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How to Windows Online Movie Maker [Complete Guide]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Sep 06, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

The likelihood is that video will soon play a significant role in your content marketing approach, if it hasn't already – and for that using windows online movie maker is inevitable. You are an emerging brand, a sole proprietor, or even a podcaster. Knowing the importance of video marketing to content producers and agencies is second nature if you're an astute digital marketer It may be costly and challenging to utilize video editing software. Fortunately, there are free online video editors available.

Before very recently, video editing needed highly specialized skills and was done manually using different tools. Windows Movie Maker used to be a standard component of every Windows user's toolbox and was a highly recommended video editing product for novices. With the windows movie maker online, the application was well-liked for its ease of use and entertaining special effects, but most significantly - it was free. It came pre-installed on all Windows machines. You may do that with the help of our handy list of the top three online video creators.

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  1. How to Make a Video Online [Use Movie Maker Windows Online]
    1. Kizoa
    2. FlexClip
    3. Veed.Io

Part 1. How to Make a Video Online [Use Movie Maker Windows Online]

Using the help of Movie Maker, you may create videos online with your browser. It enables you to create professional-caliber videos without having to purchase video editing tools at professional-caliber costs. For every genre and need, this web program includes stock video, animated text, audio tracks, and on-screen effects. Your own video clips are uploaded. Then, use the simple drag-and-drop online video editor in Movie Maker to edit footage and add special effects and music to make your movie shine.

Making fantastic compilation films from your already-existing photographs and videos doesn't need you to be a skilled editor. Even for amateur video makers, the platform's UI is simple to use and straightforward to navigate. The customizing choices in Movie Maker are many. You have the option of uploading your own fonts and logos. You may also watermark your films and alter the text's color. Additionally, there are a ton of very unique components like stickers, vector shapes, and masks that may enhance the visual appeal of your video productions and widen your creative boundaries.

Steps to Make Video with Movie Maker Online

Step1 Go to Movie Maker Online

Using Movie Maker Online, you can quickly and easily make incredibly interesting compilation films using your already-posted photographs and videos. You'll immediately be sent to the editor, where you can begin organizing your films. Here’s the official link to the toolkit:

Win Movie Maker Online

Step2 Upload Files to Web

Your photographs, videos, and text may all be uploaded. If you like the default music, you may skip the step to change it; otherwise, you can choose another song from our library or upload your own MP3 file. Files from a variety of sources and devices may be added. Click the Import Media button to start importing your own media. Click Open after locating the video you wish to modify.

add files online movie maker
Step3 Create an online video

Add your music to your video compilation after all of your clips have been placed on the timeline. To accomplish that, choose a song depending on the genre or mood you want by clicking on the Music option on the left menu panel. To listen to the music track, click the little icon to the left of it. Text, colors, pictures, and video may all be customized to your heart's delight. Add effects, drag, cut, etc. Press the Make Video button.

create online video movie maker
Step4 Save and Share with Others

Sharing your films on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms is made effortless. You may also send your loved ones the URLs to your videos. When you are happy with the changes, click the Save & Share option in the upper right corner, choose the quality you want to download your movie in, and then click the Export button. Download the updated video, then post it.

save files online movie maker

Part 2. Other Windows Online Movie Makers to Use [Top 3]

1. Kizoa

Link: Kizoa

kizoa online movie maker

Customizing the appearance of your film is one of the finest ways to make it seem like it is your own. With the Kizoa tool, you may trim, apply a crossfade effect, choose the required resolution, and format for an output video in addition to merging files. Utilize Kizoa's online video creator to produce eye-catching videos that will hold your audience's attention. Create any kind of video, from personal family video slideshows to expert films to advertise your company. With the drag-and-drop movie production tool from Kizoa, you can create your very own video in a matter of minutes.

Use a video template as your starting point if you need inspiration. Key framing, animated overlays, noise reduction, transitions, and titles are just a few of the features it provides to help you produce excellent footage. For rapid video editing, there is a video production wizard. Windows Movie Maker's auto movie themes pale in comparison to those provided by this program. Its extensive collection of stock footage and audio tracks helps you to concentrate on the crucial elements without having to drastically decrease the length of your film or the number of scenes.

2. FlexClip

Link: FlexClip

flexclip online movie maker

With the aid of the online video effects tool FlexClip, you may quickly and easily make entertaining short films. It has a ton of video editing features that you may use without logging in or creating an account, like merging, compressing, compiling, adding text, creating memes, etc. For those that are muted, you may use FlexClip to add animated text that blends in with the style of your film. Additionally, you may add your logo so that everyone is aware of who created the masterpiece they just saw.

An online video editor called FlexClip is mainly focused on producing high-quality marketing, advertising, and promotional films for companies. Recording a single video that will function on all social networking and video-sharing websites is almost impossible. Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Marketing are among the partners of FlexClip that have received expert approval. It is used by marketers and enthusiasts to quickly create looping movies and stop motion animation. But as it only provides very basic functionality, it may not be the greatest choice for more intricate, demanding editing.

3. Veed.Io

Link: Veed.Io

veedio movie maker online

With only a few mouse clicks, users of the browser-based video editing program VEED may create professional-caliber movies. The greatest movie-making tools, including filters, effects, and stickers, are available on VEED. There are no intricate timelines, layers, or intricacy since it is a simple program that runs in your web browser. Simple drag-and-drop functionality is all you need to convey your tales. You may modify your video using its features. Using the video track below, you may combine, divide, or cut your files. Visit our website to see all of our filters, stickers, add-ons, and other tools.

Any device, whether an iPhone or Android phone, a MacBook, a Windows or Linux computer, may use VEED's online video editor. You have access to all the resources you need to make amazing videos using VEED's online video editor. Our user-friendly interface is very simple to use and is contemporary and intuitive. The native video sizes on each of the publishing sites, including Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo, may all be altered using Veed. Finally, click "Export" in the editor's upper-right corner, and your video will render quickly. Share some!


Use this editing list to produce more compelling video mashups for YouTube and other social media platforms in order to expand your audience, cultivate real connections with them, and eventually increase conversion rates. Because they combine the complex capabilities of the expensive, professional video suites with the user-friendliness and cost that appeal to novices, these online makers are a popular among editors of all skill levels. Make an investment in one of these video editing tools and own it.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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