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How To Fade Audio With Movavi Editor

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Movavi Video Editor Plus is the best option if you want to use its user-friendly Movavi fade audio feature set with plenty of functionality. There are versions of the app on Mac and Windows. For all intents and purposes, Movavi fade out music functionality is an excellent piece of this video editing software. The Movavi Video Editor Plus package comes with standard advanced features and functionality. You may also store your work and share your Movavi fade out audio exports across devices that have the software installed.

Looking for how to fade out music in Movavi? We've got you solutions to it. The ability to quickly and simply check that the beginning and conclusion of any audio is one of the best Movavi fade audio features. Prior to the audio, there must be a distinct period of quiet. Finding the program, like Movavi Audio fade out, that best suits your requirements is essential whether you want to fade-in, fad-out, trim, crop, clip, or combine audio files or segments of a music. Find out the details in the upcoming sections.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How to Fade Audio with Movavi Editor
  2. Part 2. Movavi Alternative to Fade Audio

Part 1. How to Fade Audio with Movavi Editor

When the song's ending is not featured in the video, fade-out is used to provide an added level of professionalism. Even if you've never altered a video before, using Movavi Video Editor Plus is simple. A step-by-step tutorial that walks you through all the tools you'll need is shown to you when the software initially launches. Additionally, you may always search the Movavi official website for advice.

Steps to use Movavi Fade Audio:

Step1The first step is to import the audio and video files you want to utilize. Drag and drop the files into the software or choose "Add Files" from the Media Bin area to do this. Drag and drop the clip into the timeline after that.

import media file movavi

Step2Select the disconnect audio option from the edit menu. Additionally, you can see that the audio and video will no longer be connected by a little connection. Your titles' location, color, and font may all be changed.

audio tools movavi editor

Step3Use the sliders on the Audio tab to set the fade duration by referring to the Audio Properties. Additional options may be used to increase the audio's loudness, eliminate ambient noise, or even create an echo effect.

fade audio in movavi editor

Step4Click on the export option to save this audio as an MP3. Select Audio Export. The MP3 choice is used by default. Select the Save Audio File tab after clicking the Export button. Choose the preferred format and press Start.

save audio file movavi editor

Part 2. Movavi Alternative to Fade Audio

Look no further than Filmora by Wondershare if you're seeking for an effective and user-friendly Movavi audio fade out substitute. This program has all the tools you need to edit, apply special effects, and make titles for videos of a professional caliber. In contrast to Movavi, Filmora gives you the ability to create fade out music without requiring you to install a separate extension. In order to help you understand how to use this function using the Filmora video editing interface, we have enlisted the step-by-step guide for you as well.

Although there are several video editors on the market, Filmora has successfully carved out a position for itself with a variety of intriguing features. The application is appropriate for both new and more experienced users and was designed with novice users in mind. Its user interface (UI), which is rather simple when compared to professional applications. Among all the free video editing programs for beginners, Filmora also offers a far larger selection of effects, customizability, and correction tools, and its screen-splitting capability is much handier than Movavi fade audio feature.

Steps to Fade Out Audio in Filmora:

Step1Install Wondershare Filmora

The straightforward platform to start editing your audio and music files is Filmora, which is available for free. You must first download and install this application on your windows computer in order to utilize it without difficulty. Download the most current edition of this application first. It's now time to install it on your computer when you've completed that. Simply install this program on your computer by following the standard setup instructions if you want to do it fast.

Step2Open Filmora Editor and Import Audio Files

In the step that follows, we'll show you how to use this platform to fade in and out audio. Filmora may be immediately launched from your desktop or the search bar, then opened as seen below to begin going. By choosing the Video Editor option from the software's home screen, you may now investigate the basic principles of editing. This will bring up the main interface for Filmora. To import your music and video files, just choose the Import button from the software's main screen, as seen below:

open filmora editor
Step3Load Built-in Audio Editor

You must drag the media files into the program's timeline after importing them into Filmora. You may modify your media files using every tool in the timeline. To utilize the audio editor in Filmora, just right-click on the specific audio file and choose "Edit Audio" from the list, as seen below.

load built in audio editor
Step4Use Audio Fade-in/Fade-out

The initial step is to learn how to use Filmora to start fading in and, afterwards, fading out your audio recordings. The best aspect of Filmora is how simple it is to employ these techniques from the timeline. To achieve this, focus on the audio file that you want to change in the timeline; after you've picked it, the two icons will show up above the audio file. Drag the first one to the desired duration for the audio fade-in option, as demonstrated:

use audio fade in or out
Step5Edit and Share Video/Sound

In addition to an audio editor, Filmora has a built-in toolset for video editing. You may utilize basic to sophisticated editing techniques inside the program. To choose the basic editor, just click on the video file within the timeline as seen below. There is support for all widely used video and audio formats, including MP3. Click "Export" and choose "File Format" to do this.

By pressing the Format button, choose the required configuration from the list. On a computer, the particular document will be saved to the designated directory.

The Bottom Line

Have you learned how to fade out music in Movavi? If so, then you would also find out that the Movavi fade audio alternative, Filmora, provides a selection of audio editing options in addition to video editing features. The Movavi editor is capable of spicing up your videos and audios, however; Filmora's workflow is a little more established and well-defined than Movavi's, which is what propels it to the top of the audio editing field. As a result, Filmora would be the better option if you intend to work as a video editor for a long time.

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Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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