Top 10 Free Alternatives to Boilsoft Video Joiners

Merging and joining video files is one of the more common tasks that you need to carry out in video editing, getting the various clips in the right order with sound and other features all in place can be difficult, here are some specialist software packages designed to help you accomplish the task quickly and easily.

1 Freemake Video Converter

Although Freemake Video Converter is a free software package focused on format conversion, it includes a wealth of other abilities too, such as video merging and joining. Because it is a video converter at heart, it has a huge range of format compatibility and can even burn your finished videos to DVD or Blu-ray for you. The merging feature is nicely implemented into a clear interface and should be straightforward for anyone to use.

Freemake Video Converter

A comprehensive feature set for video editing well above just merging and joining video clips make this a great general video utility package.

2 Virtualdub

VirtualDub is a comprehensive editing package that comes with a selection of editing features including merging and joining tools that allow you to join your clips together quickly, and includes compatibility with a wide range of file formats , it is a useful tool for those looking for additional features for their video editing. Due to the lengthy feature set the interface is a little clunky bit it must be said that in terms of performance it does the job very well, with accurate and quickly produced effects.


With plenty of video tools in addition to cutting, VirtualDub is a comprehensive video toolbox for anyone who needs more than the basics.


AsfBin is designed for video enthusiasts, and has a broad feature set and the software includes support for several formats. It also includes tools for repairing damaged video files, whilst the joining and merging tools are very easy to use and perform excellently. The user interface is a little complicated, however for those that are familiar with some of the more technical aspects of video it offers some unique features that could prove invaluable.


A great package for video enthusiasts looking for a more comprehensive package to use for various aspects of video editing.

4 Free Video Joiner

Free Video Joiner is not as flexible as the previously mentioned ones, all it does is join your video files together. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing really, if all you need is to join some files, a very small program with a simple, easy to understand interface that just does that is the perfect solution to the problem. The software includes compatibility with a wide range of video formats and allows a choice of output formats too.

Free Video Joiner

As we can see, a simple, easy to use piece of software that joins files. It works well and is ideal for someone just looking for the basic tool.


This and is in essence a user interface for other open source tools that are somewhat user unfriendly, enabling an understandable user interface for the best free tools out there. As a software package though, there is nothing wrong with this approach, and the tools available for joining and merging are first rate, along with other editing features you may want to use as well. There is compatibility for a wide range video formats available as well as both .wma and .mp3 audio files.


A simple interface with some great features, it works very well.

6 Avidemux

This is a very comprehensive video editing package, and although it can be used simply to join clips together, it has a wealth of other features included too. Avidemux also has a vibrant user community who are constantly producing add-ons to increase the functionality yet further, so for those that want to take their video editing in new directions, this is a software package that can grow with you. Merging and joining files is easy, and the software is compatible with a huge range of video formats, although the interface is not as well designed as some.


A great package for those looking to take video editing a little more seriously, with a learning curve to get going, but great results and the most complete package here.

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7 Weenysoft Video Joiner

This is another of the very simple program that just does the one thing, join video files. It does that one task very well though, it has a very nice interface, performs the task quickly and is very easy indeed to use, even for a beginner to video editing.

Weenysoft Video Joiner

A clear, easy to use program that joins video files together. If that is all you need, this is a great piece of software to get it done.

8AoA Video Joiner

This is another program that only joins video, with no other functionality. It includes support for a wide range of video formats and has one of the more attractive user interfaces on this comparison, and joins files together very easily, if a little slowly. With the ability to join files of varying formats together and straightforward workflow it offers everything a new user may need.

AoA Video Joiner

Add files, put them in the order you want, press start. It doesn’t really get any easier than that to join some video files together. Excellent for anyone who just wants something simple to use.

9Free AVI/MPEG/WMV/MP4/FLV Video Joiner

This video Joiner is another variation on the simple free software concept, offering a similar workflow to the other basic packages here, create a list of videos in the right order, hit a button and they join together, different formats are all taken care of for you. This one does work comparatively quickly and can cope with large file sizes better than some here.

Free AVI/MPEG/WMV/MP4/FLV Video Joiner

Although all of these basic packages are fairly similar, there is little you can do for variation on software that just joins video files after all, this one does seem a little better polished than others in this list, and whilst it cannot quite match the AOA program for interface design, it would be a good choice for anyone.


Mediacope is a package that includes different pieces of software all ran from the one interface. This means it has a broad range of abilities, but our focus here is on the video joiner, which uses a basic interface and works like most of the others, list your videos, put them in the order you want, press the join button. There is nothing wrong with that of course, it is easy to do, and that is why so many follow this route. There is support for a huge range of formats, and in addition to that video joiner component, Mediacope has other modules for cutting and converting video, cutting and joining audio and resizing photos.


As a package to deal with your basic media editing for video, audio and photographs it really is a good solution all in a single download.

The above alternatives to Boilsoft Video Joiners are free download with different features. If you need some better video joiners at reasonable price with powerful function, you can take Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) into account. Download the free trial version below.

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