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How To Use Speed Ramping to Create an Intense Action Footage

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jan 11, 23, updated Dec 05, 23

Are you tired of using the same old way to edit your montages? Or do you want to learn to be more professional in your creativity? Don't worry. We got you.

Here you will learn how to take your videos to the next level using speed ramping with a professional video editor- Wondershare Filmora. Moreover, you will get to know two ways to add the effect.

  1. Using speed ramping effect and glitch effects.
  2. Using the standard speed settings.

These effects can work well for any action sports or dance video. Let's check out about speed ramping effect and ways to add it.

In this article
  1. What is speed ramping?
  2. How to enhance action videos with the speed ramping effect?

Part 1. What is speed ramping?

You've probably seen speed ramping used in suspenseful moments of a basketball video before, like a ball bouncing on the rim or a long buzzer-beating shot.

cinematic shots of a basketball player

With speed ramping, we can slow down our most exciting moments to show our audience. And then speed it up again to keep pace with the music or action. So it will give you a smooth transition effect.

Part 2. How to enhance action videos with the speed ramping effect?

For example, we'll create an intense basketball video with speed ramping and glitch effects in Filmora. Then, to show you how to show off your filming, editing, and basketball skills.

Free Download
Free Download
Step1 Shot the footage

To edit a montage, you must first capture it correctly. For our example footage, we want to ensure we have set our camera to a higher frame rate for filming this type of video since we're going to use slow motion.

shot footage from a higher angels

How to capture the best footage?

You can shoot handheld with a camera or a mobile phone because it allows you to move around your talent and catch some movements and action while giving a shaky camera effect for added suspense. To make evenly balanced videos, you can use a gimbal stabilizer. Here are some tips to get better shots.

  • Change camera angles. Try getting shots low to the ground as well as at higher angles. That will give you more options to cut between when you edit the video.
  • Get various shots. You can get shots of dribbling, shooting, and just running with the ball to work with.
  • Try shooting on a longer lens. It is because you may not be able to get close to the action.
  • Record footage in slow mode on your camera or phone. It will allow you to capture more frames: the more frames, the smoother the slow-motion effect.

Best capturing will make your video more cinematic and visually pleasing after preparing the footage. Finally, we will dive into edit tutorials on speed ramping and glitch effects separately for better understanding.

Step2 Edit the speed of footage in Filmora

There are two ways to achieve the speed ramping effect. One is to use the speed ramping feature to adjust the video speed—the other way to achieve a similar effect is by using the standard speed settings.

Edit with speed ramping feature in Filmora

The speed ramping feature is included in Filmora standard license. So let's start by opening Filmora.

1. Import media

First, import a video from your media library in the Wondershare Filmora. And drag the clip down on the timeline to start editing.

library in wondershare filmora

2. Apply the speed ramping feature

To apply the speed ramping feature, right-click on the clip on the timeline. And click speed in the menu and choose speed ramping to open the settings window.

add speed ramping option

You can choose different speed templates in the setting window. Or, on the left corner, click on the customize option to adjust the keyframes and create the speed you want for the video.

speed templates on wondershare filmora

The lower keyframe is when the video is slowest, and the peak is when the video is fastest. The middle parts between the keyframes are when it speeds up or slows down to reach the specific speed you set on each keyframe.

adjusting key-frames wondershare filmora

Grab the keyframes and move them up to increase the speed or down to slow down the rate. You can also add more keyframes by moving the playhead to the spot where you want to change speed and clicking the plus button.

After adjusting our keyframes, we can play it back to see if we like the result.

Edit with standard speed settings in Filmora

Since speed ramping can only be used for paid users, we also provide you with an alternative way to give an exact transition effect, like speed ramping. Check out the following steps to add it.

1. You can drag the video from your library to the timeline. While in the timeline, double-click to open the speed menu. Then choose the starting speed you want your video to be with the speed slider.

uniform speed

2. Next, move your playhead to the point of the video you want to slow down the speed. Here we will cut and then double-click that clip to open the speed menu again. Change the pace with the speed slider again

split adjusting the clips

Following the above steps, a speed ramping style effect can be created without using the premium feature. Stealthy, isn't it?

Step3 Add some intensity to shots with the BCC glitch effect

We will use Boris FX BCC glitch to add some intensity to our video. It is a plug-in built-in Filmora and gives a feeling of chaos to match the action in the video. To apply the BCC glitch effect to the video.

  • Click on the effects options in the top bar. For example, a window on the left side showing you the option Boris FX will have a sub-option BCC stylize. Click on it.
  • Drag the effect above the place you want it in the timeline.
  • Double-click the effect to open its settings.
  • A drop-down menu at the top of the screen has tons of glitch presets to try out.
  • We are going to scroll down and select shake with motion blur. This preset will use the exact look we want for our basketball video to make the speed ramping more intense.
present a drop-down menu and reduce the effect
  • You can change the settings around after choosing a preset. For example, let's turn up the glitch intensity to have our glitch a little more extreme. Moving further, we can change the glitch duration to our specific needs.

Now we can watch our video to see our glitch with the motion blur effect. Isn't it crazy to make a cinematic video by yourself? The speed ramping feature and glitch effects can bring any sports video to the next level.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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