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Movavi for Mac: Review and Alternatives

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

Want to know if Movavi for Mac is suitable for you to edit videos on your Mac? Although Movavi is a good video editor that are available both on Windows and Mac system,it is still not easy to say if it suits you. But don't worry! You have strolled upon the right article for that. We reviewed Movavi for Mac and its best alternatives like Filmora for Mac and list their pros and cons and price information for you, so you can choose the best video editor for you. Let's hop in together.

Best alternatives to Movavi for Mac

Part 1: Movavi for Mac Review

It is a basic yet user-friendly video editor that includes a variety of video editing features. It is ideal for beginners to use this video editor since it provides everything you need. Ideas may be quickly transformed into entertaining videos, which can be shared on many platforms such as YouTube. The layout is simple, so you do not need any prior knowledge to use Movavi Mac.

Movavi for Mac

It helps in several tasks like customizing your vlogs, various effects to add to your videos, like slow motion and other animated titles, intros, and thematic stickers. The editor also features a chroma key for changing the background of your video. You can do so by making a few clicks, and you will be done creating a perfectly edited video in minimum time. The best benefit you can get out of this program is that it does not require a steep learning curve for editing.

As for editing the video, you have to drag your media files onto the timeline and synchronize the audio from the audio track. It also allows you to share your material with others easily with just a few clicks. The free edition will enable you to generate six tracks simultaneously, which is plenty for basic video editing. It is the best offer you can get on a good video editing tool for Mac. 

Cool Effects

Movavi offers a variety of cool effects that help make your video look more realistic. It also greatly helps in matching the vibe of specific videos.  The 'Starter Bundle' and 'Kids Bundle' are the most popular right now. These bundles offer effects like vintage to 90's retro effects.


Movavi is an easy-to-use video editing tool with a user-friendly interface that even beginners can use without assistance. Due to this, you can easily create attractive videos.

Trial and Price

Movavi provides a free trial for about seven days, after which you be able to use this tool. It costs around $79.95 yearly for Mac.


  • It has an easy-to-use user interface, which makes the video editing process fun.
  • Cool video editing effects that come in bundles so that the user can enjoy to their full potential.
  • It also supports a wide variety of video formats.
  • Another feature of fast video rendering speed is its main advantage over other video editing tools.


  • It is expensive, which might be out of budget for some people.

Part 2: Movavi for Mac Alternatives

Movavi is an excellent video editing tool, but you have to buy it for unlimited use. With what it has to offer, it is the optimum application for users. There are several Movavi Mac alternatives that you can choose from. They certainly provide more, and some even have a more extended free trial period. But it must be a hassle for you to choose from a long list of alternatives. Don't worry! This article has got your back.

Following are some of the best Movavi for Mac alternatives that will work just as great as Movavi and maybe even better.

1. Wondershare Filmora [Beginners & Intermediates]

It is a terrific alternative for those who want to make complex and professional-looking videos easily. Its drag and drop feature allows you to create complex and unique videos just with a single click of a button and without any difficulty. The best part about this tool is that with its super easy layout, even a beginner can make an advanced video using the professional tools offered by Wondershare Filmora.

Moreover, with a recent update, Filmora for Mac has received top-notch features including AR stickers, integrated stock library, and weekly cloud-based update to provides users a seamless experience.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version


  • Edit videos professionally in 4k with an easy-to-use layout.
  • It offers noise removal that can mute noise in the background for your ease.
  • The dynamic color tuning enables you to maintain a balance between color intensities
  • GIFs, AR stickers library and cloud-based weekly update


It offers a free trial of thirty days though it can be bought for about $51.99 for a particular time.


  • It has a friendly user interface that even a beginner can use.
  • New updates every few months, which helps decrease the probability of any bugs.
  • It offers you the option to select the quality of the edited video.
  • Several different video formats are supported so you can edit easily.


  • The free version has a watermark that can only disappear when you buy it.

2. Final Cut Pro [Apple Lover]

It is an incredible video editing tool developed by Apple that works smoothly on Mac. It is trending among video editing applications as it has been used to make several Hollywood movies. These movies were later nominated and even have won awards because of the fantastic video editing skills used in the movie's making.

It can only be used on devices made by Apple, which makes it work smoothly on Mac. It even offers a more extended free trial period that rarely any video editing tool provides.

Final Cut Pro


  • Grand Central Dispatch is a feature that allows you to edit high-end videos without slowing down the device.
  • Background rendering of the video saves the users time and effort.
  • The autosave feature does not require the user to save the video every time manually.
  • It recently updated its user interface, which is sleek and easy to use.


The free trial for this application is for ninety days. Otherwise, its paid version costs about $299, which is excellent as a stand-alone price.


  • You can add keywords to specific sections of the video to quickly edit that part.
  • Built-in presets and templates that offer a variety of choices to the user.
  • Easy timeline model to quickly render videos.
  • It has a great color correction feature that gives a realistic vibe to the video.


  • It only supports Apple devices.
  • Expensive
  • Not an ideal choice for beginners

3. Adobe Premiere Pro [Professionals]

Adobe Premiere Pro is another excellent alternative to Movavi. Auto Creations and an interface meant to make editing even more straightforward, resulting in a quicker performance, are all included in this video-editing application. It will significantly assist you in creating high-quality videos with its advanced unique features.

This video editing tool gives users the most pleasing video editing experience they always desired. It's simple to use and offers various video editing functions to offer you complete control over your projects. You can then upload your video to any platform.

Adobe Premiere Pro


  • It has a feature of VR video and audio editing that helps in creating complex projects.
  • It offers a variety of transitions and effects that are smoothly added to the video.
  • You can work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Motion graphic templates are provided for the convenience of the user.


It offers a thirty-day free trial but the paid version costs around $239.88 per year.


  • The projects can be shared on any platform easily.
  • Lumetri support is provided, which is highly beneficial for the user.
  • Hassle-free editing offers a comfortable layout that the user can work on efficiently.
  • Integrated Virtual Reality Support so that complex projects can be altered.


  • High RAM usage is required while editing the video.
  • Difficult to use


Movavi is a fantastic video editing program. However, it is restricted in terms of video editing features. There is still room for improvement, which we hope will inevitably come into existence. However, developers have built various excellent video editors that may be used in place of Movavi Mac. Keep in mind that features are an essential part of a video editor.

Look through the article for the features of every application, and then download the one that suits you best. All of the alternatives work similarly to Movavi, and some even offer more than their price.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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