Video Combiner Tools for Mac

A video combiner for Mac allows you to cut and join video files, including from different formats, into a single video file and export to one or more additional formats. What tools are available and how do they compare? Here is a look at the most popular video combiner tools for Mac available.

Free Mac Video Combining Tools

There are numerous free software tools available for joining or merging videos on Mac, in fact too many options to list. You can go to the iTunes Store to find them, or search on the Internet. Most have the same basic capabilities and allow you to combine videos from different formats on your Mac; some offer a package of more advanced features, a little research will show the differences.

ADVANTAGES: The most attractive advantage of free video combiners is the obvious one: they do not cost any money. For users with modest needs and little incentive to invest in more sophisticated tools, free is the way to go.

DISADVANTAGES: The primary drawback to free video combiners for Mac is the reduced functionality and limited tool set, compared to pay options. Free programs and apps are typically trial or home versions of professional software: if you enjoy the program and want more, you can pay to upgrade.

Paid Mac Video Combining Tools

ADVANTAGES: Paid Mac video combiners typically have a better selection of features and tools, including more advanced editing tools (see Wondershare Video Editor for mac, below). The cost is often worth the added flexibility and performance that pay options provide.

DISADVANTAGES: Price is usually the only barrier to considering a paid video joiner for Mac. The investment may seem unnecessary if your needs are limited to only a single video or two, or you do not require more advanced features.

There are numerous paid Mac video combining tools available. One that we will spotlight for you is Filmora Video Editor for mac, which offers a versatile balance of affordable price, ease of use and relatively sophisticated capabilities. Most users find Wondershare Video Editor very easy to use, including its roster of advanced features and hundreds of video effects and transitions. Not only can you join videos together on your Mac with Wondershare Video Editor, you can edit, customize and share them.

If you are using a windows, check this tutorial instead

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As you decide which paid Mac video combiner to choose, make certain you know what you need and select the option that can best get the job done.

Online Mac Video Combining Tools

There are numerous online applications that allow you to combine videos on Mac, also too numerous to list and differing mostly in small ways: formats supported, advanced editing capabilities, export format, etc. Finding the best one for your purposes is a simple matter of matching your needs with the online video joiner's features.

ADVANTAGES: Working in the Cloud saves storage space on your computer. If you have a less powerful computer, online video combining tools for your Mac may be faster and more efficient than using a program.

DISADVANTAGES: You need a reliable and powerful DSL or better Internet connection to use an online video joiner. An unreliable connection will cause problems if the connection drops. Slow connections take too much time. If Internet service in your area is substandard, online video merging tools for your Mac are not an attractive option.

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