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10 Tips for Creating Marketing Videos You Need to Know

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

When you think of a marketing campaign or online marketing strategy, marketing videos can’t be ignored at all. The recent years have made video content the most selling marketing strategy in the market, irrespective of the segment you cater to.

If you also have created marketing videos as a part of your marketing strategy but failed to grab the audience and pump up the sales, then something went terribly wrong with that.

A small issue while making marketing videos can have serious repercussions and jeopardize your marketing campaign goals. Well! To avoid that chance of something going wrong, we have collated 10 best tips to create marketing videos.

Start to create marketing videos

1. know what you are targeting

Unless you have a fair idea about the audience, how will you create the best marketing video?

Once you figure out the audience, then you have a more challenging task to decide ‘What’ are you offering them through the video?

The rule of thumb is keep it crisp and clear. A single marketing video should carry an easily understandable single message. Depending on the audience, you can make it humorous, emotional, or whatever best suits them.


2. Creating a story

Create a marketing video that compels your viewers to look forward for your product and services. Don’t weave the video around the sales, make it more emotionally connecting with a story. When you hit their emotions, it creates the need to look for more in your video.

The video should always hold a message that even touches the heart of a viewer who might not even need the product. Buyers’ desire should be created through a story and it’s important to include a call to action at the end for generating leads.


3. No one likes boring video

Have you loved a boring mathematics teacher, or one who made mathematics a game of fun?

Well! Most of us would love the second teacher in every aspect. Like that, don’t make your videos too serious that your audience would choose to skip it after the first 5 seconds.

We know you have a story, something important to convey. But, how about making a marketing videos that evoke some emotional response.

If nothing seems feasible, add humor and make them laugh. If you think B2B audience are too serious, then you are wrong, because they too have emotions to get your message and react.

funny video

4. Be friendly with mobile users

Gone are the days that video content was consumed on PCs or TVs, this era of mobile devices needs your marketing videos to be mobile friendly. Video streaming sites and video sharing platforms like YouTube have transformed to responsive interfaces.

So, your video should be compatible to run on a mobile device irrespective of the screen size. The viewership grows 100 fold every year.

mobile users

5. Make it short

Create marketing videos that convey the message within the shortest time span. People are too busy to wait for the marketing videos tag line to appear, the quickly skip to a new site and watch a new video.

Keep the video crisp and clear and leave a lasting impact in their mind, let them think and guess to try the product/service you pitch in the video.

short video

6. Attract your audience

Your content seems boring? Don’t worry about that. A boring story can become interesting when you add fun and humor to it. Include music, animation, first hand experience, time-lapses, and most of all let the viewer relate to it, as if it is happening to them or centered around them.

Unless they feel the connect with you, how could you imagine them to try or buy your point?


7. Consider SEO

Video content is consumed at a large scale worldwide and Google understands that. Making marketing videos with a SEO friendly perspective would drive more traffic to it and gather more audience.

Search Engine Optimization adds value to your business videos when you strategically use keywords in the video description with appropriate tags.


8. Rethink the title

Don’t think that ‘What’s in a name?’ A name or title for your business video can influence the way it will be searched over the internet or attract audience.

Make it eye-catching and stimulating to behold the attention of your audience. As per SEO, make it crawl up the search pages using the right keywords, so that when people search for a related topic, they can find your marketing video.


9. Be Educational

Surprisingly 65% of people watching your video learn things visually. Well! When you want to surprise your mom with a handmade card, you will click a ‘YouTube’ video to guide you, not a written manual.


Teach your audience how to use your product or how to avoid a certain problem using your product. You can even collect user experiences and feature them as a video to improve brand trust.

10. Be within budget

Though, live ‘DIY’ videos with your iPhone during a conference showcasing your product is a good idea, it shouldn’t be the official ‘marketing video’ of your brand. A professionally done videos with the right set up obviously grabs more attention and creates value in front of your audience.

Maintain that and make sure to keep everything under your budget. Don’t be too tight or go overboard while creating the marketing video.



Marketing video creation is not child’s play but make the story relatable to everyone. Keep humor, emotions, strategy, budget, and a good script with awesome editing to deliver a compelling video to your audience and make the marketing campaign a success. With the above points in mind, your video is going to reach million hearts.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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