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FilmoraPro Crack: Can We Crack Wondershare Filmora Pro?

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May 06, 2022• Proven solutions

You might be looking to crack Filmora Pro so that you could use all its features for free.

Part 1: How to Crack FilmoraPro [No Watermark]?

As a matter of fact, there are legitimate ways to do so without cracking open the software. Here are some ways to do so:

filmora pro crack

1. Sign Up for a New Account

When you sign up for a new account it provides you free access to all features for a time span of 30 days. Hence, if you have a valid email address that you have not used to subscribe to Filmora, you can use the same for another free account. All you need to do is visit the official site of Filmora. Once you are there you can sign up for a new Wondershare subscription. Once you create your username, password and validate your email address, the new account becomes active for a time period of 30 days. Simply continue to use all features as well as save projects on this platform till that time, for free.

2. Refer Friends

Once you get a subscription account you would be asked to refer friends or others to sign up. In return, you get loyalty points with which you can take up different subscription plans on the platform. All you need to do is send them the referral link that you get on your Wondershare account. When anyone signs up for a membership clicking on that link, you get points. You can then redeem those points on your account. This gives you the choice of plans. The very basic plan will include a 30-day extension of the subscription period.

The above two methods are safe and recommended for using FilmoraPro for free. These are safer options rather than trying to crack open the software without a license.

Part 2: Is it Dangerous to Crack FilmoraPro using a 3rd Party Tool?

There are several downsides if you try to Filmora Pro full crack. For instance:


When you try to use a pirated copy of the software you might find difficulties using the program. Since it is put to work without using an activation key, the integrity of the software is often found lacking. As a result, it might hang and not allow you to use its features to the fullest.


Nowadays many online software providers take action when their software is hacked and used. Hence, as soon as you try to use software without having purchased a license or activation key, it could be shut down and made unavailable for use.

Prone to Viruses

The use of illegitimate software can put your computer at risk. There come inherent vulnerabilities for which your computer can be damaged as well.

No Access to Support or Updates

If you opt to use hacked software then you will not have access to customer support or technical expertise of the Filmora team. Also, officially purchased software received regular updates as well. That too will not happen when you opt to use a hacked software version or Wondershare Filmora Pro crack.

Part 3: Is FilmoraPro Better Than Premiere Pro?

filmorapro vs premierepro

Here are some points of comparison between Filmora and Premiere Pro:

Ease of Use

Filmora wins easily against the competitor software in this regard. It allows new users to easily navigate through its different features such as accessing preset text, effects, and transitions.


Adobe Premiere Pro does have a more fine-tuned interface that is superior when compared to Filmora. Many might find several similarities though, such as editing programs on both softwares are similar.

Text, Tiles, and Color Correction

When it comes to customization of text or tiles, Adobe Premiere Pro does offer more options. The same is the case when it comes to color correction. There are more ways to manipulate the colors such as sliding scales, linear graphs, waveform, and others in Adobe software.


This is another aspect that puts Filmora at an advantage; you get this feature-rich software at a flat rate of $149. On the other hand, Premier Pro comes at a price of $20.99 which is charged monthly.

Part 4: Should I Buy FilmoraPro?

There are several reasons why you should invest in FilmoraPro. For instance:

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

NLE Interface Is Easy to Navigate

Those who have used Adobe Premiere Pro will have no difficulty using Filmora. That is because its non-linear editing interface is designed similar to that of Adobe. Hence, its interface is easy to navigate around and find features that one needs. Also, you can easily edit your workspace. There are ways to add on color grading, effects, titles, and text which are easy to find and customize as per one’s own requirement. Again, Filmora also has a project panel that is similar to that of Adobe Premiere Pro.

Timeline Features

This is another useful feature of this software. When you open FilmoraPro, you find that a timeline is open here already. Many call it an editor feature. You find a gear symbol here to customize the frame rate, size of your project. Also, you can choose from different kinds of presets such as GoPro or Instagram. There are also handy timeline tools. These allow users to customize track sizes, insert new audio or video clips and rename the same. Edit tools also include the cut tool, rare stretch tool, the selection tool, and others. You can customize shortcuts on the keyboard.

Playback Features

Though it does not offer a render option, you can reduce resolution for playback. There are built-in templates for titles that you can edit for customizing your video. In general, you can edit 4K videos with ease on this software.


On the whole, FilmoraPro is definitely a cost-effective solution for all looking to edit and create innovative videos. Of course, there could be improvements such as applying colors or making audio adjustments. However, compared to its pricing, the features it offers are comprehensive indeed. Hence, it is best that you try and use Filmora. You can begin by trying it free with the watermark feature. You can also extend the initial 30-day trial feature to explore all features to the fullest instead of trying Wondershare Filmora Pro crack.

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