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Why This Article About Mp3 Converter Windows Deserves to Read?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 04, 22, updated May 20, 24
Why This Article About Mp3 Converter Windows Deserves to Read?

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

We've got you there! In this article, not only have we compiled a list of the best FREE MP3 converters for Windows 10/11.

We've also included a list of the best MP3 editor Windows & Mac, and a list for the best MP3 player Windows & Mac! There's even a quick tutorial in the end that can help you trim MP3 (Windows) files that you've converted so that you can more cleanly include it in your own project.

Part 1 6 Best Free MP3 Converter for Windows 10 / 11

As promised, we start this off with the best audio converter (Windows 10/11) tools. We've decided to go very simple with this list, providing a brief description of all of the FREE MP3 Converters (Windows), a URL that will lead you to the website where you can get the converter, and an image that should show you how the converter's interface looks like.

01EaseUs MobiMover

EaseUs MobiMover is an audio converter for Windows 10 and 11 that you can use in order to easily convert videos (in various formats) into MP3 (as is shown in the image below. It's a FREEmium software though — which means that it's use is limited until you purchase the paid version of the software.

EaseUs MobiMover - MP3 Converter

02Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is the first 100% FREE MP3 converter for Windows 10 on this list! They keep the software updated from donations, so you can choose how much money you can spare for using the service! It's a very simple software besides (as is shown in the image below). It does feature some video editing tools, but its main function is conversion (which includes video-to-audio conversion!)

Freemake Video Converter


Much like Freemake, our next MP3 converter for Windows 10 and 11, called VSDC, is completely FREE — as they run primarily on donations. That does mean that it's not the most advanced program though — evident from the rather old-school interface (shown in the image below). But, regardless of the lack of abundance in tools, it should function just fine as an audio-video-converter for Windows 10 (and vice versa.)

VSDC - MP3 Converter

With, we break the mold a bit! This is not a software, but it does still work for Windows users — as it requires only that you have a working browser from which you can access the website (URL linked below!) As you can see from the image, it works much like most online MP3 converters — you upload a file from your desktop, wait for it to finish converting, and then download it!

Convertio - MP3 Converter

05Free Convert

Free Convert is another online MP3 convert for Windows 10 users that would prefer not to download or install software. And, just like Covertio, it works by uploading the files you want to convert from your computer, waiting for the converters tool to finish converting it, and then downloading the finished product. It is, of course, FREE — but, similar to the first tool on this list, if you want to unlock some of its features, you'll have to pay for the premium version.

Free Convert - MP3 Converter


With DVDVideoSoft, we're back to an audio-video converter for Windows 10 that you have to download and install to work! It's a FREEmium software too. That means that you'll have to pay in order to unlock certain features. But, it works as a solid converter even without that.


Part 2 6 Best Free and Paid Audio Editor for PC and Mac

For this next section, we turn our attention to a couple of MP3 editors (Windows 10 and Mac compatible.) This list will be a little more detailed than the first, since there are many differences between the tools that we'll be introducing (both FREE and PAID), but it should give you a clear idea on which would work best for you.

01Wondershare Filmora

Operating System: Windows/Mac

Today's Best Deals: US$89.99 (one-time)

The first on our list is the MP3 editor Windows 10 and Mac compatible, Wondershare Filmora Video Editor This is an advanced video editing software that you can use in order to work on just about any digital project — including, of course, editing your MP3 audio files.

Reasons to Buy:

Lots of editing tools for MP3 files

Exports high-quality end-products

FREE to try, multiple-packages available

Reasons to Avoid:

Premium software (subscription/one-time fee)

Advanced tools might make it harder to get used to

Download and installation is required



Operating System: Windows/Mac/Linux

Today's Best Deals: FREE

Audacity is an MP3 editor (Windows 10, Max, and Linux compatible!) The difference between this tool and our first pick, Filmora Pro, is that Audacity is an open-source software — this means that it is free to use, but it also means that it might not be the most reliable as it is not updated quite as often.

Reasons to Buy:

FREE, open-source software

Advanced video and audio editing tools

MP3 trimming/cutting feature

Reasons to Avoid:

Not updated as often

Confusing interface

Difficult to use for beginners


03Ashampoo Music Studio 8

Operating System: Windows

Today's Best Deals: US$29.99

Next up is Ashampoo's Music Studio 8! Here's another freemium software that you can try for free — just to make sure it's the tool that you're looking for, but you'll have to pay a price to use in its entirety! As you can see from the interface (shown in the image below) though, it's quite the effective MP3 cutter for Windows 10 (among other things). So, if that's what you're looking for, then it's a good choice to consider.

Reasons to Buy:

Clean, modern interface

Beginner-friendly editing tools

One-time fee only

Reasons to Avoid:

Freemium software (one-time payment required)

Available only for Windows!

Cannot support multiple tracks

Music Studio


Operating System: Windows/Mac/Linux

Today's Best Deals: FREE

As far as audio-editing goes, you're probably going to have a difficult time finding one that is as specialized as Ocenaudio. As you can probably guess from the name, it is, primarily, an audio editing tool. Making it a good choice if that's all you're looking for in a software, as it certainly keeps things simpler.

Reasons to Buy:

Beginner-friendly audio editor

Simple, clean interface

Available for Windows/Mac/Linux

Reasons to Avoid:

Older software

Open-source, not updated as often

Only an audio-editing software

Music Studio


Operating System: Windows

Today's Best Deals: FREE

Our next pick is another open-source, MP3 editor for Windows 10. It's called Acoustica. And, as you can see from the image shared below, it's a fairly advanced audio editing tool. You should note, however, that the newer versions of this product are PAID (only older models are free), which is the topic of our discussion today.

Reasons to Buy:

FREE, open-source product

Advanced audio editing tools

Advanced exporting formats

Reasons to Avoid:

Older version of the software

Updated version is PAID

Available only for Windows



Operating System: Windows/Mac/Linux

Today's Best Deals: FREE

Finally, we finish things off with Audiotool, it's certainly not your traditional audio editor (as is evident from the image shown below). But, the funky interface doesn't mean that it won't work for you! You never know, it might be exactly the kind that helps you zoom through your projects more quickly.

Reasons to Buy:

FREE, open-source software

Available for Windows/Mac/Linux users

Advanced audio editing

Reasons to Avoid:

Complex editing interface

Requires internet to work (Linux)

Not regularly updated

Audiotool Audio Editor

Part 3 5 MP3 Music Players for Windows 10/11 PC

The last of the lists in this article is a short one for the best MP3 players for Windows 10! This is a straightforward list, much like the first. And, we'll be focusing on MP3 players for Windows 10 only (although some of these will work for Mac as well!)


Despite appearances, iTunes actually makes for a great MP3 player for Windows 10 users. After all, it's interface is clean and it is regularly updated. So, you never have to deal with bugs! (And just in case you weren't aware, you can add your own original audio to your iTunes library! So, it isn't like you have to purchase media from the iTunes store just to listen to it.)


02Groove Music

Groove Music is a local Mp3 player for Windows 10 that you can download from the Microsoft App Store. It functions much like iTunes — in that you can add original music or audio to the app library (as well as purchase audio from the store — if that's what you want.)

Groove Music

03Macgo Media Player

Our next pick, Macgo, is not strictly an MP3 player for Windows 10, but it can work for that purpose if that's all you need it for. As a media player though, it does function as a video player as well. And, like our previous picks, it's FREE so you don't have to worry about paying in order to use it.

Macgo Media Player


Again, our next pick is more of a general media player than strictly a MP3 Player for Windows 10 users, but it works just as well if all you're looking for is to occasionally play the audio that you've converted or trimmed!



We're back to strictly MP3 players for Windows with Musicbee! The best part of this app is, undoubtedly, the fact that it has several view options. So, if you want, you have your audio playing from a mini audio player (rather than the full interface — as is shown below). It's also useful for organizing your media collection!


Part 4 How to Trim Mp3 on Windows 10 Easily

For this next part, we're going to go over how you might go about trimming your converted audio with an MP3 cutter for Windows. (Note, a lot of the audio editors that we introduced in Part 2 of this article should be capable of this! And, they all work in much the same way.)

01Step 1: Launch MP3 Cutter for Windows 10! Start!

First, launch the MP3 cutter for Windows 10 that you downloaded.

For this example, we'll be using Joyoshare Media Cutter. And, the way to start is to select the "Open" button, which will prompt you to choose which audio you want to cut.

Launch MP3 Audio Trimmer

02Step 2: Choose Output Option

Next, select the output format that you want your audio to be exported in. (Most MP3 cutters for Windows 10 offers a variety for you to choose from).

Select Output Format Window

03Step 3: Select and Trim Mode!

Joyoshare has two methods of trimming available. The first is the select and trim mode, which is shown in the image below! For this, you use the sliders provider to select which portion of the audio you want to keep!

Basic Audio Trimming Options

04Step 4: Use Encoder Trimmer

If you want a cleaner trim, you click the "Edit" icon beside the audio that you want to trim until you are moved to the encoder window (shown in the image below). This will allow you to pinpoint the best place to cut your audio!

Advanced Encoding Trimming Options

05Step 5: Save Your Audio!

Once you're done trimming, remember to save!

With Joyoshare, the method of doing this is to select the "Start" button, which will prompt the trimmer to begin cutting the audio.

Save Finished Audio

Key Takeaways from This Episode

There are multiple MP3 converters for Windows and Mac that you can use in order to convert videos to an audio file that you can use for certain projects.

Of course, if you want your finished project to sound clean, you'll probably need a functional audio editor for that! And, for this matter, we recommend advanced video editing software like Filmora Pro.

Just in case you want to review what your converted audio sounds like, consider one of the audio players that are available for Windows and Mac!

If you find that your audio needs some trimming, a quick trim with an audio cutter should do the trick. It's very simple to do!

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