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Top 3 Educational Video Makers for Teachers & Students

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Nov 26, 2021• Proven solutions

Educational videos have become an important section of higher education, providing necessary content delivery tools for many flipped, mixed and online courses. If teachers consider three elements below, it will strengthen the effective use of video as an educational tool:

  • How to manage the cognitive load of video?
  • How to maximize student participation in the video?
  • How to promote active learning through video?

There are a lot of educational videos making software that can help you achieve this in good time. And educational videos have principal features that make them stand out. Read on to get them.

Part 1. What Makes a Good Educational Video?

For an educational video to be successful, it must communicate emotions and reality without being boring. Like a good video maker, you have to try and get the listener's attention while trying to pass the message embedded in the video.

  • Don’t Be Everywhere

Keep to a point and try to drive the message home without biting about the bush. Draw your examples from the experience of other individuals. If you're making an educational video for young minds, you need to try and break the information down into more straightforward and understandable forms. Let the video be conversational to keep the viewers engaged and call them to try everything. One most important point is to tailor the content for the audience it is meant to educate.

  • Know Your Audience

It is good you know who your audience is and what works or catches the attention of this category of individuals.

  • Don’t Make It Lengthy

Make sure you keep your videos as brief as possible. Students get tired of lengthy videos. When they get exhausted, they lose attention to the message the video was to pass. So a minimum of 5-10 minutes is enough for a video. You can also break them into segments if needed.

  • Check the Location

The location where you made the video plays a vital role in the video's effect. The background must look good to be suitable for making a video. Avoid sitting before a window.

Part 2. Top 3 Educational Video Makers

There are several educational video maker software that we can use to produce a great educational video. However, we'll focus on the top three educational video creators below:

1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is the best simple and elegant video editing software designed for amateur users. This program is easy to use, and one can get familiar with it in about 15 minutes. The result always looks good, but your material will have a watermark if you use its free version. Creators position this video maker/editor as the best one for every skill level.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

Filmora gives you many useful features at your disposal, such as adding overlays, animation and GIF images, music, and text to the video. In addition, it provides tools that allow users to crop material, increase or decrease the size of clips, or adjust them all to a specific playback time. You can also use the tilt-shift function to blur certain parts of the video, remove noise in movies and audio, etc. 

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is another video editing software like Wondershare Filmora with a familiar non-linear editing interface, unparalleled tool ecosystem, and powerful functions. Since we last looked at an extensive application, it has added: automatic reconstruction tools, enhanced HDR support, new text, graphics, and audio tools, performance improvements, and many other features.

video for school project

All these make Premiere very worthy of the Editor's Choice Award for professional-grade video editing software.

Although Apple has taken drastic measures when updating Final Cut Pro X, Adobe adopts a progressive approach, improving the interface and adding the most advanced tools to its professional video editing software. Long-term professional video editors accustomed to traditional non-linear digital video editing will applaud Premiere's standard methods, but Final Cut offers innovative tools such as Connected Clips.

3. PowerDirector

PowerDirector 365 provides first-class editing tools and intuitive workflow. Create compelling content with powerful new effects, a simplified user interface, and an ever-growing resource library. Regardless of your proficiency, you can achieve excellent results.

power director

PowerDirector works seamlessly with PhotoDirector to integrate edited photos, graphics, or animated images. Optimize your assets in PhotoMaster and add them directly to your PowerDirector project, or send production stills and animation clips to complete the round-trip workflow.

Part 3. How to Make an Educational Video Step by Step?

Here's a detailed guide for you to make an educational video with Filmora.

Step #1: Install Filmora and choose the aspect ratio

Double-click on Filmora's desktop icon while you start working on a new video. The software's welcome screen will then appear and prompt open project. Besides that, you can select the aspect ratio for your educational video.

Step #2: Make a new project and import the footage

Click the New Project tab on the software's welcome screen. Then click the File button on the upper-left side, and then tap the Import Media > Import Media Files option to look for where your footage is stored.

Import media files  in Filmora

Here, you will also see the Import with Instant Cutter Tool option. This tool can trim 4K and all other large video files as quickly and straightforward as possible.

And Filmora features the capability to edit videos effectively shot by action cameras. In addition, you can use the Fish Eye Distortion or its lens correction tools effect to improve your videos with ease.

Step #3: Organize the video in your project timeline

You can import files from Filmora's Media tab, which is present beneath the Import tab. You can also consider the My Album option that helps you create folders and sort out your files for ease of use.

manage footage

Step #4: Place the audio and video files on the timeline to erase the redundant parts

Raw videos often contain redundancy that doesn't belong to the main content, so drag them from the Media tab if you would like to trim or cut your videos.

You can add multiple video clips as you desire, but each new file you add will queue after the previous one, and to reorganize them, you have to drag them to the selected timeline position.

cut a section

You can hit the Space bar or press the Play tab to start previewing the video clips, or use the playhead to go to a particular point in the video with the help of the playhead.

This way, Filmora easily helps you trim your videos by simply dragging their ends right or left.

Step #5: Apply visual effects to the video

Now that you erased all redundant sections from your video clips, continue detaching the video and audio files, add music, insert transitions between the video clips or use various visual effects that Filmora offers.

Download Filmora Win Version Download Filmora Mac Version

Select the Text icon to add opening titles, end credits, or video subtitles. The software provides a lot of text templates you can use for different purposes. Drop and drag them to the desired location on the timeline, and continue to insert the appropriate text in the software's preview window.

The Transitions icon grants you access to many varieties that you can use in the Text icon in the editor's toolbar.

Step #6: Refine the color correction process

The Effects tab provides a hundred plus overlay effects and filters to make your project look more vivid. Choose the filter you'd like to use, and then drag it on the timeline wherever you want. Adjust the filter's duration by simply moving either end of the filter.

Besides these tools, Filmora provides advanced color correction tools, which allow you to fine-tune your video color values. The Advanced Color Tuning feature helps you use 3D LUTs, or color correction presets, to add more refining and vibrancy to the colors in your videos. And, the best part is that it's easy to use!

edit video

Step #7: Export and Share

Finally, click the Export button. You can easily select the video format in the output format.

Select the Format tab and choose that best suits the project you're working on, then continue to give a title to the video and select the folder.


Without a doubt, we can say that making educational videos is not a difficult task, seeing there's a simplified procedure to follow. With the help of the educational video maker app and the few steps laid down, one can quickly create an excellent educational video that gets the target audience's attention. So, finally, we hope we answered the question on "what makes a good educational video".

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