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Top Tricks for Learning Photo Slideshow

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 17, 22, updated Nov 29, 23
Top Tricks for Learning Photo Slideshow

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Why not trying something new with your old memories by giving them slight motion, or a pinch of sentiments by playing them on your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or TV? Well, unlike physical paper-based slides clunking through the carousels of old, the digital photo slides can also have music, special effects, and visual texts with the combination of your lovely images. The modern day slideshows can create some magic that evokes emotions & also tells you a story.

Learning Photo Slideshow

The slideshow making can be a great way to celebrate your anniversaries, birthdays, and various other occasions, milestone events, and sometimes to honour relatives, friends on their funerals whether virtual or in-person. Plenty of apps are available for the platforms like Windows, Apple &android that makes photo slide show making easier.

Part 1 Six Stunning Photo Slideshow with Song Examples

Six Stunning Photo Slideshow

The Adobe Express app for the slideshow making can easily provide you abundant customization services so one can easily create stunning, unique & powerful slideshows. If you want you can easily handpick the desired contents of your slideshow in order to feature all your favourite pictures &video clips. In case you want to add branding, you can also do that with this app to have better marketing efforts for your businesses or organization. Select the desired soundtrack to resonate with theme of your custom slideshow. With endless tools you can do a lot of creative work at your fingertips that can easily stands out from the others.

The slideshows can be utilized for many different occasions

The slideshows you are going to make can be used for many different occasions like: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any other special event. Just gather photos &videos in order to create recap videos or use the adobe slideshow maker in order to promote brand or business reputation. One can also make use of slideshow maker apps to promote any product, perform how-to tutorials, create stunning slideshow ads, or showcase your video portfolio. It doesn’t really matter for what purpose you are using it; you can always have better tools with you to bring joy to your life.

The Slideshows represented here have been created with adobe Spark Content. Here is the list of examples of 6 amazing photo slideshow with song:







Part 2 How to Create a Photo Slideshow

How to Create a Photo Slideshow

Before further moving upon the process to create stunning slideshows, you need to keep a note of important things in your mind. While uploading the slideshow to any streaming platform like you are not uploading pictures, you are actually uploading your sentiments to make it easily accessible, so you need to be very careful about the selection of platforms to maintain privacy and security. It is strongly recommended for you to set visibility to the private mode if you only want to share it with your friends or family members. Sometimes keeping the circle small will give you more joy and comfort.

Here is you can easily create a perfect looking slideshow with pictures and music at free of cost. The steps involved here for the creation of slideshow is referencing to the adobe app for creating slideshow of photos.

Launch the Desired app

Open the desired application on your mobile or desktop to begin creating the perfect looking slideshow.

Add some media to your slides

By adding media files to your slides in terms of videos, text, photos, and icons, you are actually making it attractive and meaningful. Now, upload the created slides at your own or choose creative libraries in order to search perfect quality contents for every other slide.

Be creative with the simulation of texts

You can now easily explore different text-styles with "Layout" tab, you just need to select best possible e option that best fits your slideshow.

Customize theme & soundtrack.

The Adobe Express app comes with some pre-loaded themes to give perfectly quality of looks to your slideshow and you can control the feel of your video with this. Themes can easily power the transition effects in between the given slides, thus allowing you to apply logo, styles and animations. With great quality of music, you can further complete your slideshow. If you need you can explore various themes, songs, effects for your slideshow with photo slide show maker.

Publish and share.

At last, it is now the time for you to instantly download the desired slideshow video in terms of MP4 format and then share the same to your friends, relatives, social media accounts or at your own channel, website.

That's it! One can easily enjoy the newly created slideshow to keep the moments alive at any time & with anyone as per your needs. The slideshow files can be too large sometimes to email the same as widely used email services like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook mainly limits the email attachments for up-to 20-25 MB. Therefore, if you want to upload the slideshow to any cloud based platform then you can use Dropbox, Google drive or share the link to let your loved ones watch it. If you want you can take slideshow from Google Photos also. The photo slideshow google is a quick way to get your photos showcased in a creative form.

Part 3 Top 12 Photo Slideshow Creator

Photo Slideshow Creator

The next thing we are going to discuss is to have a look at the 12 most amazing and interesting slideshow creating apps or built-in platforms to use for collecting your memories all together in a single interface. We are going to see different slideshow creating apps for windows, Mac and online platform.

Slide Photo Maker for Windows

First you will get access to the list of 4 amazing photo makers for the Windows platform:

01DVD Slideshow Builder

The first on the list is DVD Slideshow Builder that can offer you a powerful solutions in regards to the development of feature-rich slides for a professional looking ways. One can easily combine photos, videos, and 2D/3D transition effect, then the resultant files can be shared immediately on the streaming website YouTube, or to your TV/iPod.

This tool is extremely easy to use with feature-loaded advantages. You can get offers from huge range of videos, images and formats in their library. However, with this too you will not be able to share the slides directly to an email.

02Freemake Video Converter

The Freemake Video Converter is one of the most preferred choice for Windows platform. You can easily be making some slideshows by picking better arrangement of different collections of photos and videos in a most impressive manner. Freemake is the best possible choice you can have; in case you want to share number of pics into a single file without worrying about the size of the file individually then it is the best you can have today.


It is absolutely Free & there is absolutely np sign-up required. You have the support of different files formats

Access your templates easily

Offering effects & no further slide

03Windows Movie Maker

The video editing program that every other use add to their favourites is the windows movie maker. With this perfect quality of app you can add music, videos, and photos to your slides. If you want to write something, you can also do that in easy way. One can record videos directly from the webcam or upload them to your collection of existing videos. Here, in this photos slideshow maker you can easily apply visual effects, graphic animations to selective areas of the slides.

Turn Your Pictures into stunning Slideshow clips with Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

When it comes to choose good quality of photo slideshow maker, then it is something that you always needed. Comes with varieties of features Filmora Wondershare support fantastic quality of music and can easily allow you to add words, titles for truly different experience.

Filmora Video Editor can deliver you qualities like:

Stunning graphics to add easily

Polish photo as well as video with around 300+ built-in effects

Add titles, credit, text, music, own voiceover to your video clips

Intuitive user interface

Slide Photo Maker for Mac

Apart from Windows platform, for Mac or Apple devices you can try following free slideshow making applications:


If you need a slide show with rich intuitive features, then Slide Lab application is quite interesting. Here, you can easily add or process, images, videos and music. You can extend the length of your slideshow to any length. It is advanced, beautiful, & an interesting tool when it comes to the task of developing impressive collages for personal needs.


The PicPlayPost can allow users to easily combine pictures into a unique frame combination, in terms of truly customizable aspect-ratios, sizes & frame-colours. The PicPlayPost can easily allow users to just pick gifs, videos & photos, for development of eye-catching slideshows. You can have a video integration facility with PicPlayPost slide photo maker.

06Photostage slideshow maker

The photostage slideshow maker app has a varieties of features to offer with greatest collection of texts, visual effects, audio, videos and GIF. You can easily combine multimedia files with photostage slideshow creator tools to keep the memories alive.

Comes with amazing audio tools

Can allow you to add music tracks

Fade, loop, or include track effects

Record narrations

Import some pre-recorded narrations

Mix multiple tracks together

Royalty-free sound-effects

Photostage slideshow files crated is very easy to share

Has a rich library of effects?


The super-slick slideshow-tool iMovie is totally bundled with the Apple computers and it is easy to pick up advanced features of this app to start playing with the pictures to give amazing looks that you need.

Slide Photo Maker Online

If you are one of those who don’t want to download any software or app to their mobile phones or a computer, here is the list of free slideshow makers that can be easily accessible online:


Widely known slideshow making tool online that allows sharing of the content over the network & provides an ability to follow some curated collections or favourite creators around the globe.

Users can either import videos or images from their home computers or can access media directly from social media platforms as per need. You can also mark the videos created with this tool either private or public.


It is 100% free tool and offers wide range of features and perfectly works online with different interesting slide-development tools.


Another well-known online video and slideshow maker photos that easily allows better access to some impressive features without registration. Few Advanced features of this tool support animations, effects, transitions with loads of music handling options in order to develop interactive videos.

This will help users to creative amazing slideshows for their favourite pictures. One can easily add memorable events, change background music, share the files created to their social media handles easily. is entirely free tool and supports multiple file formats. If you want to customize clips you can also do the same to create slideshow from photos.

Ending Thoughts

You can easily find creative and entertaining ways to preserve old memories with these amazing slideshows.

The slideshows can give you a moment to appreciate old memories and pass them to your generations.

You can easily share the files created to any of your friends, relatives with multiple support to different platforms.

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