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Movica is a free video editing program that can be downloaded from sites like that give away free software. However, this program is reported by users to be filled with errors. An example of this is that this program is completely incompatible with Windows 7 64 bit. So if you try to run it on a modern machine, then it will not work with that operating system. That is not the mark of a great program and an alternative is necessary.

If you want to find a good Movica alternative, then Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) is highly recommended. It's set up to be used for all modern operating systems whether for Windows or Mac, and can perform tasks without freezing up or accidentally erasing your work.

Best Movica Alternative: Wondershare Filmora

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Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor)

  • Create your own movies with video, audio & photos in different formats.
  • Easily edit media files with classic video editing functions like trim, split & crop.
  • Enrich your movies with texts, filters, transitions, intro/credits and more.
  • More advanced features like picture-in-picture, mosaic, tilt shift, face off and & more.
  • Save your videos in different formats, upload to YouTube and Facebook or burn to DVD.

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Why Choose Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor)

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1. Easy-to-use

A simple drag and drop interface allows you to make changes without any horribly convoluted control systems like those used in the past.

video editor

2. Powerful Editing Functions

This program offers the ability to quickly and thoroughly edit video by cropping, trimming, combining, rotating, as well as changing volume, speed, contrast & editor

3. Many Cool Features

This software has a great variety of different features that can be used to edit a movie. Each of these features allows you to have a greater degree of artistic freedom and produce better movies.

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4. Different Output Options

When everything is ready, you can save your video in different formats, upload onto YouTube or Facebook, transfer to mobile devices or burn to a DVD collection.

How to Easily Edit Videos:

1. Import video files

After running the software, establish the resolution to start a new project. Then hit the "Import" button to choose the media files you need. Alternatively, you can directly drag-n-drop them to the program. After that, place them onto the Timeline.

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2. Basic video editing: crop, rotate, trim, split

Easily crop, rotate, trim or split the video by hitting the icons above the timeline. Then double click the video files. In the pop up window, set up the basic settings and adjust them to where they look good.

movica alternative

3. Apply transition, intro/credit & other effects

Add transitional effects and make sure they blend well into the move itself. This can be done by using the dedicated transition tab where effects can be dragged and dropped onto the timeline. After that, you can go to other tabs to add more effects as you like.

After that, final advanced editing should now be performed. This type of editing involves hitting the "Power Tool" button above the timeline and selecting tools such as the tilt shift, mosaic, and face off features.

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4. Export the new video

If you're satisfied with the result, just click "Export" to access the output window. This Movica alternative enables you to upload your creation onto Facebook or YouTube to share with worldwide. You can choose to burn a DVD disc or save to fit different mobile devices.

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Movica Alternative Filmora Video Tutorial

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