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Funimate Pro APK: A Complete Guide

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 22, 22, updated May 20, 24

Funimate is the most entertaining video editing tool for making amazing musical video clips, fan edit videos, lip-sync videos, slow-motion films, and more. Funimate Pro converts ordinary moments into unique and entertaining films in an instant. You can make stunning musical videos with unique real-time effects using its patent-pending technology. This video editing tool includes a few unique features. You may use the Funimate App to make videos and slideshows out of photographs, and then add music to them. Funimate is a top video editor that works on both Android and iOS smartphones. Crop your films, add still photos, clever effects, music, text, and emoji, and wow your friends with your inventiveness.

Funimate has a plethora of templates, both paid and free Funimate Pro apk are available to download. Right after you’ve downloaded the Funimate apk pro, then simply choose a template or theme, select a format, and begin editing like an expert. Trim and cut, filters, media, colors, music, and scene are available in the basic plan, while fonts, size, align, and shadow are available for text editing. You may use Funimate to upload several photographs in layers, scatter words and stickers all over the place, add animations, and finally, add music before you complete editing. When you upgrade to VIP, you get infinite templates, sophisticated filters, stock images, custom graphics, 30+ fonts, and the ability to upload your movies.

1. Technical Requirements

Despite a variety of templates and themes, advanced tools for generating a creative film are also available. However, purchasing a premium subscription will remove the watermark, enable advanced tools and effects, and allow you to create longer higher-quality movies. Here's a quick rundown of the download size, ratings, operating system support, and latest version of Funimate:

  • Cost: Free/Premium

  • Availability: Yes, in-app purchases are available

  • Content Rating: The content is rated 12+.

  • iOS Requirement: iOS 13.0 or later is required.

  • Compatibility both Android and iPhone device compatibility

  • Size: 100 MB in size

  • Ratings (Average) 4.5 out of 5

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2. Funimate Pro's Key Features

Users may use Funimate to create skits, music videos, and lip-synch videos with background music. Its key feature is the auto-editing capabilities, which employ artificial intelligence to automatically integrate distinct video clips without requiring the user to do so. Even though these independent video clips are made to the same music, users have the option to film several takes with various cuts or effects each time. The greatest thing is that there are no shortages of films, as you may browse a large choice of movies in many categories that can assist you along the path. Above all, it allows you to add random stock photos to films in addition to camera roll or gallery photographs.

Add Cool Video Effects: On Funimate video editor & music video creator, you may experiment with over 100 complex video effects. Allow your imagination to go wild; there is an effect for every occasion. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to create unique and enjoyable music video clips with Funimate video effects.

Add Music to Videos: To create short music video clips with innovative effects, add your favorite music to videos. You can crop your videos, create amusing and exciting short video tales with music, and express your narrative in a whole new manner with Funimate video editor & music video creator. Your Funimate fans are ecstatic to see your videos.

Share Films Privately: You can now share your Funimate videos privately with just your friends and family over WhatsApp straight inside the app if you choose. You may also use Funimate to increase your likes on Instagram, Youtube, Funimate, and Musically: the ideal method to wow your friends and get new followers on social media.

Make Video Loops: Funimate is meant to create short video loops that are ideal for Musically edits. Use Funimate's one-of-a-kind effects to wow your Funimate, Musically fans. This software is specifically developed for those who want to create films and share them with others to go viral or expand their following.

Add Emoji, Stickers, and Text to Videos: With Funimate video editor & music video creator, you can add hundreds of emojis and text to videos to create creative and entertaining musical videos, fan edit videos, lip-sync films, or slow-motion videos. At its foundation, Funimate allows you to edit photographs using tools such as filters, the reverse tool, chroma-key, trim, and cut.

Edit and Crop Short Videos: Funimate is the only video editor and music video creator you need for editing and cropping. Aside from all of the amazing capabilities, you'll also have access to standard video editor application functions such as merging, chopping, trimming, and editing videos. Funimate's video effects are intended to work well with short films you've generated for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Musically.

3. How to Use Funimate Pro

Funimate allows users to follow people on the site, so they are always in touch with strangers. Parents should check their child's buddy list regularly to monitor activities. Overall, Funimate is a fun tool for kids to experiment with video editing and be creative, but parents should keep an eye on their child's privacy settings and interactions while using the app. The editor itself is pretty straightforward to use. To use the editor like an expert, though, you may watch lessons in the upper left corner of the screen or take a cue from the sample video in your document.

Steps to Use Funimate Pro:

Step 1: Simply choose any movie from the app that you wish to utilize, and then select the needed photographs by granting the app access to your gallery. That's all there is to it. You now have a terrific template that will show off your picture video tale in seconds.

choose move from funimate

Step 2: Funimate's Settings menu is extensive, including app support, a place to report difficulties, training videos, products for purchase, opportunities to upgrade to the pro edition, and a place to link social network accounts.

funimate settings

Step 3: Whether you want to make Instagram stories or spectacular collages, the app has a utility for you. Funimate's Settings menu also has options for basic account management, such as changing the account password, enabling push notifications, deactivating the account, and seeing the terms of service and privacy policy.

create account in funimate

Step 4: If you wish to edit the images you've already taken, you may do so by choosing each one individually in the editing window. In addition, by pressing the download button, you may change the music from the default and download a movie.

edit images in funimate

Step 5: At the end, you can also add saturation, exposure, highlight, shadow, ambiance, grain, temperature, fade, blur, and brightness are among the photo-editing capabilities included in the application. In addition, depending on your needs, you may add text to the image, as well as audio, narration, and a mixer into a clip.

editing tools in funimate


Funimate is one of the greatest fun video editing applications, allowing you to create stunning music video clips, slow-motion films, lip-sync videos, edit videos, and much more. Funimate is a treasure trove of stunning short films, themes, and templates with incredible transition effects. It's fairly simple since users don't need to fiddle with tools to make changes. So far, we've highlighted what you can do for free, but if you upgrade to a premium membership, the possibilities are limitless.

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