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8 Best Video Marketing Software and Tools for Business

Do you know?

“Almost 55% (i.e. more than half) of the people across the globe watch online videos every day from HighQ. And, by the inception of the year 2020, it is expected that 80% of the overall Internet traffic will solely be accounted by consumer video traffic”

Whoa! With those astonishing numbers, indeed, the video marketing is actually going to revolutionize the whole market in the near future.

So, if you’re awestruck with the aforementioned numbers and have decided to opt for video marketing to promote your brand, you’ll certainly require one or more video marketing tools.

In this article, we’ve curated best of such tools for both beginners and pro users. Read further to discover them all.

Part 1: Best video marketing software for beginner

1. Powtoon

The first among the video marketing tools list is Powtoon.

This is a tool that considers the value of video marketing and promises to assist you making creative videos and presentations that can engage the viewers easily.

This desktop software is one affordable and provides great service. Move a little further to get to know the tool more closely.

Features of Powtoon

  • This tool allows the users to make their professional videos by providing fast and quick results.
  • It offers drag and drop functionality that makes the process a bit interesting.
  • Powtoon is easy to use.


2. Filmora

Here is the next and the most recommended video marketing software which helps you create your story being the most reliable one in this area.

You can’t miss Filmora when we talk about the most successful software for video marketing. It is one of the most creative video editing tool with the use of which, you will attain the best results keeping the quality as best as possible. Let us know more about this easy-to-use software.

Features of Filmora

  • There are lots of creative filters and overlays associated with this tool designed with the purpose to turn your video into a great work.
  • With motion elements functionality, you will be able to add drag and drop graphics in your video giving your piece a more creative look.
  • It also has a huge number of advanced tools that will enable you to get the video done with
  • Also, you get a free trial with this software.

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3. Wistia

When looking for video marketing tools to promote your business, there are not limited options. A lot of variety is available and from where we have brought the next tool i.e. Wistia.

This software comes with unique ideas and features aiming to fulfill the purpose of users to make a better marketing video.

Features of Wistia

  • It creates videos in minutes.
  • You can try advanced tools to make video even better.
  • It gives detailed guides to make you understand marketing videos betters.


4. Vimeo Business

Vimeo business makes it easy for the people who are looking for creating a marketing video to generate the best possible traffic.

With its huge storage capacity, seamless collaboration ability and letting you embed those videos anywhere, it becomes one of the most useful video marketing tools ever. Here are some of its more positive points.

Features of Vimeo Business

  • It has no restriction on storage and enables you to upload your files up to 7TB along with the functionality of privacy settings and player customization.
  • It is safe and can work with any size of videos plus helps you publishing on Facebook, YouTube etc.
  • There is full 360 video support as well as you can share videos on desktop, mobile, TV etc.


Part 2: Best video marketing software for pro

5. Animoto

When we talk on video marketing software for pros, animoto takes the first place.

It can assist you in achieving your desire of professional great video and engage audience resulting in better business growth. It performs easily and you will be glad to work with it.

Features of Animoto

  • Animoto offers lots of video styles that are professionally designed.
  • It contains over 1000 licensed songs that can create a mood to your video.
  • You can create HD video via this video marketing software.


6. Wideo

You can create animated videos and get desired results in minutes when you use Wideo.

You need not to worry if you are a newcomer in the field since this video marketing tool has made it easier for everyone to create videos even when one has no experience of it in the past.

Features of Wideo

  • It is relatively easy to use and claims to provide professional results in just 5 minutes.
  • You can download your video file even in MP3 when you take help of Wideo.
  • It can also help users in sharing the video directly to YouTube or Facebook.


7. Videoscribe

The next we have Videoscribe in the video marketing software list which is user-friendly one and take care of giving you proper animated video as a result. No matter you wish to make a whiteboard educational video or a business video, with Videoscribe, everything is possible.

Features of Videoscribe

  • With the help of Videoscribe, you don’t need to draw an image manually. It draws automatically and changes them to SVGs.
  • You can refine your videos by adding music to it using your own library.
  • With this tool, you are allowed to download it as MP4, WMV MOV and AVI as well as share your work to Facebook, YouTube or Sho.co easily.


8. Viewbix

The last in the list that will enable you to share your creativity with the audience is Viewbix.

This is one professional tool that professes to deliver proven results along with maintaining the quality of your video. Here are some of the most talked about features of this video marketing software.

Features of Viewbix

  • This professional tool uses SaaS-based builder with the help of which you will be able to make interactive video ad units.
  • You can take advantage of cross-platform sharing of your files.
  • A special feature includes making you aware with the analytics of video ultimately giving you the idea that how, where and when your viewers engaged with the video.



We offered you some very useful video marketing software to make your business grow and deliver the quality output to your audience.

Video marketing is undoubtedly taking away all the limelight. That’s why we refined and introduced the mentioned tools to make your this wish come true. We hope you find this article helpful and fulfill your needs. If it served your purpose, please share your experience with us. Thanks!

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Jan 04,2019 18:33 pm
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