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Five Thoughts on Discord Create Account’s How-to Questions

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 30, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
Five Thoughts on Discord Create Account

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Discord was a great alternative to voice chat systems such as TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Ventrilo for online gamers. Gamers make discord accounts for these services to play together rather than the voice communication facilities integrated into games, which are frequently of poor quality and lack functionality.

Founded in 2015, discord allowed individuals to talk while playing PC games seamlessly. Users may utilize the service to establish servers that can include many text and audio channels. A typical discord account server may feature chat rooms dedicated to specific themes (such as "gaming" and "anime x manga"), as well as voice channels devoted to specific games or activities. The service's high-quality, low-latency audio chat is a popular tool for Twitch broadcasters and podcasters. It has also expanded to accommodate massive video conversations to compete with Zoom.

Part 1 How Does Discord Work and What is it Used for? 

Discord account allows friends to communicate with one another one-on-one or in groups via a server. You may use it to send direct messages to pals, as well as video calls, audio chat, and screen sharing. Once on a server, you can join a voice chat channel to communicate with other gamers who are playing certain games. 

You can share many things on discord, including media files like images, gifs, audio, and videos. Speaking of videos, video editing doesn't get any better than Filmora. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is a sophisticated editing application for Windows and Mac users. It was initially known as Wondershare Video Editor, but following its fifth release, it got renamed Filmora. The video editor's primary features include animation, overlays, audio control, on-screen recording, and multi-editing modes. The video editor is well-known for its feature-rich but the simple interface, making it suited for both novice and experienced users.

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Filmora’s standout features

Editing Audio Equalizer 4K Resolution Support

Support for GIFs

Screen Dividers

Controls For Video And Audio

Multiple Video Clips Can Be Layered

Stabilization of Video

Presets for Color Grading

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The mosaic (Blurring)

Noise Elimination

Importance in Social Life

Preview of Each Frame

Controlling the Speed


Backgrounds in Chroma Key

Screen Capture

Separation of audio

Scene Recognition

You can make your discord account and use it on almost any platform, including discord desktop software for Windows and Mac and iOS and Android apps for talking and calling on the move. If you prefer not to download anything, it also works in a web browser. You can link your discord account app to various popular services, such as Twitch and Spotify, so your friends can see your actions. While there is no discord Xbox app, you may link your discord and Xbox accounts so that others can see what you're up to on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. 

Part 2 How to Make a Discord Signup in the Browser 

Don't have the discord account?

You can quickly sign up using your preferred web browser, i.e., Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Safari. 

Follow the steps below to make a discord account using your web browser: 

how to make discord signup

Step 1: Go to and click the "Login" button in the upper right corner. 

Step 2: To establish a new discord account, click "Register" underneath the login page. 

Step 3:

Enter your email, a username, and a strong password.

Date of birth.

Accept the terms of service.

After entering the above, click the "Continue" button.

Step 4: Check the box besides "I am human" to enable the captcha. 

Step 5: You will receive an email asking you to confirm your information. Select the "Verify email" option. 

Once you've signed up for discord, you may access it via the Discord website or the mobile app. The program is free to download for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Follow the steps above to sign up on discord account successfully. Easy right? Let's proceed! 


Part 3 How to Make a Discord Signup with Desktop?  

The discord creating account on your desktop is pretty much the same as using your browser. 

Follow the steps below to make a discord account using your desktop.

how to make discord signup on desktop

Step 1: Click "Login" on the Discord website (top right).

Step 2: Underneath the sign-in box, click "Register."

Step 3: Enter the email address, username, password, and birth date.

Step 4: Agree to the terms of service and then click "Continue."

Step 5: Use the captcha to prove that you are not a robot.

Step 6: You will get an email to confirm your data; click on the link in the email to confirm.

See that? No big deal, right?

Part 4 How to Make a Signup Discord with App

Signing up for a discord account through the app is relatively easy, like the procedures above, you will not break a sweat. 

Follow the easy steps below for discord create account on your smartphone device:

how to make discord signup in the app

Step 1: Install and launch the Discord app on your smartphone

Step 2: Select the Register option.

Step 3: Choose whether to register by cellphone number or email address and input either one.

Step 4: You will get a message with a confirmation code or an email with a link.

Step 5: Enter the code or navigate to the URL.

Step 6: Enter your username and password here.

Step 7: Enter your birth date.

Step 8: Accept the terms of the agreement.

Step 9: Click "Next" to finish the Discord registration.

What Happens When You Disable your Discord Account?

When you deactivate your account, it goes to suspension mode. You may reactivate it by signing in and following the on-screen instructions. Keep in mind that discord accounts dormant for two years are removed, so if you want to keep yours, you must reactivate it (but you can disable it after this if you like).

After you deactivate an account, users will no longer get discord alerts. Users may, however, still receive friend requests, and any friend requests users get while their account is blocked will be ready for when they reactivate it. However, when a user decides to delete their account, the said account will get permanently deleted.

Tip: If you want to stay away from your discord account for a while with a plan to return to it later, it is advisable to log out or deactivate rather than delete it.

Part 5 Discord Create Account FAQs

Q. Is discord free, or do I have to pay?

A. Yes and no. The premium edition of discord is not free. If you don't want to utilize the premium features, you may still download and make a discord account for free.

Q. Is there anything I cannot do on discord?

A. Do not organize, promote, or participate in any unlawful or possibly dangerous activities, such as sexual solicitation, human trafficking, or selling or enabling the sale of forbidden or potentially harmful products (firearms, ammunition, drugs, and controlled substances).

Q. Do messages disappear on discord?

A. Your messages are only destroyed: 1. if they are deleted individually (by you or a user with proper rights), 2. if you get banned, and the person banning you decides to delete all of your messages at once.

Q. Does discord account keep a record of interactions?

A. Yes, discord will track every discussion you have on discord acount, record everything you say on discord, and examine all photographs you transmit over discord.

Q. How will I know when someone blocks me on discord?

A. When you block someone, their online status on discord account changes to "offline" until unblocked and vice versa. They will also show offline in mutual servers or your chat history.

Q. How do I permanently delete my discord account?

A. To delete your discord created account for good, head to user settings, then tap on ‘my account.’ From there, tap on ‘Account Removal’ then tap on ‘Delete Account.’

If you are a server owner, you will have to delete the server or pass ownership of the server.

Q. How do I find servers to join on discord?

A. If you have a buddy who has a discord server you'd want to join, request an invite. If you're a member of a discord community, ask for an invite or check on the community website.

By tapping the magnifying glass in the left window of the discord account app, you may also search for public servers that anybody can join.

Ending Thoughts

Discord is a web program that works in most browsers. A desktop version is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Discord's desktop and browser versions are functionally and visually identical in practically every regard if you want to make a discord account. So, re-read the article and the FAQs on discord create account, and start your journey.

Finally, for the creatives, boost your discord create account and usage experience by using Filmora to edit videos and make cool animations. 

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