Best Adventure Game Recommended for 2017

Playing adventure games is one of the most interesting tasks and the best thing to know is that these games are available for all age groups. Market is loaded with lots of new and old collections but to ease your selection we have listed some of the most recommended adventure games below:

Best PC Adventure Games

1 Indiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis

Price: Free


Fourth Indiana Jones was developed in 1992 and after so many years Fate of Atlantis brought new adventure to the gamers’ world. You can play this game with three different modes: go ahead with fists, enjoy with wits or accompany Sophia to enjoy classic game play. In this game, you will find opportunity to explore more than 200 stunning locations around world.

2 Stories Untold

Price: Free


Years’ old hardware has lots of things to do in this game. This platform features sci-fi horror and the whole story revolves around an old hardware. You will find it interesting to do text adventure with unique controls on electronics.

3 Life is Strange

Price: Free


This game unfolds lots of mysteries and surprises at every next step. The interesting storyline is focused over a nervous girl who suddenly comes to know that she can rewind time with her mysterious powers. This is something like disaster in her life but the thrill goes ahead and there are lots of things to explore.

Best Adventure Games for Android

1 Crashland

Price: $4.99

It was released in 2016 and became one of the most popular adventure games within very less time. The story is all about a space trucker and you will be playing that role with lots of creativities on the way. This game leads players to the world of aliens and then fight starts for saving the whole world from evil powers.

2 Dead Effect 2

Price: Free

This game is recognised for its interesting graphics and dark storyline. It can entertain you continuously for 20 hours with a great storyline. Players need to fight against lots of monsters and powerful aliens; get ready to improve your skills and soon you can make lots of achievements in this gaming platform. This app is available for free but it offers so many in app purchases.

3 Doom and Destiny Advanced

Price: $0.99 only

Players in this game need to save the world from monsters and during these fights they may fall into so many critical situations. This game is designed with hours long storyline featuring more than 500 places from real world, 22 character outfits, 15 classes of characters, more than 150 impressive powers and numbers of bad guys so you must get ready to enjoy real action.

4 Grand Theft Auto

Price: Varies

Everyone knew this name because this is one of the most interesting games in the action world. Players in this game need to explore the world while making efforts of secret missions. The storyline is all about crime, theft and drug dealing etc but yes, the amazing graphics make it more interesting.

Top PlayStation 4 Adventure Games

1 Horizon Zero Dawn

Price: Free

This game allows players to enjoy incredible beauty of nature while exploring the vibrant gaming world. There are lots of classic machineries, hidden secrets and mysteries that you need to solve while moving towards your destiny. The stunning graphics of this game make it more interesting.

2 Inside

Price: Free

This game works perfectly on almost all gaming consoles. Inside deals with so many 2D puzzle based controls where players can enjoy something new at every next step. You will love its art animations with stunning puzzle designs.

3 The Witness

Price: Free

The Witness is designed to bring your close to nature with lots of well crafted puzzles that uncover amazing mysteries. The stunning color themes with wonderful islands make this game worth playing. You will find numbers of digital panels that are scattered over environment; simply make efforts to reveal the hidden mysteries and you will find lots of interesting things on the way.

Jul 27,2017 18:17 pm