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Best Kdenlive alternative on Mac
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Best Kdenlive Alternatives on Mac

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Kdenlive stands for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor. It is compatible with Windows, GNU/Linux, and BSD. Kdenlive is one of the best open-source video editors for Windows and Linux. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t release a version for Mac OS. So we rounded up a list of best alternatives to Kdenlive for Mac. You can pick the one that suits you the most and edit video with it on your Mac.

But that doesn’t mean that there is no Kdenlive for Mac. It can be installed and run on Macs with the help of MacPorts. Using MacPorts, Kdenlive and MLT can compile and run under Mac OS. Unfortunately, the packages are outdated at this time. Most distributions ship Kdenlive packages. However, Kdenlive for Mac and MLT are constantly evolving, and it is not always possible to get the latest versions of the distribution packages. 


If you’re wondering what MLT is—well—MLT is the media engine used by Kdenlive for composing and rendering audio and video files. However, we listed three video editors in this article that are Kdenlive’s alternatives on Mac. 

That said, Kdenlive can be used for basic video editing as well as professional projects. Some of the basic functions of Kdenlive include:

  • Multi-track video editing
  • Using any audio/video format
  • Configurable interface and shortcuts
  • Creating 2D titles for your projects
  • Effects and transitions

Part1: Best Kdenlive for Mac Alternative - Filmora for Mac

Wondershare Filmora for Mac enables you to create beautiful movies and videos on your Mac. The tool is compatible with multiple media files, provides access to many sample data, and gives you video editing options. The edited movies can be exported in various output formats without loss in quality.

A unique feature of Wondershare Filmora for Mac is sharing video clips directly from the interface. Users can publish their videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook with just a few clicks.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Other powerful features include keyframing, motion tracking, making fun creations with tons of effects, drag and drop creative transitions, filters, titles, motion elements, creating a custom background or special effects with green screen, automatically crop videos for different aspect ratios, color matching, audio ducking, and more.

Another reason Wondershare Filmora is perfect for your Mac is that it has unique features exclusively designed for Mac computers. For instance, thanks to hardware acceleration, Filmora edits videos faster and smoother in Macs. Furthermore, Filmora has support for Touch Bar, which is great for previewing your videos and scrolling your timeline easier.

The only gripe many users reported with Wondershare Filmora for Mac is that the program takes a while to launch, which is not a big issue. Other than that, this is one of the best and most affordable video editing software for Mac users. 

Part2: Top 3 Kdenlive for Mac Alternatives

The following are three free, open-source video editors for Mac that are ideal alternatives for Kdenlive on Mac

1. ShotCut

ShotCut is one of the best free video editing software out there for Mac. If you’re someone who finds Apple’s in-house video editing software Final Cut Pro too expensive— ShotCut is an excellent alternative. ShotCut is a fully open-source program, which means you can use all the features without buying any paid version or key.


While many users may find its interface a little quirky at first because it was originally designed for Linux, it is still one of the best quality video editors. The most notable feature of ShotCut is its support for 4K HD videos support and editing. You won’t find a lot of free editors that offer this striking feature. ShotCut also supports 1080p videos at 60 FPS and three lossless export formats, which means the videos won’t lose any quality during transfers.

Price: Free, Open Source


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Native timeline editing
  • 4K HD resolution support
  • Wide collection of free plugins


  • The interface is quirky
  • Slightly slow rendering when applying effects to videos

2. OpenShot

OpenShot is one of the best video editing software that offers a free, easy-to-use interface. It has more features than iMovie and allows real-time previews when creating transitions between clips. It has a simple interface, easy-to-use drag and drop feature, unlimited layers, and audio mixing features—it is undoubtedly one of the best free, open-source video editing software around.


OpenShot’s special effects engine allows video editors to modify, reverse, slow up or slow down videos. Other features include previewing projects in real-time, compositing, image overlays, watermarks, clip resizing, video transitions, title templates, desktop integration, creating personalized SVG vector titles, predefined templates for adjusting fonts, colors, and more.

Price: Free, Open Source


  • Great for beginners
  • Open-source
  • Unlimited layers


  • It takes a long time to export videos

3. Avidemux

If you’re new to video editing and looking for a free video editor to learn the basics, Avidemux is a great place to start. Avidemux is a free video editor that allows basic video editing tasks such as simple cutting, encoding, and filtering. This video editor is compatible with most file types, including AVI, MP4, MPEG files, and ASF. The interface is also simple and easy to use, which makes it the ideal for anybody looking to learn the basics.


Price: Free


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Simple interface and easy-to-use
  • The basics can be mastered easily


  • Lack features compared to other free video editors.


Kdenlive is one of the best open-source video editors for Windows and Linux. It can be installed on Mac OS with help from MacPorts, but the packages are outdated at this time.  There are many Kdenlive for Mac alternatives, which we listed in this article.  If you are looking for a program similar to Kdenlive for Mac that is easy-to-use—Wondershare Filmora for Mac will be your best pick. It has an intuitive interface, so anyone can use it and easily edit videos with its amazing functionalities. Download it now to find out more about Filmora on your own.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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