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8 Best Marketing Videos Campaign to Be Proven Effective

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

The best marketing videos campaign have the power to create brand awareness, promote a product, launch cool features or just spark a conversation with the customers. And most importantly, it is not that difficult to create a marketing videos campaign.

If you wish to boost your business, have a look at 8 best marketing videos for your reference and ideas.

Examples of Marketing Videos Campaign

1. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is the voice service that is supported by millions of devices.

Alexa helps you in building usual voice experience by offering an instinctive way of interacting with the technology on a daily basis.

The importance of Amazon Alexa is highlighted through this sarcastic Alexa marketing video.

In this marketing video campaign, you can see how the world reacted to Alexa losing its voice. It is as if the world came crashing down and something impossible has occurred.

People start getting weird voice responses when asked a specific question. This marketing video is a smart way of mixing humor with knowledge.

It helps you to learn how dependent the world has become on this voice-based technology, named Amazon Alexa.

2. Macintosh Computer

A computer launched by Apple in 1984 revolutionized the concept for common masses and not only for the computer geniuses.

The launch marketing video of Macintosh computer shows how the people were the slave in the olden days.

In order to understand a certain thing, commoner marched together towards a projector. Finally, the projector was torn apart to launch the Macintosh Computer in 1984.

It is indeed a welcome change that is shown with a stark difference of people slow marching and a lady running with a hammer to break away from the age-old technology to introduce the new one.

3. Doritos

The Doritos is out of the best marketing videos that is just mindboggling and you can definitely jump for it anytime.

Yes, “jump” is the word as the baby did. What an amazing concept where a lady comes for ultrasound in the final days of her pregnancy and sees her baby jumping for Doritos on the USG screen itself.

The baby starts moving with the movement of the Doritos filled hands of her husband. She gets angry and throws it on the floor.

Immediately the baby jumps to catch the Doritos when the lady goes into labor. It is quite a witty marketing video that definitely makes you try it again and again.

This video campaign is simple but the idea is unique that makes it the best marketing video to set an example for the beginners.

4. Coca Cola

Set amidst simple home setting and surroundings, the Coca Cola marketing video is a sweet and affectionate one showing brotherly love.

Although, the elder brother is continuously shown irritating his younger brother for something or the other, when it comes to Coca Cola, the elder brother stands by his younger brother to snatch the coca cola from the boys bullying his brother.

This video gives a subtle message to the viewers, “do not mess with my Coca Cola.”

5. P & G Always

This marketing video of P&G Always shares a strong message to all the girls.

It is not only selling an idea but also building the confidence of the girls.

This is one of the best marketing videos campaign that shows how the older girls or the way a boy sees a girl is judged by asking few common questions like how the girls run, walks, strikes, etc.

The answer received were commonly shy or slow or after much of a thought.

But, when similar questions were asked to the little girls, the pace of running, walking, striking, etc. was much faster and fearless.

The question was is it an insult to be a girl?

Definitely not. The girls are equal and do everything that a boy can do. So, be like a girl and be proud to be a girl.

6. Facebook

We are all addicted to Facebook, a social media network that connects people.

Similarly, the official Facebook marketing video sends a message to all its users that Facebook is like any common thing that one shares.

It can be a chair which is used by so many people and the spacious one that can even be shared by two. It can be a bridge that is used to walk by many, it can be an airplane which is used for traveling by thousands of people across the globe.

There are numerous examples that are just like Facebook. It helps the people connect with the video as Facebook is shown as a common thing, a part of all, shared by all.

7. Android Oreo

Oreo is a cookie released newly by Android.

The Oreo introduction marketing video is an animated one showing an Oreo biscuit traveling at a lightning speed from the space to the earth with super powers.

The video is truly sweeter than ever before and looks smarter in every way. It does complete justice to the Android Oreo features.

8. Skittles

The Skittles is one of the best marketing videos is as colorful as the small pops inside the packet.

It shows a man walking down the street with a black and white background.

Suddenly, he comes across the skittle’s packet and finds nothing, so goes on to throw it in the dustbin.

As soon as the packet touches the bin, it changes into yellow color. He looks spellbound and adds color to every black and white space.

Finally, he looks at the colorless sky and paints the sky beautifully with rainbow colors. It definitely creates magic in the black and white canvass and an alluring video to the customers.


The above mentioned are some of the best marketing videos that you can take ideas from while creating one.

Filmora is definitely the best software that can help you to create amazing videos with its attractive features. It is a great editing tool to make a professional and high-quality marketing video.

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