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Powerpoint Supported Video Format and User Tips

You have been using PowerPoint to make presentations, right? But you have never thought to make it interesting. Let us help you explore the video format for PowerPoint.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Feb 21, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

It doesn't matter if you are a student or a working person; you must have made a PowerPoint presentation in your life. It can be a business presentation, educational presentation, or any work-related presentation if you are an employee. The types of presentation may vary, but the way to make a presentation is almost the same.

We are here to share a few tips and tricks to make your presentations unique like, you can add videos, voice-overs, and much more things. Remember one thing; there are certain video formats that PowerPoint supports. The video formats for PowerPoint presentations are discussed below, read ahead, and you'll know more about them.

Part 1. Overview of PowerPoint Supported Video Format

The supported video formats for PowerPoint are different for both Windows and macOS. All the supported formats for both types of the operating system are discussed below individually:

powerpoint supported formats


ASF: Advanced System Format (ASF) is a proprietary video and audio container format. It is an extensible file format design.

AVI: AVI is an Audio Video Interleave file. It is a multimedia container format made by Microsoft. It allows synchronous audio with video playback.

MP4, M4V, MOV: MPEG-4 file format is also known as MP4 or M4V. It is a common video file format. In comparison, MOV is developed by Apple Inc. It is the same as MP4 but is made for Apple devices.

MPEG, MPG: It is a famous file format for movies that are distributed over the internet. They use specific compression that makes downloading and steaming easy and fast.

WMV: WMV was introduced by Microsoft, and it stands for Windows Media Video. It is a compressed file container. The format is based on ASF.


AVI, VFW: AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave, and VFW stands for Video for Windows. Both are multimedia container files. AVI is encoded into VFW.

MP4, MPEG-4: MP4 is a digital video file format. MPEG-4 uses compression, but it is less common than the MP4 extension. MPEG encodes audio tracks.

M4V: It is a video container format developed by Apple Inc. It is similar to MP4. MV4 is used to encode video files in iTunes.

MPG, MPEG, MPE, M75, M15: MPG, MPEG, MPE, M75, and M15 are all the different types of formats developed by the Moving Pictures Expert Group.

M2V: It contains only video data and no other files. It is encoded by using MPEG-2 compression. It is mostly used by DVD authorized applications.

TS: It is a Video Transport Stream file and is used to store MPEG-2 compressed video data. It is used by digital broadcasting systems.

MOV, QT: QT and MOV both were developed by Apple Inc. Both the formats can hold multiple types of multimedia formats (audio, video, and subtitles).

DIF: DIF stands for Data Interchange Format. It is a text-based file format and is used for tabular and spreadsheet data. It is also used to transfer data between spreadsheets.

Part 2. How to Insert or Embed Video in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is the simplest way to make a presentation. You might impress your boss with a good presentation. Do you ever consider adding videos from your computer across your slides? Have you ever embedded a video in PowerPoint? Allow us to help you out with this. The process to insert or embed a video in PowerPoint is not difficult; you can do this in a few simple steps.

How to Insert a Video in PowerPoint

The video format for PowerPoint differs for different versions. The steps to insert a video in PowerPoint do not deviate much. You can follow the following instructions and insert the video:

Step 1: First, you need to select the slide in which the video is supposed to be inserted. Select the video from the device you are using by heading to the ‘Insert’ tab. There, look for the ‘Video’ option and click on it to select the 'This Device’ option.

tap on this device

Step 2: After you have located and selected the video, click on ‘Insert.' Adjust the video settings from the ‘Format’ and ‘Playback’ toolbar according to your needs. You can resize the video, add effects, play full screen, etc.

edit your inserted video

Step 3: After all the settings are done, you need to preview the slideshow to check if the video is playing according to your desire or not.

try powerpoint slideshow

How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint

If you are looking to add an online video across PowerPoint, the platform allows you to either embed its code or use its URL for adding it within your slides. To follow this, look into the steps featured below.

Step 1: Access the online video across your browser that you wish to embed in your PowerPoint slides. You can either copy its embed code or simply copy its URL. However, this video can only be from YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, Stream, or Flipgrid, as allowed by PowerPoint.

copy url or embed code

Step 2: Once copied, open your slides, and navigate to the “Insert” panel. Select “Video” from the available options and proceed to click on “Online Videos.”

select online video option

Step 3: A new window opens up. Paste the copied code or URL across the provided space and tap "Insert" to add the online video across your slides. You can enhance the video across the "Video Format" and "Playback" sections.

tap on insert button

Part 3. How to Turn Your Presentation into A Video with PowerPoint?

Inserting videos in PowerPoint presentations is normal; now, it’s time to discover something new. Have you ever thought of making a PowerPoint presentation a video itself? It is interesting! Your superior authority might get impressed and give you a promotion; who knows.

How to save your presentation as a video in PowerPoint? It can be done in a few simple steps. These steps are concisely discussed in the section below; follow to help yourself.

Step 1: You need to save the presentation that you made at first. After saving the original file, you need to click on ‘Export’ from the main menu.

access export option

Step 2: From the ‘Export’ menu, click on the 'Create Video’ option. Select the video quality as per your needs. You can use pre-recorded narrations with the timings. In case no recorded narrations exist, you can record your own.

choose video quality

Step 3: The recorded narration will play over your video. If you don’t want narrations, you can simply skip these settings and move on.

select your narration

Step 4: Next step is to select how much time a single slide will be shown. Keep in mind the longest slide; select an appropriate time so that all the material in the slides can be read easily.

customize per slide time

Step 5: Now, moving towards the final step, click on 'Create Video.' This will generate and save the new PowerPoint video on your respective device.

initiate video creation process

Part 4. How to Match Color and Remove Image Background in PowerPoint?

There are two different things that you can do to make your presentation better. These are distinctive concerning video format for PowerPoint. Removal of background in PowerPoint is discussed, followed by Color Matching.

Remove Image Background

A simple way to remove background in PowerPoint is discussed in the following steps, read them for further assistance:

Step 1: Start by opening the PowerPoint software. Afterward, move to the 'Insert' tab and hit the ‘Pictures’ option to insert the image you plan to work with. As you click the photo, the 'Picture Format’ tab will appear on the taskbar. Select the 'Remove Background' option on the left-most side below the taskbar.

tap on remove background

Step 2: When you click 'Remove Background,' it will give options. Select the 'Mark Areas to Keep' option and draw the section that you want to save. You can also select the option ‘Mark Areas to Remove.' It depends on the type of photo on which the task is being performed.

select remove or keep option

Step 3: Once all the necessary editing is done, click on the option 'Keep Changes.' You can save the image separately by clicking on 'Save as Picture.'

image background removed powerpoint

Match Color in PowerPoint

Eyedropper helps you to match colors in your presentation. This takes a few clicks, and you have done color matching.

Step 1: For this, you need to open PowerPoint and select the image that you want to match the color of its background with the rest of the slide. Navigate to the "Design" panel and select the "Format Background" option.

tap on format background

Step 2: Click on ‘Drawing tool’ from the ribbon. Select the option of ‘Solid Fill’ from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Now, from ‘Solid Fill,’ move the mouse towards the ‘Eyedropper’ option. Tap on the background color that you wish to match within the background.

select eyedropper option

Step 3: Select the area that you want to change the background to its desired color. Access the option of “Solid Fill” after selecting the appropriate section of the document and select the color from the preview window present in the recent colors.

select your color

Closing Words

After reading the above article, you will be able to make incredible PowerPoint presentations. As videos add great information to your presentation so hence, we discussed in detail various video formats for PowerPoint. Now let’s share something new.

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