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Best Tips for Better Event Videography

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

There is no doubt that if you have an upcoming corporate event, you will want to record it using professional

corporate event video production. This is something that can't be stressed enough. Providing video footage of events is an excellent method to raise people's awareness of your brand, as well as interest in and enthusiasm for the work that your firm does.

Let's start!

event videography
In this article
  1. 1. A quality corporate event video represents your business
  2. 2. A professional videographer is capable of editing
  3. 3. A professional video is completed on schedule
  4. 4. A skilled videographer avoids interference
  5. 5. A video that is done well tells a story
  6. 6. A videographer has a shot list

1. A quality corporate event video represents your business

People who are watching your corporate event video aren't just learning about who your company is and what your company does. They're also learning about your commitment to quality. If your event video looks like it was shot off the cuff by an employee on someone's phone, people may assume you take that kind of approach to your business and service to your customers.

You don't, but it's an easy assumption to make. A professionally shot, high-quality video signals to viewers that your company appreciates quality and seeks it out in everything they do. It also shows your attention to detail and what they can expect when they choose your business to handle their own occasions or services.

2. A professional videographer is capable of editing

Videoing your corporate event is about more than just filming, it's knowing how to cut the event together, how to mix the shots and the sound, and add music and any subtle effects or graphics that will make the video really shine. There is a lot that goes into post-production that an amateur simply cannot replicate.

Editing your video without the benefit of a dedicated studio with years of experience just won't have the same

effect when it comes to amplifying the energy and mission of your event. It also will not show the level of detail that your video could contain if a professional corporate event video production company did it.

3. A professional video is completed on schedule

It can take longer than you anticipate if you opt to handle your corporate or conference videos yourself or

delegate the task to one of your workers. Without a lot of post-production knowledge, it could take a lot of trial and error to put your material together in a way that produces the desired outcome.

If you're trying to summarize an event and demonstrate to stakeholders or customers how effective it was, you might not have time for that. Even though unforeseen issues might always arise, if you and a competent

videographer agree on a finish date, they will be able to deliver. This is crucial if you want to utilize your video

to promote a recent event or for marketing purposes.

4. A skilled videographer avoids interference

A skilled videographer is trained to film an event without getting in the way, so things can keep going as usual.

If you're not used to doing professional videography, you might not realize you're bothering your guests and

messing up the event while you're trying to film it. This can turn people off and hurt your finished product, as

well as the success of your event. If your occasion is streamed online, you don't want the videographer to get in the way or become visible in the frame your live show.

5. A video that is done well tells a story

Companies with experience creating videos do more than just capture actions digitally, they also find the story

in the event they are recording and use their videography skills to tell that story. This storyline is defined in

what they choose to shoot, when they shoot it and how they edit it all together. It's that storyline that is going

to capture the attention from the audience and give your video the desired impact.

It's also going to stir up emotions and passion in your audience, creating momentum in your company and with your customers that will last until your next event. Remember that any video you share with your customers or employees is a video marketing exercise that helps you build brand awareness. Let your corporate event video reflect positively on your business.

6. A videographer has a shot list

It is not enough to simply create a list; you must also put it to good use. The idea that you should plan your shot and then execute your plan is a fundamental element of production. Create a strategy and put it into action since your videographer will be knowing his job to adhere to this concept regardless of whether or not they are aware of it.

Also, get things you may or may not need for editing. It is usually excellent practice to use some B roll audio

and video, in addition to establishing shots, no matter what kind of event you are filming, be it a wedding or a business function. If you anticipate that it will be overly crowded during the event, take your creative shoton a pleasant day that occurs before the main event.


We sincerely hope that some of these pointers will be of assistance to you as you navigate the area of special

events videos. Whether you are able to employ all of them or not will depend on your client, the event, and

your own workflow; nonetheless, the takeaway from this anecdote is that you should be prepared for the

worst-case scenario and find that you are better equipped to offer the best possible results. There won't be

many situations that you won't be able to manage with grace and professionally if you have the ability to

remain calm, cool, and professional.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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