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The Power of Music in Videos (+Filmora Editing Tricks)

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 27, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

No video is complete without suitable audio. Adding audio to a video is not that difficult, but choosing the right audio can be a hassle. You want something that captures the ears of the audience but, at the same time, compliments your video. The best way to do this is by adding music to your videos with Wondershare Filmora.

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The following passage will guide you through everything you must consider while choosing music for your videos. But first, we'll show you how easy it is to alter your video with music using Wondershare Filmora.

In this article
  1. How different types of music affect your videos
  2. Tip #1: Identify the mood
  3. Tip #2: Video and music style
  4. Tip #3: Don't force the music

How different types of music affect your videos

You can easily change the viewer's perception using different music, even with the same visuals. The right song will elevate your video to another level and assist in relaying your feelings and emotions to the viewers. The following examples will illustrate how changing the audio changes the impression of the video.

Example #1

Let's say you have a video of someone walking through the woods. Now without music audio, your video will be boring. You can quickly fix this by adding an upbeat song to make your video more energetic.

adding an uplifting beat to your video

Using the same visuals, you can add a more tense and dramatic song, like from a horror movie. You have successfully changed the entire vibe of the same video from "inspiring" to "sinister." It proves the importance of the balance between audio and visuals.

adding scary music to your video

Example #2

For a better understanding, let's look at a movie scene we all know and love. Take the entrance scene from Avengers: Endgame. The music used by the producer aims to excite the audience while building up the hype for the upcoming battle. However, if we change the audio of this scene, we end up with a completely different set of emotions that might not go too well with the shot.

changing the music of a movie scene

Now that we've seen how crucial audio can be in a video, let's see how to choose the best music audio for your video.

Tip #1: Identify the mood

As we've demonstrated before, the audio can change the entire mood of the video. The right music for any video will be the one that compliments the spirit of the visuals and relays the emotions the producer intended.

identifying the mood of the video

Rewatch your recorded clips until you know the mood portrayed by the visuals. Select music that matches the spirit of your visuals. For example, you would use different music for a sunny day compared to a cloudy day. Once you've figured out the mood and understand the emotions you want to elicit, search for audio that achieves this and balances out your visuals.

Tip #2: Video and music style

We've already established that different styles of music complement other types of videos. So, keep the type of your video in consideration. For example, is your video fast-paced and full of action, or is it more serious in nature, like an interview or documentary?

matching the video and audio styles

Once you have music that matches your video style, check the audio wave. The four most common patterns are steady, ascending, descending, or furious. The audio wave will help you select the visuals that best match that audio.

identifying the audio wave

For example, if you're using audio with an ascending audio wave, you would use visuals that build up with the audio. The beat drop will signal the transition to reveal a powerful shot.

Tip #3: Don't force the music

As emphasized before, your music should match your video. We all have a favorite music genre, but sometimes that may not go well with our visuals. For example, you love country music but have a video about the nightlife in the city. Using country music in a video about the town does not match well and will confuse your audience.

adding mismatched audio to a video

To get music that best suits our video, we must be open and explore all music genres. You'll see how easy it is to scout a song that fits perfectly with your visuals. The easiest way is to choose a song that gives out the same emotions as intended by the visuals.

Final Words

Now, you clearly understand the importance of music in videos. The right music can uplift your video into a viral sensation, while the wrong music track will turn your video into a catastrophe. Remember to review the legalities of copyright and infringement before using any music in your videos to avoid legal issues. Make sure you have permission to use the music or use royalty-free music.

Share this article with your friends and family interested in making stunning videos with perfect music audio. Comment below on your favorite scene from a movie or show where the music perfectly matched the visuals and left you with goosebumps.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Dec 05, 23
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