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Ways to Make Sure Your Recording Slideshow in Powerpoint is Not Wrong

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated May 20, 24
Ways to Make Sure Your Recording Slideshow in Powerpoint is Not Wrong

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Creating a presentation is a daunting task, and not everybody has enough expertise to create it. But those who know they can create the presentation are well aware of the steps they need to follow to record a slide show PowerPoint.

If you are new to it or feel confused about how you will be able to do it, keep reading till the last. Here in this read, we will help you to know whether the way you have adapted to record the presentation is favorable or not. Additionally, in the end you will have an idea about the right steps that you need to follow in order to get it done. Let's get started!

Part 1 How to Record Slide Show Powerpoint

Before understanding the use of tools to record slide show, one must be aware of how will they be able to do it. For the same, there are simple steps that you need to follow, these are:

Step 1: Firstly, open the slide from which you wish to start the recording.

Step 2: "Record" button is right there at the upper right corner of the PowerPoint window. Click on it.

Step 3: When you are done with making the changes or say customizations, select "Record button". This one is round and red in appearance.

Step 4: Wait until the countdown.

Step 5: Start speaking as per the slides you have created.

Step 6: when you are done with it, you can save it and share it with others too. 

Note: this one turns out to be the simplest method for recording slide shows in PowerPoint. But some users are not happy with the same because they are not in the state to make the additional editing if they need to do any. Thus, at that point, they look out for other tools available.

Part 2 The 6 Best Slide Show PowerPoint Recording Tools

In this section, you will come to know about the best slide show PowerPoint recording tools that you can consider and get the best results in return: -


Vmaker is a tool that allows you to create and share your PowerPoint presentations. It records your presentation in high-quality video, audio, and text. It has many features that help you to make a great presentation. For instance, it can record your screen in real-time and automatically saves the recorded file as a video file. You can also use it to record the audio from your microphone or an external source like YouTube or SoundCloud. It also has features for editing videos and adding subtitles, watermarks, etc. It is one of the best slide show PowerPoint recording tools available on the market today.


Additionally, the tool also has an inbuilt screen recorder that lets you record your presentation in full HD resolution. It records your screen with sound as well, so you can share it on social media or embed it on websites.


Panapto lets users create professional-looking presentations with just a few clicks. It also supports animations, transitions, and other features for creating engaging slideshows. It is a professional tool that allows you to create a slide show of your PowerPoint presentation in just one click and share it with other people. Furthermore, It also allows you to record your presentation as a video file and publish it online for others to view. If you are looking for the best Slide Show Powerpoint Recording Tools, Panapto is the right choice for you. It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.



Camtasia is software that can be used as a video recording tool for presentations. It allows you to record, edit, and share videos with ease. In general, it is an easy-to-use screen recording tool that lets you create high-quality recordings of presentations, webinars, and meetings in seconds. It also includes a number of features like color correction tools and motion tracking that make it easy to create professional-looking videos without any extra effort.


With it, you can easily create a presentation from your computer or tablet. You can also use it to record training sessions or meetings so that you can review them later.


Ispring is presentation software that records your presentations in real-time and allows you to review them later on. You can also share your recordings with others or embed them into websites or blogs. It saves you time, effort, and money. It allows the option of recording your screen using your webcam or microphone (with or without sound).


Furthermore, it is helpful in capturing the screen from any device on the desktop, including computers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. Along with that, if you are looking to edit audio files in real-time then no more waiting for hours to edit the sound.

Lastly, after creating the content, if you wish to publish it over any social media portal, the direct option is there to help you with it. 


Bandicam is a powerful software that allows users to record their screens in high quality with ease. It is not limited by frames per second but rather the number of frames per second it can record at different resolutions. It has the ability to take screenshots that are saved as PNG files or even take screencasts that are saved as MP4 files.n Furthermore, it is the best slide show PowerPoint recording tool. It can be used for recording gameplay, tutorials, presentations, or anything else you would like to show on a screen.


The Bandicam website also offers an online tutorial for those who are new to using the software, as well as a help center with video tutorials for those who have never used it before.


Screenflow is a free and open-source screen recording tool that works on Mac. It allows you to record your computer screen, audio, and webcam. It is a really useful tool for those who want to create videos for presentations but don't have the time or budget to hire an expensive video producer. It can be used as a screen recorder or a presentation tool. You can easily edit recorded videos with Screenflow's inbuilt video editor.


In general, Screenflow is a tool that records your screen and lets you share it with others. It's a great tool for both beginners and professionals to record their work, presentations, or tutorials.

Part 3 Recording Slide Show Powerpoint Q&A

01What are the advantages of recording a slide show PowerPoint?

Recording a slide show PowerPoint is an easy way to capture the information from your slides into an editable video that you can share with your audience. It's also easy for people who missed the presentation or need to review it later, as well as for those who want to use it for other purposes like marketing collateral or educational content. By recording a slide show PowerPoint, you're able to retain the benefits of giving a live presentation without all the hassle of actually delivering it in person.

02How can I record a slide show PowerPoint?

There are a few ways to record a slide show PowerPoint, including using the PowerPoint recording option. If you are using PowerPoint, you should be able to find the option in your presentation settings. But if you are not fond of trying it out, you can use Filmora. This is one of the best video editing tools available, with some exclusive features. This has the simplest interface, and users can get their presentation recorded needs catered for sure. 

03How can I use my recorded slideshows in different presentations?

There are many ways to do this. You could export the slideshow as a .mp4 file and then import it into another presentation for reuse. You could also just load the slideshow on your laptop's screen and use it that way instead of having a projector or screen. If you wish to integrate some effects into it, you can try out Wondershare Filmora Video Editor, the ultimate video editing tool available for people around. 

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04How long does it take to create a single recording slide show PowerPoint?

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a single recording slide show PowerPoint. This is because of the time it takes to go through all the slides and find the right images.

It is best if you start by finding out what you want to say with your presentation. Then, select images that support your message, and finally, create slides that tell your story.

This process will save a lot of time and effort when it comes to creating slide shows for presentations.

05How long can a recording slide show PowerPoint be recorded?

The length of a PowerPoint recording is determined by the length of the slide show. The default setting for the length of the slide show is 60 minutes, but it can be changed to any duration.

Ending Thoughts

Recorded slide show presentations are best to consider when one wishes to save the efforts of creating the same presentation again and again.

Filmora is one of the best video editing tools available to users for doing the editing in the recorded slideshow presentation if needed.

Recording a slideshow is relatively an easy task if one is aware of the right steps. But if there is a lack of knowledge, they will not be able to do it.

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