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Best 8 Free Video Editing Software Reddit

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 20, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Reddit is the most popular online platform which users use as a news website, a social media platform, but mostly as a web forum. Reddit has a huge user base, and users prefer posting videos to respond to any question as well as promote products and services. A video is where a user can explain anything in detail, and even viewers prefer watching videos rather than reading a long text response.

That is why users search for free video editing software Reddit to create their videos and post them on Reddit. You will find several questions on Reddit asking “which is the best free video editing software Reddit?” There are only a few high-quality Reddit video editing software available that can get the job done perfectly. Here is the list of the best video editors for Reddit for all categories of users.

Part 1. Why Use a Reddit Video Editor?

When you are posting anything on Reddit, you want other users to read your post or response. According to the current trend, short videos are more engaging than textual posts and responses. That is why you should consider posting videos to answer any question in detail as well as promote your brand. In order to make the video engaging, you have to use a Reddit video editor.

A Reddit video editor lets you edit your video so that you can trim out unnecessary parts, join multiple video clips, and add texts wherever required. Moreover, you can add audio effects, use greenscreen effects as well as add transitions and animation to make the video eye-catching and interesting. All in all, you need a Reddit video editor to publish highly engaging and professional-quality videos on Reddit instantly.

Part 2. Best Video Editors for Reddit

1. Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is the best video editor for Reddit users. It is a premium video editor, and it is available for Windows and Mac users. You can use Filmora to capture your screen as well as record your video through webcam. You can record your system audio as well as sound from external mic. Therefore, you can make videos where you speak on a topic directly to the camera, and you can use greenscreen effect for a professional background.


Coming to the editing part, you can join different video clips, and you can trim out unnecessary parts instantly. You can also add music as well as audio effects in appropriate places. The video editor lets you add transitions, effects, graphical elements, custom texts and titles, and much more. There is also a stock library available for media files. You can publish the video in desired resolution and file formats. Here are the pros and cons of Wondershare Filmora.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later

Pros –

  • Capture your screen as well as webcam.

  • Record mic audio and add voiceover to any video.

  • Trim and join video clips and photos.

  • Transitions, effects, elements, texts and titles.

  • Add external audio files, apply audio effects, and stock library.

  • Super intuitive user interface for suitability of all users.

Cons –

  • Belongs to premium category of video editors.

  • Video rendering can take some time.

2. iMovie

iMovie is the Reddit free video editing software for Mac users. It comes with many amazing features that let you create exceptional videos. It has amazing video editing abilities and you can create split-screen videos. The software is easy to use and lets you download it for free. With the software, you will also be able to post your videos to different sites like Facebook and YouTube.

As far as editing is concerned, iMovie lets you add transitions and effects. It also lets you add text with different styles. You can add video clips where it can automatically create and edit by identifying the best footage parts. You will also find video color settings and you can even go for music editing. It lets you open multiple projects at a time. These are the pros and cons of iMovie.


Pros –

  • Choose from different transitions and video effects.

  • Work on different projects at the same time.

  • Add a broadcast feel with split-screen and picture-in-picture.

  • Select from multiple filters to add a perfect effect.

  • Built-in sound effects automatically adjust the video length.

  • Send a project wirelessly via iCloud Drive or AirDrop.

Cons –

  • Limited support for different media file formats.

  • Takes relatively more space on the hard drive.

3. Lightworks

Lightworks has a user-friendly interface and processes video quickly. You can choose from any frame rate and it even supports any type of file format. The video editing tool can deliver your videos to any social media platform. It supports fast and precision editing with amazing editing options. In Lightworks, you will find creative control for motion graphics and multicam editing.


You can edit videos directly from Cloud storage. It will instantly autosave your work without needing to save it manually. Additionally, there is also background processing for faster rendering. You can assign keyboard shortcuts and have a flexible layout. With the feature of advanced metadata, it let you uses it for professional purposes. The pros and cons of Lightworks are as follows.

Pros –

  • Customize the interface by assigning keyboard shortcuts.

  • Perform editing even while exporting the video.

  • Supports any video format without transcoding.

  • Manage content with advanced metadata.

  • Share projects instantly on different platforms.

  • Choose from hundreds of custom prebuilt graphics.

Cons –

  • Application can crash for high-resolution videos.

  • Advanced features are locked for premium users.

4. Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express has an intuitive interface and lets you download it for free. It supports both Windows and Mac platforms. The reliable video editor comes with versatile features and offers free tutorials of over 100 hours. You don't have to worry about any watermark and you can create amazing Reddit videos. It comes with advanced features as well that let you use it for professional editing.

hitfilm express

The tool comes with motion tracking ability. You will also find free effects that provide access to color adjustments and keying effects. It will let you export the file in 4K format. You will also find prebuilt Behavior effects that can be perfect for creating visually engaging animations. These are the pros and cons of Hitfilm Express.

Pros –

  • Create and track professional-looking motion graphics.

  • Export in 4K format without any watermark.

  • Access the VFX toolkit for different effects and adjustments.

  • Vertical video support with easy rotation.

  • Comes with quick tools for standard video editing.

  • Simple but robust timeline for instant video creation.

Cons –

  • Features are limited in the free edition.

  • Exporting videos takes relatively more time.

5. OpenShot

Whether it is Windows, Linux, or Mac, Open Shot lets you use it anywhere as it is in open-source video editor. It supports different types of image, video, and audio formats. It is undoubtedly the Reddit best free video editor for computer users. OpenShot has an advanced timeline that enables drag-and-drop, zooming, snapping, scrolling, and panning. It also lets you go for audio editing and mixing.

openshot editor

With OpenShot, you will be able to make multiple layers according to your requirements. It lets you resize or trim timelines in multiple ways. The software also enables rotation and cutting. It features more than 400 transitions that allow adjusting keyframes. Moreover, you can overlap two clips and check with real-time previews. Here are the pros and cons of OpenShot.

Pros –

  • Apply 3D animations with the open-source Blender application.

  • Animate the direction and speed of the clip with a powerful keyframe.

  • Built-in audio editing options with waveforms.

  • Select from over 40 title templates and 400 transitions.

  • Dedicated audio editor and useful pan and zoom and scroll effect.

Cons –

  • Not highly recommended for high-resolution videos.

6. FlexClip

If you are looking for an online video editor Reddit, FlexClip is your best choice. It is loaded with versatile features and is easy to use. While using FlexClip, you don't have to get any video editing experience before. It is an all-in-one video editor, movie maker, screen recorder, and slideshow maker. You can make a video in just three simple steps. The online video editing tool has thousands of templates and animated texts.


It lets you create stunning videos that can be great for education or business purposes. Packed with some rich animated elements, it lets you choose from different widgets, overlays, and logos. You can also have access to millions of stock media for smooth video editing. FlexClip serves great for making any type of video. The pros and cons of FlexClip are as follows.

Pros –

  • Select from thousands of templates for making videos.

  • Select from animated elements with diverse dynamic text.

  • Engage in immersive editing with a simple interface.

  • Access to over 4 million royalty-free photos, videos, and music.

  • Record video tutorials, meetings, or games with the screen recorder.

Cons –

  • Free plan has limited features.

  • Lacks advanced video editing options.

7. CapCut

CapCut video editor is perfect for smartphone users as it is available for Android and iOS users. You can select from advanced filters to add effects to your videos. The app also provides access to a tremendous music library. You can cut everything for making stunning videos.  It can perform different operations like rotating, reversing, and splitting.


One of the best things about CapCut is that it lets you use it for free. You can even choose the speed of the video for slow-motion. It is an all-in-one video editing app that has different magical effects. It also lets you select from trending fonts and stickers for expressing your videos. The pros and cons of CapCut are as under.

Pros –

  • Edit anything hassle-free with the interactive interface.

  • Change speed, cut, or reverse to make incredible videos.

  • Select from a range of effects and filers.

  • Choose from top and trending fonts and stickers.

  • Have access to the tremendous music library.

  • Save the video in a high-quality format.

Cons –

  • The app can crash when the video tends to be long.

8. LiVES

If you are a beginner and you prefer open-source software, Lives is the best free video editor Reddit. LiVES is also great for professional editors and it is for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. It is easy to use and offers better flexibility in video editing. With it, there would be accurate cutting and editing between the frames. Lives come with versatile features that make it great for editing video and audio.


You can upload almost any type of video clips. It also supports variable and fixed frame rates. Lives will let you re-encode or save the clips or in individual frames. You can easily choose from different transitions and effects. It comes with dynamic loading for effects and you can even apply multiple real-time effects. Here are the pros and cons of Lives.


  • Save everything automatically.

  • Import clips from YouTube directly.

  • Time stretch or reverse audio blocks.

  • Option to have automatic audio gain control.

  • Apply multiple real-time effects to frames.

  • Trim, rotate or reverse video clips hassle-free.


  • The user interface is outdated.

  • Lacks advance video editing options.

Part 3. Related FAQs

1.Where can I edit videos for free?

OpenShot is a great open-source software that you can use on any computer operating system to edit videos for free. You will get all the standard video editing options to publish high-quality videos.

2.What is the best free Reddit editor?

For Mac users, iMovie is the best free Reddit video editor. For Windows users, Hitfilm Express is the best free Reddit editor. OpenShot is the best free Reddit editor for open-source and cross-platform support. But the overall best Reddit video editor is Wondershare Filmora.

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