Top 10 Best Free Web Games

If you are bored of the games you are currently playing then you may be looking to find something else more challenging. You will be pleased to know that there are numerous free webgames available for all type of game player whether you’re a shooter, puzzler or something else. To help you narrow down your search we have included 10 of the best free webgames around so you don’t have to scour the net. Just download and get playing in minutes to become the best without spending a thing.

Top 10 Free Webgames

1 League Of Angels

We all get sick of the real world every now and again and need an escape, which is something that League of Angels provides. It’s a fantasy game where players enter a world full of turmoil and evil. Your task is to take on the quest to save the beautiful angels while picking up gold and equipment along the way to ease your journey by increasing your power. You can choose to play as a male or female whether you want to me a mage or warrior and position your party to ensure your attacks end in victory. There are daily cross server battles where you can receive rewards for your resources throughout the map.

2 DarkOrbit Reloaded


If you’re feeling like you could take on the world, why not take on the galaxy by playing one of the great free webgames DarkOrbit Reloaded. The aim of the game is to fight in intergalactic battles in this MMO game in 3D. You choose which ship and faction you want from a variety with different strengths and start your adventure today. The game is similar to an arcade shooter but with additional options to customise. Collect resources on your travels to give our faction better strength and lead your very own clan into a galaxy war.

3 Naruto Online

Naruto Online is another of the great free webgames you can play online via your browser. It’s an MMORPG game which uses an anime storyline. You can choose your character that is voiced by one of their anime actors or choose one of the earth’s element characters before you start your own adventure. This combo fighting game allows you to enhance your fighters and add different combinations to reign victorious. You can recruit your favourite players or play as a single or multiplayer against them in dungeons and numerous other scenarios.

4 Drakensang Online


If you’re looking for free webgames in 3D to play online then Drakensang Online is a popular RPG game that has excellent 3D graphics and takes you into the next generation of online gaming abilities. You are able to customize your own character including their skill and magical powers as well as joining comrades to fight evil. The graphics are stunning enough to draw you into this medieval world complete with forests caves and swamps. As well as two classifications of characters to choose from you are also able to select different skills to embark on quests and there are over 100 hours of gameplay to enjoy. Fight as a spell weaver or Dragon Knight to battle off dragons and monsters from Anderworld.

5 Imperia Online

Imperia Online is one of the most popular free webgames online. This version is the 6th so far with each update offering players more content and customisation capabilities. There are often updates to keep players happy with new gameplay and over time players can see the game unveil in front of their eyes. This battle engine has so many capabilities that it can keep expert players occupied for hours, however the slow increase in difficulty makes it easy enough for beginners to pick up and master too.

6 Vikings War of Clans

The Vikings War of Clans game allows you to manage your very own village starting off with a ruined village to repair and upgrade. Players start off small and build up to raid other villages and players with more power as you play and battle. As well as fighting other villages it’s also your job to defend your own with tactically placed defences and weapons. Although stealing and fighting is part of the game you also have to learn additional techniques to ensure your warriors have the power to defeat their enemies. You can even hire mercenaries to help them along the way.

7 Dragon Ball Z


Dragon Ball Z has been around a while, however you can now take on your own quest with one of the best free webgames online. The aim is to find the seven hidden dragon balls that allow you to make a wish. The game is MMPRPG and you start off by creating your Saiyan character, Majin or Android. You can also recruit others to help you to defeat your enemies in dungeons to earn excellent gear to advance in the game. The difficulty level increases as you get used to the game allowing you to start off as a complete novice and work up to be a master.

8 Hunter X Hunter


If you are familiar with Hunter X Hunter manga then this is one of the best MMORPG free webgames to try your hand at. The game involves exploring while on adventures with Gon and friends and you can recruit the characters you favour, catch up with friends and become part of a guild for extra power and company on your next adventure. To succeed you have to learn how to create the right formations of characters so that you can sit back and watch your players unleash their power.

9 Omega Zodiac


Ever thought of yourself as a great protector? If that’s the case then why not try out the Omega Zodiac game. The aim of the game is to fight in the name of Goddess Athena to earn special rewards. You can choose from three game classifications which are the knight, archer or mage and each has their own power and style. You can also earn special armour which allows you to increase your power and abilities. As well as following the game storyline you can also battle in the arenas or battles if you want to join a guild. When you’re strong enough take on the world bosses to earn the best game rewards and stop the world coming to an end.

10 SAO's Legend

SAO's Legend is a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG where players dive into the world of Aincrad as one of four Sword Art Online characters.

Dive into the world of Aincrad in an MMORPG based off of Sword Art Online. Choose an SAO character from one of four classes: Knight, Ranger, Priest, or Swordsman, each with their own active and passive skill trees. Take up the challenge of instanced dungeons, such as the Gear Instance (for gear drops) or the Aincrad Instance (progress through various floors in solo play). Get yourself a Girl Friend, also known as a pet, who will follow you around and help in battles. Upgrade weapons and armor by polishing them, fortifying them with crystals, and using gemstones. Join one of three guilds and move up in ranks, make new friends, and acquire coupons for gear. Acquire rare and beautiful mounts, find a lover and get married, and participate in special events for exclusive items.

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