Stream Content from PC or Mobile Device to Chromecast

Google's HDMI streaming dongle, Chromecast, is a new way of streaming from various devices. It is compatible with a number of devices running on iOS 9/8/7 or 6 including devices running on Android 2.3 or later versions or any PC or Mac. At first, users of Chromecast could stream content from YouTube or Netflix, Google Play Movies, Android and iOS devices by casting on a website through the Chrome browser. After its release, it has rapidly received support for HBO GO, Pandora and Hulu plus. A major update has also brought in a number of apps compatible with the streaming dongle, such as Viki, Songza, PLex, Avia, BeyondPod and RealPlayer.

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Stream from Mac to Chromecast

To use a Mac with Chromecast, you need the Chrome browser. You will find websites already designed and optimized for casting, such as Google Play Music, Google Play Movies, Netflix and YouTube.

Step 1: The cast icon is clear on the video controls enhanced with a prompt for playing on TV.

Step 2: Click the Cast icon.

Step 3: Choose the device you would like the video to begin playing, in this case the Mac. Sometimes you might have a number of Chromecasts in your house within a specific WiFi network. Choose the one to connect to.

Step 4: As the Mac and the Chromecast connect, you will see on the TV the item that will be playing in a short while.

Step 5: The image appears on the Mac after the video begins playing on the Television. To know whether Chromecast has been connected, the Cast icon has to turn blue.

Step 6: As the video plays, it is possible to browse the Internet via Chrome or your browser of choice, put the Mac or PC to sleep and even read your emails.

Nov 24,2016 17:45 pm