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How to Boost Live Video Marketing Successfully

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Apr 08, 2021• Proven solutions

To grow a business, a company always looks for unique and fresh tactics to make their marketing stand out and being able to entice potential customers. And live video marketing is gaining popularity in this area nowadays. A lot of companies are getting inclined towards this live video marketing strategy intelligently aiming to achieve the best results and gaining profit.

It’s no secret behind the fact that a great video content can attract loads of traffic so why not use it as marketing strategy too. If you are wondering how you can boost your live video marketing, please keep reading and find the tips to fulfill the purpose.

Part 1: Importance of live video marketing

It has been estimated that time spent by people in enjoying live videos is 3 times more than usual videos, be it on Facebook or any other platform. Live video marketing is a great medium to interact with the audience and let them know about your brand more clearly.

This concept can assist in creating a faithful communication by introducing true brand information thereby developing more trust when compared to pre-recorded videos. All in all, this marketing tactic will be helpful in better engagement of the audience and preparing them to make your potential customers.

Part 2: How to Boost Live Video Marketing

1. Firstly define your brand

Defining your brand is the main aspect in live video marketing. You will need to do a good homework on your brand prior to organizing your live video content.

From your brand’s color to appearance to style, you need to make sure of everything. You also need to take care of the words and the tone you use. It should be suitable to your brand. You should be aware of whether there is a need of professional tone or casual and friendly tone as per your company’s status. This will also keep your brand’s authenticity intact.

define brand live video marketing

2. Know where platform you want to choose

It is always a wise idea to do a little research about the available live streaming platforms before planning a live video marketing. To reach the maximum amount of audience, you should scrutinize and ponder over the social media platform and then evaluate what platforms can help you, considering your audience.

decide platform live video marketing

3. Your live video should have a purpose

Another important point while thinking about live broadcasting is your live video should not be aimless. Stating differently, your company’s video should be intentional and purposeful for instance, plan a live video when you have something to show to your audience like a new product or get live video broadcast when your are surrounded by the followers’ queries etc.

This will be effective in gathering an appropriate audience and will help in connecting dedicated followers. When there is no purpose behind the live video, your marketing can go in vain resulting in losing potential audience.

purpose live video marketing

4. Remember to promote

The best way to gain live video marketing is advertising and giving a plug to your upcoming live interaction. This will not only encourage the existing viewers but will increase more audience by giving them small clues about the new discussion that you are going to share in few days.

You can use several social media platforms to keep your audience aware about your new live video. Schedule a Facebook event or put Instagram stories to promote your live streaming plans and make it easy for the people to get to you.

promote live video marketing

5. Interact with your audience

In order to execute a great live video marketing, there should be a better knowledge on how you can entice them through a better interaction.

For a good interaction, the best tip would be starting live question-answer session. The audience or customers always have questions and bunch of doubts about your brand and they are in want of the answers.

So, keeping this question-and-answer format will help them knowing your business insights and in return you will be successful in receiving tons of traffic and followers. Also, when the viewers get deep details and information about your brand, they will start gaining trust on you and will hopefully show interest in taking the next step towards building a relationship and being your potential costumer.

Final Verdict

Giving a thought on marketing tactics can be tough especially when there is requirement of beating the competitors. You have a pressure to distinguish your brand from others for better growth and profit.

Live video marketing is making progress inch by inch and people prefer it over reading blog post. So, take advantage of the moment and using the tips above, start hosting live videos and get involved with your audience. Decide on the suitable platform and as a bonus tip, use appealing headlines when announcing the viewers such as ‘breaking news’. This will trigger the audience and draw a good amount of traffic. We hope you like this post. Many thanks for reading!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.