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Highlight Your Epic Moment

  • With Filmora, you can come up with various techniques to highlight your gameplay moments. By uploading highlights, you can display the achievements and show your best moves to your followers.
  • As it can influence your followers positively, it's worth going beyond screen records for your gameplay moments and come up with something more exclusive. Thanks to Filmora, you can get the same in no time!
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    Additional Keyframe Controls

    The mask feature comes with additional keyframe controls where you can rotate, scale, and position the content as per your need. It also allows you to adjust the blur strength, width, and height of the video element. You can also add or delete the elements whenever you want. .


    3000+ Game Assets

    N Filmora offers over 3000 game assets to highlight the iconic gameplay moments. As you can see for yourself in the video, it offers gaming elements like cars, skeletons, DNAs, etc for highlighting.


    Magic Tricks

    You can also trick your audience to create the perfect magic effect by combining two videos and using the mask effect. All you need to do is shoot/film two similar videos and then edit them through the mask shape presets to create the illusion.



    Filmora provides various options for titles that too in multiple forms of templates. It offers 10 title templates, including the forms like hand video-game, Pacman, and bubble speech. So, you can select the one that matches your games or streaming styles. 


    100% Royalty-Free

    The best part about these effects and assets is that you can use them without any copyright concern. All the assets are free of royalties, and you do not owe any money to utilize the same in your videos! So, use it without any headache of copyright strikes. 

    Highlight the Epic Moment of Your Game Play


    What you need to prepare:

    • A computer (Windows or macOS)
    • Your video materials.
    • Filmora video editor
    Step 1

    Go to the Title tab and search for your keyword in the search bar. 

    Step 2

    Once the desirable title appears, select and drag it down to the timeline. Make sure that it's placed right above the gameplay footage. 

    Next, modify the title and footage in a proper format and add some unique overlays. 

    Step 3

    To add overlays, navigate to the Effects tab and search for the keywords matching your video in the search bar. 

    Select and drag the effect into the timeline. Adjust it with other elements as you want, and you finished! 


    What you've learned:

    • You can use mask to personalized your video.
    • You can find more masks in Filmora.
    • Now you can use Filmora to try more video effects.

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