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Best and Most Popular Android Apps of 2024 on Google Play

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

It is hard to believe that in 2024 Google Play had just fifty apps since it currently offers 2.8 million applications that can be used for anything from photo and video editing to learning a new language.

This year Google Play had a difficult task of selecting the best app of 2024, as there are so many apps across different categories that are worthy of this award. On December 3rd Google Play announced its choice and also presented the best Android apps of 2024 that were selected by users. So without further ado let’s take a look at the best and most popular Android apps of 2024

The Best App of 2024 Selected by Google Play: Ablo

Language barriers can prevent us from exploring the world and experiencing different cultures. So, it is no wonder that an app that enables its users to talk to people from around the globe in their mother tongue was chosen as the best app of 2024 by Google Play.

Ablo: Make new friends from all over the world

Ablo translates all chat messages in real-time which enables you to talk with all likeminded people you meet even if you don’t speak the same language.

The app also translates video calls live and allows you to have meaningful conversations with friends that come from different parts of the world. If you are traveling often and looking for an easy way to encounter the local culture or you just want to communicate with people whose language you don’t understand, then you should install Ablo and start making friends around the world.

The Most Popular Apps of 2024 on Google Play

Smartphones bring entertainment to the palms of our hands and grant us instant access to information that makes our lives easier. Over the course of 2024 apps from a broad range of categories have sparked the interest of thousands of Android users. Here are some of the most popular apps of 2024 that can help you improve your productivity or make better fashion choices.

1. Peloton

Price:Free, but offers in-app purchases

Supported OS:Requires Android 5.1 or up

Category:Health & Fitness

InShot Video Editor - Glitch Video Effects

Leading a healthy lifestyle is much easier if you have the assistance of the world’s leading instructors. If you already own a Peloton bike or tread, then you can enjoy all the benefits of the Peloton app for free. Yoga, cardio or indoor cycling are just a few among numerous types of classes you can attend through this Android app. In addition, you can also broadcast your workouts through the Peloton’s Chromecast support and share your daily workout routines with thousands of followers. Even so, the app’s interface is somewhat outdated and the app crashes easily during workouts, which makes using Peloton frequently a bit difficult.

2. 21 Buttons


Supported OS:Requires Android 5.0 or up


21 Buttons: Fashion Social Network & Clothing Shop

If you would like to keep track of the latest fashion trends and discover places where you can buy clothes and accessories worn by your favorite influencers, then you should install the 21 Buttons app on your phone. This social network for fashion enthusiasts can help you choose new outfits and save them in your public or private closets. What’s more, you can share the fashion choices with your followers and link to the stores where particular items can be purchased. This app also enables you to search for up and coming brands, since it is hard to find a fashion brand that isn’t featured on 21 Buttons.

3. Post-it®


Supported OS:Android 7.0 and up


Most popular apps on Google Play - Post-it

Managing and organizing vast amounts of handwritten notes is a futile effort as sorting out hundreds of tiny pieces of paper is often impossible. Installing the Post-it app that captures handwritten notes and allows you to organize them in any way you want can help you perform your daily tasks more efficiently. Once you’ve created and organized your board you can share it with your colleagues or export it to Excel, PowerPoint or Trello. Post-it can capture more than 200 notes at the same time using your phone’s camera and use the Handwriting Recognition AI to transcribe them. Each not you create with this app can be easily edited or deleted.

4. Scripts by Drops – Learn to Write

Price:Free, but offers in-app purchases

Supported OS:Requires Android 4.4 and up


Scripts by Drops - Learn to write

Learning a new language should be a fun process that is not going to take too much of your time. Scripts by Drops limits the total amount of time you can spend practicing a new language to just five minutes a day. Even though this may seem far from enough to master Chinese Hanzi or to learn Russian Cyrillic, this app will deliver the results you’re looking for as long as you keep using it every single day. Scripts by Drops employs visual learning techniques that help the app’s users connect letters and characters to their pronunciations. If you opt for one of the available subscription models you will have an unlimited amount of learning time at your disposal.

5. Boosted – Productivity and Time Tracker


Supported OS:Requires Android 4.4 and up


Boosted - Productivity & Time Tracker

Finding ways to use your time more effectively can have far-reaching positive consequences on your personal and professional life. Boosted lets you create as many new projects as you want and it allows you to break down each project into smaller tasks. It only takes a single tap to start tracking the time you spend on an activity and allows you to see how productive your days actually are. The app sends you notifications that inform you about the total amount of time you spend working on a project and grants you the weekly or monthly overview of the time you allocated to a particular project.

6. Enlight Pixaloop – Photo Animator & Photo Editor

Price:Free, but offers in-app purchases

Supported OS:Requires Android 7.1 and up


Enlight Pixaloop - Photo Animator & Photo Editor

Enlight Pixaloop makes animating still images look easy by offering simple animation tools that allow you to set anchor points or freeze entire sections of photos. Moreover, you can choose the direction of the movement by tapping on one of the arrows that are displayed on the screen.

Enlight Pixaloop grants you access to a huge selection of overlays that enable you to animate a photo with a single tap. The app’s photo editor features a versatile set of photo editing tools that give you complete creative control over the pictures you’re editing. You should keep in mind that you have to make in-app purchases if you want to use all of the animation and photo editing tools Enlight Pixaloop has to offer.

7. Morphin CGI GIF Maker and Editor


Supported OS:Requires Android 4.4 and up

Category:Video players and editors

Morphin – CGI GIF Maker & Editor

This is a simple app that lets you create entertaining GIFs you can use to surprise your friends on social media. You can take a selfie and become your favorite celebrity in just a few minutes. Morphin utilizes CGI technology to customize faces and adjust them to the selected source image.

The app doesn’t add watermarks to the GIFs you create and allows you to share them on Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and countless other messaging and social media apps. However, there isn’t much more you can do with Morphin other than create GIFs, and you should consider installing another app if you want to edit videos.

8. Firework

Price:Free, but offers in-app purchases

Supported OS:Requires Android 5.0 and up


Firework: Short-form videos for pro’s

Fans of short-form videos are going to love using Firework because it will help them discover new thought-provoking videos that are created by film enthusiasts from all over the world. The duration of all content you can find on Firework is limited to just thirty seconds, which means that you can watch several short masterpieces in less than five minutes. The app shows you curated videos based on your interests and allows you to follow your favorite creators. In addition, you can save all the videos you like to your private collection and view them whenever you want.


The best Android apps of 2024 bring innovation and push our expectations from the apps we are using further. Each of the most popular apps on Google Play is equipped with powerful features that can help you increase your level of productivity or create visual content your social media followers are going to adore.

Below is the summary of these best and popular apps on Google Play, hope that will give you some insight as well.

Most Popular Apps of 2024 Publisher Category Price Ratings User Rating Requires Android
Ablo MassiveMedia Lifestyle Free, In-App Purchases 104,746 4.3 4.4 and up
Video Editor - Glitch Video Effects Inc. Video Players & Editors Free, In-App Purchases 67,703 4.6 5.0 and up
Peloton Peloton Interactive, Inc Health & Fitness Free, In-App Purchases 1,852 3.8 5.1 and up
21 Buttons 21 Buttons Social Free 23,263 4 5.0 and up
Post-it® 3M Company Productivity Free 605 4 7.0 and up
Scripts by Drops Language Drops Education Free, In-App Purchases 7,355 4.6 4.4 and up
Boosted Boosted Productivity Productivity Free 5,446 4.7 4.4 and up
Enlight Pixaloop Lightricks Ltd. Photography Free, In-App Purchases 73,708 4.3 7.1 and up
Morphin Morphin Video Players & Editors Free 2,569 4.2 4.4 and up
Firework Loop Now Technologies, Inc. Entertainment Free, In-App Purchases 13,149 4.5 5.0 and up

How many of the most popular apps on Google Play in 2024 have you used so far? Leave a comment and let us know.

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