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How To Make Ninja Jump Effect

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Dec 12, 22, updated Nov 27, 23

Superpower scenes derived from movies are trending these days. Everyone wants to add these superpower effects to their clips. We have covered several of these tutorials, and here we are with a new one; the Super/Ninja Jump effect.

This effect is for the quick movement of a subject from one position to another. Naruto is the prime example where ninjas are made to move around by this effect. Anime creators use this ninja effect a lot.

This article includes tutorials on what to shoot and how to add the Super Jump effect using Wondershare Filmora. The use of tools like masking, time ramping, keyframing, and the new version addition, the Boris FX Pack, makes it super easy to get a perfect super jump effect.

In this article
  1. Shots Required For Super Jump Effect
  2. How To Edit These Clips On Filmora?

Shots Required For Super Jump Effect

You can use either a mobile phone or a camera for shooting, but you have to keep these things in mind:

Keep the following important tips in mind while shooting clips using your phone or camera.

● Use Wide-Angle

Always use the wide-angle view to ensure everything is in focus with a good depth of field.

● The Camera Should Be Steady

Make sure that the phone or camera is on a steady surface to avoid any turbulence or frame shifting.

● Sufficient Light

Make sure there is sufficient light and ambiance. Once you have set your camera, these are the three shots you have to take:

Shot 1: Jump Into the Air at a Distance

The subject will jump into the air at a distance from the camera. He should jump as high as he can, folding his legs so his body is in a ball position while in the air. The distance should be proper—not very far away.

shot 1

Shot 2: Jump and Act Like You Are Landing

The subject should jump and act like he is landing on the floor. This shot has to be taken directly in front of the camera.

shot 2

Shot 3: Empty Background Clip

This is an empty background clip. This clip includes only background settings without the subject. We need this clip to make layers while editing.

shot 3

How To Edit These Clips On Filmora?

Once the shots have been taken, we move towards editing these clips, and for this purpose, we are using Filmora. Here is a step-by-step guide for editing these shots.

Steps To Edit These Clips

The tools we are going to use in this editing are masking, time ramping, speed ramping, keyframing, the Boris FX effect, and many more.

Open Wondershare Filmora and Add Video Tracks


Step1 Select the empty background clip (shot 3) and place it on the first video track timeline.

Step2 Now place the jumping clip (shot 4) on the top.

Adding a Freeze Frame

A freeze frame is a type of still image that is created by simply freezing the action. Most of the time, this is used in the last shot of a movie to capture a moment in time. Here are the steps to adding a free frame.


Step1 Move the playhead up to the point where the subject’s body appears smallest.

Step2 Add a freeze frame at this point by right-clicking on the playhead and selecting the speed option.

Step3 Make a cut at the start of the freeze frame, keep it for 8 frames and delete the rest.

initial steps

Masking of the Video Clips

Masking is a tool in editing software that allows you to hide, duplicate, show, or adjust footage by selecting a specific section of the video or using video overlays. The steps for adding the masking effect are given below:


Step1 Now click on the clip view to open the “settings” window.

Step2 Click on the “mask” section and select the circle mask and create the mask of the jumping subject.

Step3 Hide the first track clip so that mask can be viewed better and edited effectively.

Step4 Adjust the scale, position, and shape of the mask and make the edges smoother to match the object.


Boris Fx Effect

Boris FX is a video editing and visual effects software. Filmora supports six continuum units-professional quality effects plugins from award-winning developer Boris FX.

To add these effects to your videos, follow the steps below:


Step1 Go to the “effects” window and open the Boris FX effects.

Step2 Select the directional blur from the bcc blur category.

Step3 Drag the effect to the freeze frame.

Step4 Now clicking on freeze frame, its settings will open.

Step5 Adjust the degree and angle of blur to get a perfect mask object. Turn ON the first video track.

Step6 Add the landing clip (shot 2) on top of the first video track after the freezing frame.

Step7 Find the point where the subject starts to descend toward the floor. Cut the clip here and delete the previous part.

Step8 Move the clip next to the freeze frame clip.

borax fx effect


Now we have to add animation in the freezing frame so that the masked shadow can be shown moving from the back towards the front, a speedy moving shadow. This is probably the most crucial step in editing.


Step1 Click on the freezing frame, and in the settings window, open “animation.”

Step2 Click on the customized option. Add the first keyframe at the start of the clip.

Step3 Now move two frames and add another keyframe with the position of the masked shadow as it is moving out of frame.

Step4 Now move two frames keeping the settings the same.

Step5 Add another keyframe at the end with your masked shadow appearing half from the top of the frame.

This step is a bit tricky to understand, but the most important. Once it is done, your animation will give the impression of an object moving like a flash from the back to the front of view.


Speed Ramping

Once the keyframing is done, your super jump effect is roughly ready. All you have to do now is synchronize the speed of jumping, moving shadow, and landing. Here we will use the “speed ramping” tool.


Step1 Click on the clip, and in the settings window, choose “speed.”

Step2 Click on customize and increase the speed of any frame or clip.

Step3 Move the play head on the frame that you intend to increase the speed of, and move the frame on the speed window to speed up that part.

Once you have done speed ramping on both clips, your editing is done. Now play the video and see how the clip looks and if your super jump effect is remarkable or not.

speed ramping

Final Words

Make sure you follow all these steps in the correct order. You can get Filmora from the Filmora website, but its cracked versions are also available. While editing, try to make the transitions and clips as smooth and synchronized as you can. Also, if you find this article helpful, do not forget to share these tips with your friends.

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Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Nov 27, 23
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