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10 Best Meme Text to Speech Tools [Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone&Online]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 23, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Best Text To Speech Converter and Video Editor

Filmora's Text to Speech (TTS) function allows you to convert your text files to voiceover and bring more elements to enrich your video.


Technology is changing really fast. To keep up, we must be able to adapt to the current trends.

Various technological advancements have played a big role in the improvement of our daily lives. Nowadays, you no longer have to pay voice-over artists thousands of dollars each month, thanks to the invention of text-to-speech technology.

Text-to-speech helps improve accessibility as many people don’t like reading long bodies of text. Furthermore, it eliminates the language barrier and helps you reach a global audience.

In this guide, we’ll focus more on the best meme text to speech, fro their compatibility, features, pricing, and cons.

What is the best meme text to speech?


Do prices start from?

Free plan/trial


Ispring Suite

$770 (per year)




Windows & IOS



Windows & IOS



Windows & IOS

Nuance Dragon


Windows & IOS

Note Vibes


Windows & IOS

Natural Reader


Windows & IOS

Linguatec Voice Reader


Windows & IOS

Capti Voice


Windows & IOS

Voice Drea Reader


Windows & IOS

1. iSpring Suite


The ispring Suite is a user-friendly eLearning authoring tool whose system incorporates PowerPoint. The navigation tabs are designed with simplicity making it easier for user interaction. The system is only compatible with Windows. The technical staff is prompt and responsive to any matters arising.


  • The ispring Suite allows quick conversion of PowerPoint training materials to eLearning.
  • Supports multiple users to attend the training and get the same information.
  • Creates eLearning content with synched voice narrations and exams for certification.
  • Tools such as the Quiz Maker aid a user in creating content with ease.
  • Taking training slide decks and working with the ispring Suite creates magical interactivity for the user.
  • The ispring Suite provides access to create SCROM content with ease.


One cannot use a shared drive and auto-sync for content creation.

It is incompatible with Mac users.

Limited options were added for accessibility.


Ispring Suite costs $770 per year

Ispring Suite Max costs $970 annually

  1. Murf

Murf is a versatile AI voice generator that converts text to natural-sounding speech. Cuts down the cost of hiring a voice-over artist, renting out a studio, and investing inexpensive resources. Its simplicity and flexibility generate a studio quality and professional sounding voice-over.

Murf studio creates and edits voice-overs from a range of 120+ natural-sounding voices in 20+ languages and accents. The Murf studio aids one in doing product reviews, promotional videos, and eLearning course modules for audiobooks. Murf's library incorporates a list of natural-sounding voice covers across several languages.

The Murf provides powerful features to create voice-over videos by adding pause and editing. The clients rate the Murf as the best text-to-speech editor in comparison to other Software since it is cost-effective and efficient. The ability to sync high-quality voice-overs to video creates a slick video quickly.


  • The ability to sync voice-overs with images, videos and background music takes away the need to integrate into a third-party tool.
  • Incorporates voice cloning as a service.
  • Customization of voice that suits the brand position by signing for a custom voice demo.
  • Features adding pauses and changing the speed of narration and emphasis help build a more realistic and natural output.
  • Murf integrates advanced team collaboration features, access control, pronunciation library, and SLA.
  • The text-based voice-over maker allows one to typescript and uploads voice recordings as the tool converts them into hyper-realistic AI voices. The voice converters are editable, just like a word document.
  • It has the capability of syncing the time of your voice-over with the visuals.
  • The interface is easy to use and super-friendly for beginners to effectively navigate.
  • It runs through the system to identify multiple parameters.
  • Murf provides voices trained by professional voice-over artists.
  • Makes studio-quality voice-overs with no training and little time coverage.
  • Supports both audio and text-based inputs.
  • Allows the user to enhance e-learning content by providing an audio element to enrich content.


The soundtrack has a glitch as one cannot upload music under the voice waveform.

Using the tool to its full potential is a learning curve, but it is not that difficult.

Expensive for Individuals; the premium plans are ideal for businesses that regularly create voice-over content but may prove pricey for individuals. The free plan comes in handy in such a case.


Murf pricing exists in four plans: Free, Basic ($13/month), Pro ($26/month), and Enterprise ($69/ month). The free plan package offers all 120+ voices with a share link for audio/video output. It is for a single user with 10 mins of voice generation and transcription.

The basic plan has unlimited downloads with 24 hours of voice generation with access to 60 voices which sums to 10 languages. It is a single user with commercial usage rights.

The Pro plan has 96 hours of voice generation and 48 hours of transcription per year. Supports up to 3 users with recorded voice editing.

The enterprise package has custom voice generation time and transcription time. Works with a specific number of users and collaboration features. Prompts a user to centralized invoicing and account manager.

  1. Speechelo

Suites Cloud-based solution to create a voice-over. Provides original voice sound with all expressions increasing the interactivity with the users. It is essential for sales videos, training videos, and educational videos. Speechelo incorporates breathing & pauses and voice tones, changing speed & pitch, and support for 23 languages.

It is a cloud-based solution to create voice-over. Speechelo remains the best text-to-speech Software on the market to help several content creators around the world create videos and podcasts that effectively engage the audience.


  • Add inflections in the voice with the aid of an AI engine that increases the naturalness of the audio production and allows a user to choose between tones.
  • Transforms any text into speech within 5 seconds.
  • Reads text in three ways, normal tone, joyful tone, and Serious tone.
  • Incorporates over 30 human-sounding voices.
  • Works in English and 23 other languages.
  • Compatible with most video creation software such as Adobe, iMovie, Premiere, Camtasia, and Audacity.
  • Has both male and female voices.
  • The ability to include breathes and pauses increases the human-like quality of voice production.
  • Provides an online text editor who checks through a script to identify errors (Punctuation errors).
  • Offers its users over fifty voices to choose from.
  • The easiest text-to-speech converter in the market comes with three clicks; you must paste the text, then choose the voice, and then download the generated audio.


Quite expensive when in need of an upgrade to the Pro version or to download an add-on.


Speechelo has three main package plans for users: the Starter pack, Speechelo pro, and speechelo tube add-on. The starter pack offers a special discount for a first-time user. For this plan, it is a one-time payment fee of $47. It gives the user access to all features of speechelo; however, it limits the words you can convert to 700 words.

For Speechelo pro, a user pays $47 every three months of the year. This subscription limits the number of words one can convert.

The Speechelo tube add-on allows the user to link directly to YouTube. It costs $37 and gives access to YouTube templates.

  1. Synthesys

This tool is a large professional AI voice library, 3-click text-to-speech recognition, cloud-based, unlimited speech generation.

They generate natural-sounding voices from texts with a wide variety of tones, languages, male and female voices, and reading speeds to choose from. Takes a few steps to generate natural-sounding artificial speech to fit a wide range of commercial purposes.

First, choose the gender, accent, and tone you would like to transform into. The next step is to write the text to convert to speech into Synthesys’s AI voice-generating interface. Finally, click ‘create’ to generate the artificial speech.

With Human Synthesys , you can create sales videos, ads, demo videos, commercials, training videos, and animation videos. This opens business production to a hike as clients keep flocking. It is as easy as pie, open a YouTube channel and upload videos about your niche, sell voice-overs, ads, explainer videos, or help other businesses get more clients.


  • Full customization on cloud-based applications.
  • Interactive user interface for editing and rendering.
  • High-resolution output
  • Suits explainer videos, eLearning, social media, product descriptions, and more.
  • Creates room for unlimited voices with over 35 female and 30 male voices.
  • It has over 66 languages to choose from, and a total voice bank of 254 unique styles.
  • Offers endless possibilities in marketing
  • A more compelling alternative to animations and avatars.
  • Lip-syncing done by Artificial Intelligence gives it a more realistic appearance.
  • Human Synthesys studio’s breakthrough technology solves all the problems, giving high quality at an affordable price.
  • Supports multi-slide Videos and MP4 downloads.
  • Contains a wide range of high-quality and realistic synthetic voices.


Require a user to purchase further credits after the license purchase.

Requires an active and stable internet connection.


Audio Synthesys costs $29 per month, Human Studio Synthesys $39 per month, and both Audio and Human Studio Synthesys cost $59 per month.

  1. Nuance Dragon

AI-powered speech recognition solution for both home and professional use. Creates cloud solutions and runs on geographically dispersed data centres. The AES 256-bit encryption sync data across devices 99% accuracy with typing. It guarantees a user superior speed and accuracy. The deep learning technology used in Dragon Nuance design ensures the Software adapts to the user's voice and environmental variables.

Nuance Dragon software is a better pick for ambiguous projects and applications. They are reliable and offer accurate output. There are four versions of Nuance Dragon Software: Dragon Home, Professional, Legal, and Anywhere.

The Dragon Home Software suits personal use and is easy to use with deep learning technology and high accuracy. The Professional suits freelancers or businesses.

Dragon Legal is a speech recognition software for legal professionals, available in three editions with a solid command of the language. Dragon Anywhere is a cloud-based speech-to-text solution. Compatible with mobile and computer devices. Easier to create, store, and edit documents.

The Nuance Dragon Software is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS.


  • Support multiple versions for professionals and individuals in different fields.
  • Full voice-to-text functionality.
  • Executes commands using the user’s voice.
  • Deep learning of individual accents and regional intonations
  • Search and browse the internet by voice.
  • Fast, accurate documentation.
  • Provides comprehensive security.
  • Gives the user flexibility on how to convert voice to text and communicate.
  • Easier to surf the web through commands and can program multi-step tasks into one simple command that triggers a Google search while using another application.


Technical glitches for updates in version 15.

No microphone in version 15.

Payments on updates.

Limited choices of languages.


Nuance Dragon is quite affordable as the Nuance Dragon Professional is worth $500, and Nuance Dragon Home is $200 for digital downloadDownload with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Later, one can add a USB or Bluetooth headset at a cheap cost.

  1. Notevibes

Notevibes text-to-speech software exists as a free version and a feature-rich paid version. This ensures users have all tools they need to understand a new language. Notevibes is the best text-to-speech tool in the market with e-learning and essay reading. The tools help one break down a difficult-to-read text into understandable text.


  • Use the text-to-voice converter to make videos with natural-sounding
  • Notevibes integrates the most realistic voice generator for teams to make their work easier.
  • The advanced editor is designed with simplicity and a flexible interface.
  • Easy solution for multi-language teams for converting documents into natural-sounding speech.
  • Available with 201 high-quality voices and 22 Languages
  • Uses premium voices only for text-to-speech
  • Saves Audio as MP3
  • It has 47 natural voices with 200- 1000000 characters.


The voice-over and Editor page are different; switching between both pages would consume time.

It has no project-based structure, and keeping multiple files can create a mess.

It has no preview of a script. You must generate the voice-over to listen.

Cannot merge multiple audio files.


Limited free online access

The personal pack goes for $9 per month, but when one makes an annual subscription, he or she gets a $2 discount each month.

The commercial pack goes for $90 per month and $840 annually. Supports SSML tags, MP3, Wav Download, and File Storage.

  1. Natural Reader

Natural Reader suits personal use and learning, especially for dyslexic readers and foreign language learners. Its design is simple to use, and it can load documents directly into its library.

The tool allows the user to manage multiple files across several formats. The inbuilt OCR enables the user to upload photos or scan texts. The Natural Reader software is compatible with both mobile and desktop versions (PC and MAC). The subscription package allows users to create and save a sound file of text and embed the tool within an application’s toolbar.

The hovering menu offers a gesture to the user that they can use assistive technology. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easier to use and intuitive. The learning curve for using Natural Reader is simplified with adjusting settings like voice and speed in comparison to a Mac inbuilt tool. The Natural Reader website has tutorial videos to guide the user on how to execute tasks.

Natural Reader can effectively help improve spelling and reduce eye strain from reading. The user can save a text and proofread it later.


  • It has an inbuilt OCR and browser hence compatible with files generated by scanning software.
  • Incorporates the latest and most intelligent AI voices.
  • Generates audio for eLearning material.
  • Used in IVR systems, broadcasting, and public.
  • Creates narration for YouTube videos.
  • Provides a wide choice of interfaces to the users.
  • It has a dyslexic-friendly font.
  • Offers a good natural sounding with voice tuning.
  • Supports SSML tags and MP3 downloadDownload.
  • Incorporates 61 voices and 18 languages.
  • It has a floating bar with one click to read.
  • Flexible speeds help in memorizing tasks awaiting execution.


Require internet connectivity to access the voices.

Do not have the option to skip any text in the document.

Technical glitches for prolonged usage.

The subscription package is overpriced compared to other Software.


Consists of a 7-day free trial, a single plan for $49, and a Team plan of 4 users going for $79.

  1. Linguatec Voice Reader

Suits individuals are planning to learn foreign languages. Linguatec Voice Reader creates a friendly environment to conveniently convert texts into high-quality voice recordings automatically. The design of the tool supports the needs of private users with a rich collection of improvised and natural-sounding voices. Converts texts such as Emails, Word documents, Epubs, or PDFs into audio and listen to them directly on a PC or mobile device.

Linguatec Voice Reader software is primarily for private use and not commercial. The tool helps to identify spelling mistakes by reading it out as people stumble over awkward phrasing. The visually impaired clients get accurate and effective information in the audio format. It works with great sounds within an identified niche.


  • Convenient and fast conversion of text to audio
  • Voice customization through control of pitch, volume, and speaking speed.
  • Dynamic change between male and female voices.
  • Prompt and responsive systems optimized for personal use.
  • Supports converting many text formats.
  • Easier pronunciation correction through user dictionaries.
  • High data throughput for fast, responsive time.


Provide only one language and one voice in Voice Reader Home per license.

No free personal version is available, unlike Natural Reader.

Paying for MP3 capabilities is inconvenient.

Quite expensive if needed for multiple voices or the option to use the output commercially.

No pronunciation adjustments.

Technical glitches ruin the flow and highlight the synthetic nature of the voice.

  1. Capti Voice

Capti is a convenient text-to-speech software which works both online and offline. It has a natural sounding with over 20 languages and integrates cloud platforms such as Google Drive, text-to-speech Dropbox, and One Drive.

Capti Voice suits learners with help provision for students to overcome language barriers. The Capti Voice narrates a large variety of text documents such as articles, eBooks, and web pages. Capti improves the productivity of learners either at school or work. Capti Voice is compatible with Windows, iOS, macOS, and Chrome OS.


  • Advanced text navigation
  • Tracks speech word by word.
  • Enables cross-device Sync.
  • Available for offline use.
  • Offers Screen-reader accessibility
  • Features article extraction from web pages while skipping all clutter.
  • Supports numerous text formats such as Pdf, Docx, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and many more.


The free account is limited

Offers features for people suffering from dyslexia and other print disabilities.

Its design is compatible for use for people with different age gaps.


A week's trial is free.

For a monthly subscription, it will cost close to $2

For six months subscription package it costs $10

For an annual subscription, it costs $20

  1. Voice Dream Reader

The Voice Dream Reader is compatible with mobile apps for iOS users. It integrates a premium Acapela Heather voice for its users. This Software suits Apple users as it incorporates the best features. Apart from text-to-speech conversion, the users can benefit from features like full-screen reading mode, text highlighting, dictionary lookups, and creating & pinning notes. This gives the user a listening experience with high-quality reading. It is the best text-to-speech mobile app for iOS users in comparison to other tools.


  • The Voice Dream Reader supports many file formats, including DAISY 3.0 text-only, DAISY 2.02 audio, DRM-free EPUB, pdf, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML, and zipped MP3 files.
  • It integrates with Bookshare and Gutenberg by loading files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or iTunes via USB or Wi-Fi.
  • The Voice Dream Reader works with voices available on the device and offers in-app purchases of voices for more than 20 languages.
  • Its interface is designed with simplicity and advanced features, which allocates a user premium mobile text-to-speech solution.
  • It has a library management system with both audio and visual controls.
  • This Software provides navigation and reading options.
  • Provides iCloud Sync, which synchronizes and backs up documents in signed devices.
  • Safari Extension saves online articles and files directly from Safari.
  • Sets bookmark, highlights text and adds notes.
  • Scan documents with QR codes require the Voice Dream Scanner.


It has a limited free version but supports buying premium voices.

No support for desktop OSs like Windows and macOS, unlike other text-to-speech Software.

Technical glitches often interfere with the user’s experience.


There is a free version of the Software.

The iOS app software goes for $14.99, while the Android version costs $9.99.

Final Thoughts

Text-to-Speech software is not only a game-changer when it comes to the business space but also in the entertainment scene. The Software mentioned above is some of the best meme text to speech in the global Software.

Although they don't all come at a low price, it is way better than sourcing for voice-over freelancers who charge hourly. This Software is also very convenient as it can convert any text to speech within seconds with just a click of a button.

TIP: Don’t just settle for a particular software because it's cheap. Analyze its features, pros, and cons. Only then can you get one that gives you value for your money.

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