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Best Camera Tips for Wedding Videography

Bastian Günter
Bastian Günter
Originally published May 18, 22, updated Feb 29, 24
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There is ample best camera for wedding photography available in the digital space. Choosing the right ones is challenging and using them optimally gives you the best results. Photography is an art and making videos requires efficient skills. Recording memorable moments like a wedding needs an expert to capture every moment in precise methods.


In this article, you will discover about the professional captures and the perfect ways to edit them to look awesome when playing them.

So, let's have a look!

Part 1: What should we know before making wedding videography?

Before enrolling on the wedding videography activities, learn a few details to obtain impressive results.

1. Plan the schedule: Set the cameras at different angles at a fixed position to capture the unexpected moments on this big day. Schedule the camera operations wisely and manage them to click at the right moment.

2. Portrait or Landscape: According to the requirement change the shooting mode format to portrait or landscape. In a few shots, the portrait mode serves the best and on the other hand, the landscape focuses on the image in detail.


3. Adjust the lens: Choose a wide lens most of the time when capturing important events in the wedding. The moments captured using the wider lens helps you to zoom in and out of the picture efficiently without affecting the pixel details. The resolution of the captured images retains during the editing process if captured using a wide lens.

Interchange the lens based on the shooting environment. Close shots and far shots add value to the videography of the wedding events. The T-Stop cine lens performs better than the normal lens. Smooth video quality with impressive impacts on the shooting scene on a memorable day.

4. Optimal Frequency: Select 60-120fps as a normal speed when recording the video content on your special day. Switch to slow-motion captures while highlighting impressive scenes of the wedding event. While capturing the emotions of the bride and groom, the slow-motion techniques help you a lot.

5. Excellent color grading: Some scenarios in the wedding events suits the black and white color gradings. You can set it accordingly to match your needs at the time of the capture. Assign the respective values on the camera settings for the color attribute and shoot them with the best combinations of color gradings.


6. Use multiple cameras: Set the cameras in two different positions static coverage and dynamic coverage. The static ones can be fixed using a tripod and the other dynamic coverage moves around the event shooting the wedding formalities in detail.


7. Quick clicks: Based on the needs, set quick multiple clicks to capture back-to-back events without missing them. This type of shot mode clicks the events on time without delays. Beautifully captures the events and there is no regret in choosing the simultaneous click modes.

8. Bit depth and rates: Make use of 10-bit video capturing options to ensure the unbreakable performance of the video clippings. When compared to 8-bit videos, the 10-bit video content co-operated well during the editing phase of the recordings. Choose the bit rates with lower compression values that yield better quality. Though they look larger still the video and audio quality are appreciable.

9. LED Panels: Switch off the flash modes instead install the desired LED panels to provide enough light effects to the scene that requires recording. The LED panels offer good light with low heat and they are recommended to capture events that take place for long hours.

10. Memory cards: Most camcorders save the file directly into the internal storage of the system whereas there are options to mount memory cards to expand the storage space for the multimedia files to occupy. Choose the best memory options to ease the transfer process when required.


These are the minimal settings you can work on with the camera and make the best captures at the time of memorable events. Organize the ambience with optimal lights and space to record the happenings smoothly. All arrangements require a pre-planned strategy and on-time follow-ups give the best outcomes.

Part 2: Editing software for wedding videography [record the meaningful day]

Choosing the perfect camera for the shoots on your wedding day enables you to make a professional recording without regrets. By working with its in-built settings, you can click the moments realistically and in a natural way avoiding excess editing activities.

If you take a closer look at the digital space, you will encounter surplus cameras with high efficiency and good performance that meets the expectations of the photographers. Capturing the events on time naturally adds credits to the camera you choose. In the below discussion you will find the best video editors for the wedding photography recordings.

1. Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is an optimal video editing tool for wedding events to bring out quality videos on time. This editor contains in-built special effects, and filters to apply during the editing mode. Turn on a few of its outstanding features like Chroma Key, white balance, image stabilization, masking, and 3D edits.


This tool does not require any special hardware settings, and best plays with the Windows environment. You can work on multi-tracks using this tool. There are options to edit the sound effects and visual appearance of the recordings precisely. Excellent plugins with file type conversion techniques overcome the associated compatible issues.

Trim the videos to obtain professional recordings. There are options to enable desired plugins effortlessly. Recently it has added the OFX plugins to offer extra features to the existing system. The flexible interface with automation features helps the editors to work as a pro in this space flawlessly.

2. Premiere pro

The Premiere pro is an adobe version editor that provides surplus options to enhance the overall performance of the videos. Here, you can find loads of customization options by inserting animated titles, speech to text features, automatic color matching and video formatting options.


In-built templates, music files and filters add value to the captured recordings. This tool seems to be compatible with Windows and Mac systems.  

3. Filmora Video Editor

Another mind-blowing video editor tool that is easy to use in the long run is the Filmora app. It is a fabulous program that helps to make powerful edits on the videos efficiently. The Filmora video editor aids you to edit the videos beyond limitations. It has countless customizable options to get better looks.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


The vast personalization assets are available to edit the wedding videos efficiently. You can find a wide range of synchronization options to match the footage with music and other media files. Speed up or slow down the video motions to meet your editing needs.

The Filmora app assists you to work on every detail of your recordings. Bring out the natural essence of the video content using this application.

The in-built features provide you with maximum customization options without distorting the quality factors in the clippings. Make use of the elements in the asset library to convey the actual happenings in the recordings. The filter effects increase the visibility and improve in focusing important events in the recording precisely.

The remarkable features of the Filmora Video Editor application

  • Resize the videos efficiently to fit the desired frame for optimal view.

  • Work on your wedding story in detail by splitting the screens.

  • Add special effects to the background by enabling the Chroma key and Green Screen effects.

  • Use the Picture in Picture option to play multiple tracks on a single interface.

  • It has resourceful modes to mask and blend the video content for professional looks.

These are the inspiring functionalities of the Filmora Video Editor application. Make the best use of this tool to convert your recordings impressive. Include the respective elements on the content and increase the visibility by inserting the appropriate special effects. Record the memorable moments using efficient cameras and edit them by Filmora to add flavors to the clippings.


Thus, this article had given insights on the best camera for wedding photography. You can follow up on the camera tips as stated in the above discussion and record the events on the big day skillfully using highly performable cameras. Adjust the settings in the camera to click every moment without fail.

Later, use an efficient video editor to bring out the best in the recorded clippings. The Filmora Video Editor application serves as the best video editing tool to add the desired flavors to the wedding videos. Choose Filmora and feel the difference in editing the content limitlessly.

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