How to Choose a Good Video Editor for Your Needs

It's not surprising at all to find a huge range of video editing software or programs in the market nowadays. The wide selections cover very basic applications such as Windows Movie Maker to iMovie and also more sophisticated programs for the professionals such as Final Cut Pro. But, the main question is, how can we decide the 'best' one for us? Well, that's the purpose of sharing this article. It'll offer you a non-biased description of what you'll need to pay attention (i.e. different criteria) to in your quest for the 'most suitable' video editing software.

1st Criteria: Product's Price


When buying a video editing software, you should first take your budget into consideration. The prices of regular decent video editing software range from £50-£100, including the famous Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Elements and Sony Vegas. Some video editing software are very professional and quite expensive, such as Final Cut Pro. If you are just a beginner, an easy-to-use and cheap video editing software is already enough.

2nd Criteria: Supported Input & Output Formats


A video editing tool, software or program that supports a higher choice of input and output formats are normally considered to be a 'good' application. The varying degree of input and output format compatibility easily helps to distinguish between the wide selections of software that's available. For instance; it's not going to be of any use even if the platform does offer you enriched editing features but your uploaded file is not supported or recognized. Therefore, a good video editing tool is expected to work smooth and fine with as many as possible or virtually ANY type of file format. That means you can import the target media file onto the platform without having to deal with any 'pre-conversion' worries. At the same time, the platform would also be able to export your edited media files into ANY file format that you wished.

3rd Criteria: Editing Features


This goes back to the very root of your editing needs; what exactly do you need to do with your videos at the first place? Is it just some simple basics or standard editing features (i.e. crop, split or rotate)? Or are you looking for more? That's needless to say every single addition of the editing features helps a long way, even though you might not need them for the time being. It's handy to have it you know, just in case!

4th Criteria: Ease of Use

easy of use

Having an easy-to-use or user-friendly application for editing a video is important. That's especially true for the beginners. Although some software is feature-rich, it can be hard to get to grips with. So, it's paramount to have an intuitive interface as well as a well-organized menu. You surely don't want it to get over-complicated for your first editing experience.

5th Criteria: Help & Customer Service


It's also of equal importance to have an excellent 'Help' and 'Customer Service' when comes to making a choice over a good video editing tool. Basically, the better the level of support provided, the easier and faster you'll be able to master the skills of editing. On top of that, an online library packed with user guides, tutorials, tips, FAQs and contact information will all come in accessible and helpful whenever you need them. A swift and timely response is also something that user's will look forward to when they're stuck in the middle of something.

Best Recommended

Based upon the consideration of the criteria mentioned above and after the careful testing and trial of several other video editing tools, I've came across an amazing and fantastic software - Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor). It's highly compatible with all popular video and audio formats. With a very clean and intuitive interface, it allows you to edit videos with separate video, audio and background music tracks precisely. And the built-in video effects and transitions make your videos outstanding at once. What's more, you can share your edited videos in multiple ways such as upload to YouTube, enjoy on your iPhone, iPad, PSP, iPod, Wii, Zune, etc.

Now hit the button below to download and try it out:

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Nevertheless, the last say remains solely at your discretion. Hence, it's advisable for you to spend a bit more time looking around or comparing other products that's on the market. You can always download a trial version and try it out beforehand. It's guaranteed to help towards your decision-making process. Simply pick the ONE that FITS you!

Nov 23,2017 9:39 am