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Music for iMovie: All You Need to Know are Here

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Have you ever experienced a movie scene that made you cry or leap out of your seat with anticipation? That is what good editing looks like. A key facet of this is the music. Learn to add music for iMovie to create your masterpieces.

In this article, we will explore how to put music on iMovie, how to add background music to iMovie. How to download music for iMovie. How to add Apple music to iMovie. You can learn everything from how to edit music on iMovie to how to add your music to iMovie. Time to take action.

 Part 1 Basic Introduction About iMovie

Let's start with the basics. iMovie is a video editing software released by Apple to create and edit videos. It allows you to create anything from videos of special occasions to cinematic masterpieces. You can work on it across your iPad, iPhone, and MacBook thanks to its portability.

iMovie boasts of high-fidelity video filters that produces crisp image quality and are entirely customizable. It boasts of its audio library of a hundred tracks. It can automatically adjust to the length of the video. Create a voiceover of your own or title cards for your social media platform. Personalize your background colors, gradients, and patterns. Adjust the title and background. Add your channel or brand logo to stake your claim on the video.

 Part 2 How To Add Music To iMovie

If you're interested in knowing how to edit music in iMovie iPhone, this section is for you. You can even add background music for iMovie. Also, if you're wondering, 'does iMovie have free music'? The answer is yes. It has its audio library with a hundred soundtracks.

How To Add Background Music To iMovie On iPhone Or iPad

Step 1: Import the video for which you want to use Apple music in iMovie.

Step 2: Click on the "Add Media" button (+) when your video is open.

how to add media on imovie ipad/iphone

Step 3: If you want to look for one of the pre-built audio files, then go to 'Audio' and then 'Soundtracks.' For a preview of the audio, tap on the track. If a track is lighter on your screen, you need to tap and download it first before playing it.

how to add audio files on imovie

Step 4: Once you choose the sound, tap on the 'Add Audio' (+) symbol next to the song. That's how to get music in iMovie. If you have theme music for iMovie video, then add it the same way.

how to add audio on imovie timeline

Step 5: iMovie will import the song into your video's timeline at the beginning. Once imported, you can know how to cut music on iMovie to adjust the length of the video.

That's how to get music on iMovie. That's how you insert music into iMovie. You can download music to iMovie or add Apple music to iMovie. Read on for details on how to edit music in iMovie in the next section.

 Part 3 How To Edit Music In iMovie

Suppose you want to know how to cut music on iMovie or how to add iTunes music to iMovie. Even if you want to know how to download music to iMovie, how to use music on iMovie. Let's go and take a look at how to do that.

How To Put Music On iMovie On Mac

Step 1: If you want to know how to use Apple music on iMovie. You need to first open a project on the iMovie timeline.

how to add audio on imovie mac

Step 2: Click on 'Audio' and select 'Music in the Libraries.' Browse for the song you like. You can preview the song by pressing the Play button next to each track.

how to add soundtrack on imovie macos

Step 3: To select the song, drag it to the timeline and drop it at your preferred time stamp.

how to add media on imovie on macos

Step 4: If you want to use only clips from the song, then this is what you do. The green bar with the audio waveform is the range. You can select the length of this range and drag it on the timeline to make it last according to your convenience.

How To Add Background Music To iMovie

Simply drag the audio file to the timeline to add background music to iMovie. Look for the music icon and drop the audio file at the music icon. This will show up as a timeline below the video. The best part is that the background music won't change even if you edit the video clip.

how to add background music throughout video

How To Add iTunes Music To iMovie

● Once you have an open project on iMovie, tap on 'Add Media.

● Select 'Audio' then click on 'My Music.' Look for the song you want according to category.

● Tap on a song to preview it.

● To add the songs to your project, tap on the large (+)/Add Audio icon.

You can utilize iTunes music in iMovie, but not tracks with DRM protection. You could receive a warning if the iTunes song you bought says it's protected under DRM. Even unprotected tracks stored in the cloud must be downloaded first before iMovie can use them. The same applies if you want to add Apple music to iMovie.

 Part 4 What Music Use On iMovie

How To Add Spotify Music To IMovie

For those of you wondering, can you add Spotify music to iMovie? The answer is yes. It's relatively simple to add Spotify music to iMovie. First, you need to move tracks from Spotify to the Music app on your phone.

● On an open project, tap the 'Add Media' button.

● Select 'Audio'. This gives you two options. One, you can tap on 'Music' to grab tracks from Spotify.

● You can also choose 'My Music' to look for songs backed up on iCloud or other storage locations.

● Simply tap the plus button next to the track you've selected to add the songs to the timeline.

With that, you should have no more questions on how to put Spotify music on iMovie. Also, beware of DRM-protected audio files. You might not be able to use those files.

how to add spotify music in imovie

How To Download Music For iMovie

You can download music for iMovie from among the list of tracks they provide. You can also purchase songs from streaming services like Spotify. You can also acquire songs from other sources. However, you should keep copyright laws in mind when using iMovie to add music to iMovie. Any tracks you use have to be downloaded before using them in iMovie.

How To Add Copyrighted Music To iMovie

If your Music Library includes protected files, this is because they're copyright protected. You should not use audio files under the purview of digital rights management in iMovie. It's not even supported by iMovie for this reason.

That's all on how to use music in iMovie. We've also covered how to get music for iMovie from different sources here.

 Part 5 Does iMovie Work On Win

Unfortunately, Apple developers have not released a version of iMovie for Windows. It works exclusively for iOS and macOS.

You can try the alternative software for iMovie. It's called Wondershare Filmora. This video editor is available on both macOS and Windows. Let's take a gander at its features.

 Part 6 iMovie Alternative - Filmora, Easier To Use

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful and easy-to-use video editing software. You can use Filmora to edit your audio tracks. It offers you greater control and flexibility with what you can do to the tracks.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


It's a convenient and user-intuitive alternative to iMovie. Thanks to Filmstock, the resource library of Filmora, you have a wide array of creative resources for audio, video, video effects, and more. The effects available are unparalleled by any other video editing platform.

Filmora has advanced editing software guided by AI that automates the tedious parts of editing. The Scene Detection tool lets you create a seamless editing experience. You can use a greenscreen to expand your creative horizons. The Silence Detection can automatically remove any silent pauses from your video, saving you time and effort. It keeps the video looking fluid.

silence detection in filmora

This platform is fluid and easy to use for novices, professionals, and everyone in between. So, consider Wondershare Filmora when you want an easy-to-use but feature-packed editing software.


If you've had a Mac, it's a straightforward leap to try iMovie. It's available, free, and most likely already installed. The magnetic timeline and iMovie interface are designed for user efficiency than user intuitiveness. You can create decent-quality videos.

Should you discover that iMovie might not be for you, Filmora is a great starting point. Filmora can be a great tool because of its unmatched preset effects, resource library, and simple user interface if you're new to video editing. This allows even beginners to turn out high-quality videos.

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