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What are the 10 Best GIF Creator?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 28, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
What are the 10 Best GIF Creator?

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Stay tuned to find the most affordable GIF creator solutions.

Part 1 Why Gifs Are Essential for Every Marketer?

Everyone around you today is accustomed with the fact that GIFs are an interesting and impactful means of content sharing. These 3-5 second snippets are highly preferred and convenient ways to deliver information that is precise, clear and to the point. When it comes to time frames, short and quick GIFs are obvious choices over lengthy videos. Additionally, GIFs are eye-catchy and keep you captivated to see though the entire content within seconds, contradictory to those monotonous and often dull videos that sound more like a long, boring lecture.

These are an effective media tool that is not limited to sharing information that is chiefly entertainment based or fun centered. You can use them to deliver important content that addresses a specific purpose or audience. Owing to this, GIFs have become an essential marketing utility, here’s why:

Improve Product Branding:

GIFs can serve as impressive branding tools for your products in the market. Markets today are considerably impacted by the ‘What You See is What You Buy’ concept, which puts forward the need to lay added stress on effective branding.

GIFs are ready to sort this out with their exciting range of features. From video editing choices to sound and color customization, GIFs are loaded with everything you need to improvise your product branding. All you have to do is explore your creativity to make the most of the GIF branding choices.

Explain it Better

On a preference poll, most of us would shift to ‘watch’ over ‘read’ for a comprehensive understanding. An attractive motion visual is an even better treat. GIFs are pivotal in making viewers relate to the concept and message behind your product in a more enhanced manner.

Additionally, these are a continent means to introduce emotional mobility among your target audience with depictive emojis. You can use GIFs to develop effective content approaches to make the audience connect with your product viability, both practically band emotionally.

Increase Visitor Attraction

Today’s changing times have brought about a rapid outlook towards everything. All of us are bounded by time constraints and when browsing the web, the prime need is to look for quick and accurate solutions to everything concerned.

Short and exact information delivery of GIFs is something that would keep visitors glued to your site because they will be assured of getting exactly what they search for and that too in an interesting and entertaining way.

Part 2 How to Make Your Own GIF?

Now that you are familiar with the creative marketing credibility of GIFs, you might naturally feel motivated towards creating a GIF of your own. In case you are, see through the following section of this article to find out interesting ways of creating interesting and catchy GIFs, either for impressive product marketing or just to make your social media posts leave your community peers in awe!

Looking for the best GIF creator solutions on the web, you can rely on GIPHY, one of the most preferred and convenient databases to create GIFs quickly. This is a smartphone compatible tool and works well with almost any device. Follow the steps given below to make GIFs with this tool:

Step 1:

Download and install the GIPHY app in your device.

Step 2:

Click on ‘Create’ in the app’s welcome screen. This will change (+) icon at the top-right corner to the ‘Camera’ symbol. You can also navigate to the ‘Profile’ at the bottom-right and tap the (+) or ‘Camera’ icon in the app’s account page.

Step 3:

Click on ‘Allow Camera Access’. You will receive two successive prompt messages from the app. Click on ‘Allow’ to grant access permissions to your device media. When you are done, click on ‘I Agree’.

Step 4:

GIFHY uses your device’s front camera for GIF creation. However, if you need to go for a camera switch, click on the ‘Camera’ sign at the bottom-right.

Step 5:

Choose a desired filter and effect for your GIF with a left or right swipe on the live feed toolbar. The app has 11 amazing and realistic effects, including VHS Static, 3D Glasses, etc.

GIPHY- GIF Editing Effects and Filters

Step 6:

You can take up either of the following:

Press either of the ‘Filter’ or ‘Effect’ buttons to take static shots to create GIF from images, or press and hold the same to create animated GIF. For simply using effects, tap the white button.

In case you choose to create a motion GIF, the app forms a ‘visual timer’ around the editor screen. The motion recording stops once the line is in sync with the screen edges.

GIPHY- GIF Creation

Step 7:

Having captured your perfect shot, you have the liberty to merge it with an image or video. However, do consider the following options to add some more elements to your capture: You can add relatable text in 9 color choices.

Enhance your graphic presentation with 8 amazing effects like, ‘rainbow overlays’, BW film grains, etc.

Choose from a never ending list of suitable stickers to add the feel through connect to your GIFs.

Trim your animated GIFs to the ‘just perfect’ portion by adjusting the editing markers.

Relax; that’s no rocket science. Just tap on the respective buttons and there you go!

GIPHY- Text Editor

Step 8:

Set your GIF in a desired size frame by choosing the ‘Crop’ tool from the top-right corner of the editing screen. You are given a size flexibility of 1:1, 3:2, 16:9, 4:5 and 9:16.

GIPHY- Image Resizer

Step 9:

Once you are satisfied with your creation, tap the ‘Right Arrow’ icon. In the interface that follows, add suitable share tags to the GIF.

Step 10:

Tap ‘Share GIF’ to post your creation on social media platforms or share it through popular IM apps. To save your initially captured clip, click on ‘Save Video’ or tap ‘Save GIF’ to save your creation in your smartphone’s memory.

GIPHY- GIF Share Interface

Part 1 What Are 10 Best GIF Creator to Find Brilliant Pre-made Gifs?

Having talked about GIF creation on the go, let’s take a dive into the best GIF creator solutions that are a storehouse of exciting pre-made GIFs. When browsing the web for an affordable GIF maker tool, you land across a pool of choices. Read through the further sections of this article to find out what’s best for you.

Described below are 10 best alternatives to get amazing pre-made GIFs:

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

This one is a popular, preferred and top rated application where you get to choose from an exciting range of pre-made GIFs under a variety of specific categories. All you need to do is, visit the app’s official site, browse to your favorite GIF category and select a desired GIF. Follow a few app instructions to save your selection and that’s it! Your selected GIF reaches your device memory within seconds.

Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editor for Mac/Windows

5,481,435 people have downloaded it.

Build unique custom animations without breaking a sweat.

Focus on creating epic stories and leave the details to Filmora's auto features.

Start a creative adventure with drag & drop effects and endless possibilities.

Filmora simplifies advanced features to save you time and effort.

Filmora cuts out repetition so you can move on to your next creative breakthrough.

Key Features

This app is available to you absolutely free of cost.

Has an intelligent and user cohesive interface.

Loaded with tons of brilliant GIFs to choose from.

The app supports GIF customization.


Launched in 2013, this one is probably the best GIF maker and downloader tool available on the web today. It is a free tool, packed with enormous varieties of GIFs to choose from. What’s more interesting about the app is that you are free to play with your editing creativity to enhance your downloaded GIFs in the GIPHY editor.

Key Features

It comes with an easy to use, convenient interface.

You can edit downloaded GIFs with hundreds of effects and filters.

The app provides you a direct sharing platform, allowing you to post GIFs to various social media platforms and also go for sharing via Instant Messaging applications.

This is a fast processing tool that allows you to escape the notch of annoying and delayed download processes.


You can conveniently regard this one as the closest competitor to the GIPHY GIF creator and downloader tool. Needless to say, both are quite similar to each other in interface and usage respects. However, focusing on search results for a common keyword, you find diverse variations to your obvious surprise.

Key Features

This is a free to use, interactive interface tool.

It introduces a GIF Keyboard that allows you to search the most specific and relatable GIFs.

It ensures a speedy and high quality GIF download.

You can explore your editing skills to your heart’s content to improvise the downloaded GIFs with this tool.

This tool gives you the liberty to directly share GIFs across different platforms.


If you like to spend ample time on choosing what’s perfect for you, refer this online tool for your GIF download solutions. It caters to your love of diversity with the most deep rooted and broad GIF range. However, this one comes with a little messy interface, demanding some patience from you to get to the right thing.

Key Features

This tool provides you with almost all possible choices for a GIF category.

It is available to you free of cost

The tool site is loaded with rich and quality GIF content.

This one is a direct save and export tool for your downloaded GIFs.


You can prefer this one as a GIF hosting tool. Developed with a view to launch a common medium for GIF and HTML contents, this app ensures in-time and hassle free downloads and delivery. Though lacking a refined search bar, this tool promises you of excellence in content quality.

Key Features

This comes to you as one of the most reliable GIF hosting tools.

It is a free and quick content delivery tool.

You are allowed to select the most suitable one from a variety of playback choices.

This tool also gives you the flexibility of direct media sharing.


If you are hung-over decade old nostalgia and the fever doesn’t seem to go away, you can check this site for some really satisfying retro and other similar content. This would definitely make you take a toll back to the times when MSN and Limewire were unparalleled market leaders in content sharing.

Key Features

GIFbin is a storehouse of the best animated GIFs, that is on a continuous update to facilitate fresh and quality based content, every time you visit the site.

It has an advanced, API enabled search mechanism.

It boasts of having the handiest and convenient user interface.

If you prefer GIFs of the comic genre, this tool is heaven for you.


This is another GIF download site, commonly preferred for comedy and fun oriented content. Using this site, you can download and create a variety of GIF based memes that have the potential to flood your social media posts with likes and comments. This one is a complete GIF basket, suited to vast content varieties and user preferences. You will find the site’s official watermark on all its contents.

Key Features

The site stands among the most preferred GIF-meme creation and sharing platforms.

The tool is packed with loads of quality content under specific categories

You can improvise the dimensions of your editing skills to modify downloaded GIFs.

This site has a default media export feature that you can use to share your GIFs on social media.


Launched in 2009, this is among the most visited GIF sites, originally created for sharing meme based contents on social media. Its extensive search filters are dedicated to fetch the exact GIFs and memes you are looking for. If you are tired of browsing sites for particular content requirements, your search spree will definitely end here.

Key Features

The site is known for its extensive and diversified content quality.

It is a free, convenient and dependable GIF download tool.

Imgur is highly preferred for content export across various media platforms.

It is equipped with an advanced and updated search filter that assures you of getting fresh and top quality GIFs on almost every possible keyword.


Claiming a launch date of 13 years back, this is quite a good GIF download option. You can find excellent quality GIF content on the site, particularly in the comic genre. Though not as popular as its online counterparts today, the site definitely enjoyed commendable visitor preferences at the time of its launch. You can certainly visit this site for a filling entertainment dose.

Key Features

Tumblr is a free download site with a user friendly interface.

The site is loaded with notable content varieties.

You can go for direct media sharing through this site.

Its comic GIFs are quite hilarious.

Know Your Meme

This site uses the Wiki software to stock an inventory of classic GIFs and memes. Using this database for GIF downloads means that you don’t need to compromise on content and image quality. The site contents are periodically updated to ensure that visitors are not exposed to stale and outdated content.

Key Features

The site offers fresh content having catchy and latest GIFs.

This is a complete storehouse of GIFs and memes that can definitely keep you rolling.

The site comes as a free tool and gas a user cohesive interface

It hast the most efficient search filters that are regularly improvised to ensure quality content delivery.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

GIFs are an effective and captivating means of quality content sharing and message delivery. Take them as a hilarious entertainment source or use them to enhance your marketing policies, GIFs can do it all.

Influenced by the user credibility of GIFs, there are loads of GIF creator and download tools available online; among which Filmora by Wondershare is the current market leader. You can use this app to explore your GIF editing skills or download and share latest GIFs across media sharing platforms.

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