Action Camera Comparison 2016

If you want to capture the memorable moments of your life that you have spent with your friends or family, then action cameras can serve the purpose better than the traditional cameras. The small size, light weight, portability, and waterproof nature are some of the features that make action cameras preferable to the traditional ones. You can mount these cameras to multiple things like surfboards, bicycles, drones, helmets, skateboards or even to your pet dog. But, when you go for buying an action camera for you then it becomes some bit hard to make a choice from so many options.

Better performance and functionality are the main factors that you will be looking for but along with that there are many other features to consider like waterproofing, resolution, battery life, weight and more. So, before buying the action camera, you need to know all the main features and specifications of all the models so that you can have the best camera with you. Here, in this article we are going to compare the features of the famous models and this comparison will assist you in selecting the best cation camera for you.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

This camera is known for its top video quality and all its other features are also amazing. If you buy GoPro Hero4 Silver then you don't need to worry about its water resistivity. It comes with a protective case that you need to use for covering it while subjecting it to extreme conditions. With the 17 mm lenses that come with F2.8 aperture, GoPro Hero4 Silver ensures the wide field of view. The sensor used in this cam is 1/ 2.3 inch that effectively support the size of the lenses. The 4k video recording is effectively supported by GoproHero4 Silver up to 15/ 2.5 fps. This camera is able to produce still images up to 12 megapixel. Another amazing feature of this camera is that it is WiFi enabled. GoPro Hero4 Silver measures 41*59*30 mm.

Panasonic HX-A500

This cam comes with a unit and measurements of both cam and unit are 27*67*27 mm & 94*60*27mm respectively. As compared to GoPro Hero4 silver, this camera is little heavy weighing 159 g. Panasonic is designed in such a way that it provides the water resistant without a protective case. The 35mm equivalent lenses provide the field-of view up to 160 degrees. The lens aperture of the lenses used in this cam is F2.8 and the sensor size is 1/ 2.3 inches. Panasonic HX-A500 is able to do full HD video recording up to 60 fps and the still photo resolution is less as compared to other models but is more than Countor Roam3. The monitor of Panasonic HX measures 1.5 inches and this advanced cam is enabled with wifi and NFC connectivity. The videos or images that you click by this camera are stored SD card. The price of this camera is similar to that of GoPro Silver which is more than many other models like Contour Roam3, Garmin Virb Elite and more.

Sony POV Action Cam (HDR-AS100V)

Sony POV Action Cam is a streamlined and lightweight camera that offers you all the required features like video resolution, image stabilization, wide field of view and more. This camera is well designed and looks attractive at first glance. One of the main features is the video quality that it offers in brighter environments, but you need to compromise with that quality in the low-light situations. The waterproofing of this camera is fine, but you should avoid it from putting it to deeper waters. Measuring 1.8*0.95*3.2 inches this camera provides the CCD resolution of 13.5 megapixels. Micro SD is the default recording format of this camera for videos and still images. Sony POV Action Cam works well with the particular supported apps; the only point that it lacks in is the video quality in low light areas.

iON Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi

This camera is designed in a simple way, but the features of this camera are really impressive. Air Pro is one among those action cameras which can help the beginners as well as professionals to show off their creative skills. There is no display in Air Pro but it is Wi-Fi enabled that means you can control all its functions through a mobile device using iON's apps. This camera comes with some decent accessories which include a pouch, a ball joint, a tripod, a USB cable, a helmet mount and a secure strap. Stunning video quality, wide field of view, ease of use and waterproofing (no need to use waterproof cover) are some of the features that this camera provides to you. Giving a look at its negative points, you will find some lack in the app's functionality. And the battery of this camera is not removable. The CMOS sensor of Air Pro measures 12 MP and the lens aperture is 2.8. Air Pro offers the video resolution of 1080p.

Drift HD Ghost-S

As compared to other action cameras, Drift HD is heavy; even you can say that it is the heaviest action camera. The built-in display of this camera enhances its waterproofing as you don't need to use a waterproof case. The signature lens is the feature that makes it different from many other action cameras. You can control its functions from the large display that it comes with. Also, this camera can be controlled by the remote that enable you to control its functions when it is mounted on something like drones. If you compare the video quality of this camera with the others of the same price range, then you will not find it good. The CCD resolution and video resolution of Drift HD are 12 megapixels and 1080p respectively. Even the display of this camera is large, but it is not touch-screen enabled.


All the action cameras except that we have compared will cost you the same price except Sony POV Action Cam. But, when you look at their features, each of them specialize in particular feature. Thus, you can choose the one according to your requirements and affordability.

Aug 09,2016 14:38 pm