmented reality would be presented smartly. To match the whole office environment as effectively as the real (present) one and to boost collaboration in the workspace, new generation video editing tools like Filmora is a must. With minimal effort, virtual meetings can be arranged and presented with the key goal to work at a global level and minimize the distance barrier.

Ending Thoughts

Augmented reality conferencing is at an experiment level now and it is expected to be integrated with the real-life workflow sooner.

As discussed, there’re both advantages and disadvantages of this technology right now. To enhance the facilities and diminish the cons, a smart video editor can be the gamechanger. In this article, you can find all the current news about AR adaptation for workspace collaboration in detail.

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