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Ultimate Guide on How to Film Better in Public

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jan 12, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Filming in public and different locations can add a new dimension to any video. The possibilities are limitless, from the hustle and bustle of a busy city street to the tranquil beauty of a remote beach.

Suppose you're a new vlogger and want to capture the perfect scene in public. Then this blog is for you. It will explain various tips and tricks to help you create the best videos, regardless of location. So let's start and learn more about how to film better in public!

In this article
  1. What Gear Will You Need to Record a Better Video in Public?
  2. What Do You Need to Accomplish With Your Video?
  3. How to Get the Best Shot While Filming Outdoor?
  4. Best Way to Record Audio While Filming Outdoor

Part 1. What Gear Will You Need to Record a Better Video in Public?

While recording in public, you want to avoid setting and holding unnecessary camera gear. That's why you should keep your gear as low-key as possible. The essential shooting gears that you are going to need are as follows:

A Good Camera

A good camera is essential to record a video in public because it will provide quality footage. It will also allow you to capture more detail and create more engaging videos. But if you use a phone instead, make sure it is the latest iPhone or other with high pixels camera.

a dslr camera

A Tripod

A tripod is essential when recording video in public to ensure that your shots are stable and steady. Without a tripod, your camera can shake and create a distorted, blurry image that can ruin a shot. So having a secure tripod will help you capture professional-looking footage.

a tripod

A Microphone

A microphone is essential for recording a video in public because it captures the sound in the environment, allowing the video to be recorded with better-quality audio. Without a microphone, the video would be recorded with distorted sound and would likely be challenging to understand.

a vlogging microphone

Apart from the gear mentioned above, you can also bring an ND filter, extra batteries, and SD cards. Because If the battery runs out or the SD card becomes full, the video recording could be lost. The spare batteries and SD cards help to ensure that the video can be captured uninterrupted. Let's see what we need further.

Part 2. What Do You Need to Accomplish With Your Video?

While recording a video in a busy location, you need to accomplish three things with your video to record it better. Which are as follows:

1.    Clean Shots

When recording in a busy location, it is essential to try and capture clean shots. It can be done by using a wide-angle lens to get the full shot or zooming in to focus on a particular element.

2.    Clean Audio

Getting a clean and clear sound when recording audio in a busy location is essential. A good quality microphone, an audio recorder, or external noise reduction can help minimize background noise and capture the desired audio.

3.    Decent Lighting

In a busy location, decent lighting is as important as the other two factors. Look for natural light sources that can provide good light, even illumination. If these are unavailable, consider using portable lighting equipment or lamps to create a more flattering environment.

Now that we know what we need let's see how to make a video.

Part 3. How to Get the Best Shot While Filming Outdoor?

Whether you are a vlogger, a YouTuber, or a student filmmaker, shooting a video in a busy area is always a challenge. You must be able to plan and execute your production in a way that minimizes disruption and produces quality footage. By following these instructions, we hope you can make a difference in a shot you record:

Step1 Scout the Location

Before recording, visit the location in advance to plan your shots. Take note of potential distractions or noise sources and plan your angles accordingly.

scouting the location
Step2 Choose the correct shooting time

The best time to record a video in a busy location is when the area is less crowded, such as early in the morning or late at night. Avoiding peak times and holidays is also a good idea.

Step3 Choose the right angle

Once you get to the location, you must find the right angle.

Select Background

Try to find a background that will best capture the atmosphere of the area and minimize any background noise.

select the background

Set the frame

If your frame is too broad, you will face potential distractions that could interfere with your video, such as people walking in and out of the frame.

setting the frame

Set your position

Instead of getting closer to your talent, get further away and zoom in this way, you leave space for other people in the location, and you can still get your shot!

zoom in the talent

Try to get your shot and then get out quickly so you don't bother other people trying to get their photos.

Part 4. Best Way to Record Audio While Filming Outdoor

Audio is essential to any video production, and recording audio while filming outdoor scenes can be challenging.

Outdoor environments come with more variables to consider, such as wind, traffic noise, and other background noise, that can make capturing clear audio more difficult. Even if you use a high-quality mic, you still have chances of interruption.

If you get any such variable in the video you recorded, you can re-record the audio with the help of Wondershare Filmora. Let's see how you can do it:

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 First, select the clip you want to re-record and then drag it onto the timeline.

Step2 Right-click on the video you dragged and then click on the Detach Audio. After doing that, mute the lousy audio from the audio timeline.

mute the bad audio

Step3 Place the playhead at the clip's start, click Record just above the import media section, and then click Record Voiceover.

selecting record voiceover

Step4 Now select a recording device and then select the time for the countdown. For example, a 3-minute timer would be perfect.

setting the device and timer

Step5 Click record and try to re-record your line and match it up the best you can. To get the sound and sync right, you might need to attempt a few times, but in the end, it will improve the quality of your video.

clicking record

This technique is used in almost every film you see, especially action sequences that also have dialogue. You can also use this technique with the help of Filmora and enhance your video with better audio quality.


We hope this blog has given you some tips for how to film better in public. Filming in public can be intimidating, but you can shoot professional footage with the proper techniques.

From understanding the legalities of filming in public to learning to be discreet and respectful of your environment, you can ensure your filming experience is positive and successful.

With these tips and some practice, you'll be on your way to shooting great videos in public!

Let us know your favorite film location in the comments below.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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