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8 Great Product Videos Marketers Need to Know (Hot)

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May 16, 2023• Proven solutions

The best way to enhance user interest in your products is through product videos. When you have a well filmed (with a strong message) and perfectly edited product video for marketing your product, there is hardly anything to stop you from hitting the bull’s eye. A great product video should more than about shooting products. There are so much beyond product itself, like the using experience, brand story and so on. If you’re looking for some inspiration and awareness about what it takes to create a perfect product video for marketing, then we are right here to guide you through.

In this article we have collated some of the best product videos that would inspire you and get a clear idea to make the right product video for marketing.

Part 1: What is Product Video

A video that describes and visually displays the tangible advantages of the product is called the product video.

The best way of exhibiting a product video is to highlight how it can solve the problems in the day-to-day life, instead of emphasizing the features of the product. The clients are usually very sensitive to how a product can ease their worries.

Highlighting the pain points successfully can easily draw the attention of the customers instead of just including the unique features in the product video. There are some points of great product video that you should know.

Engaging video content: Users like to watch informative and interesting product video. Your video should be about every details of your product.

Brand story: Brand plays an important factor in making a decision to buy for customers. You should relate your product to brand in a connection.

Concise and professional: Don't let your product stufffy. No one likes a product video that is boring. Try to make it concise within 60 seconds.

Part 2: Common Features Of Product Videos

1. Connect With Your Audience

Connecting with your audience is an important part of your product video promotion. It is easy to initiate a conversation on a video than directly to them. You must do your best to connect with your potential customers on the other side of the screen.

The idea is to connect with the emotions of your viewers. To achieve the same you must be subtle and delicately handle the sentiments to make your space and leave a strong impact on your potential customers.

2. Call To Action Is A Must

People are usually lazy and you must be able to pamper your customers as much as you can. So, try to make the navigation easy and simple for your prospective clients.

At the end of the product video, it is essential to offer your customer with a Call-to-action or the next destination button. It helps your prospective clients to easily understand and reach a final point if they are really willing to purchase your product. If it is just a concept, you may add a pre-order link or email capture in your video.

product video for marketing call to action

3. Tell Your Story

A product video is not just about the products. Your potential customers often wish to know the team who created the product. They also look for customers who appreciate such products and why. So, sharing your own story or feedback stories from clients can be a great addition to your product video.

Part 3: Best Product Videos for Technology

1. iPhone Xs

This amazing video is a treat for your eyes. It has been brilliantly crafted to bring the new technology and features incorporated in iPhone Xs. Every aspect of the video is so well organized and the product has been filmed intelligently with the right script to introduce this high-end mobile device. This smart product video has been designed to hold the attention of every viewer. From Face ID unlock to their enhanced gestures, the video has captured everything in a way that a layman could understand. You can see from the comment, views and likes to know it is a great product video.

2. DJIRonin-S

This product video will take you a different world with vibrant colors across various locations and shows how effortlessly the DJIRonin-S camera accessory can make filming professional videos easier. The makers have taken ample efforts and hard-work to produce such a breathtaking product video for marketing. They have shown that you can manually or even use your mobile phone to control the device and can be able to shoot fast moving objects and people in motion. DJI also have other products: Mavic and Spark. From beaches, snowfalls, valleys to capture shots they have captured how the device accommodates every situation.

product video DJIRonin

3. Google Assistant

Like always, Google has its own innovative ways of introducing new products. More and more Google Assistant skills are gaining more fans. This product video has been compiled in a light hearted way. The shots will make you laugh and the situations are hilarious too. People are asking Google to open their front door, a woman in shower asks Google to call, another one in the beauty salon too says ‘Hey Google call …’. The video sums up anywhere, whatever you want to know, ask Google. Your product video has to be that crisp and entertaining too.

product video Google Assistant

Part 4: Best Product Videos for Living Goods


Well! If you are asking us about a product video, this one bowled us over. They haven’t only showcased what the product is, but the best ways to use it as well. The duffle and travel bags from TUMI comes with different type of pouches and folders specially crafted for the busy men on the go. Apart from the product use, they have incorporated quick packing tips that anyone can use it while travelling. The concept of showing the plus points, like hangers for suits, folders for shirts, pouches for toiletry was what we found really awesome.

product video TUMI

5. InVision

While talking about product marketing videos, this video scores some browny point here. They start off with their list of renowned clientele in the video and then the video moves smoothly to introduce each aspect of the program. The shots are basically how the product would look in real-time and its look and feel. The video also explains how the user can design and collaborate as well as get feedback from clients and fellow designers to enhance the work. With such a simple way to introduce your product, you have an edge over others.

product video InVision


This video has taken us a notch higher, like every other product marketing videos by Blendtec, the blender manufacturing company. In this video the campaign ‘Will it blend?’ has been showcased. The video is about the founder and CEO Tom Dickson going to blend an iPhone and his blender and iPhone start talking. The two devices confess their love for each other and plead not to blend the iPhone. But then his future-self appears requesting him to finish the dominance of gadgets over humans. Then Tom blends the iPhone at the end and his future-self thanks him for that.

product video Blendtec

7. fairlife

This video caught our attention for the social message it has within. The video showcases a walk through the daily processes happening in the background. A bunch of lifestyle and parenting influencers take a tour with the co-founder. They have shown happy and hygienically kept cows in the farm, and the calves being nurtured to grow. How their healthy food is made out of farm grown corn, and cultivated during the most nutritious phase. Apart from everything else, they conserve each bit of energy at Fairlife. They even use the cow poop to generate gas and run their supply trucks. The video also includes the experience and feedback of the visitors as well.

product video fairlife

8. Nike

Nike always amazes with its product videos in video marketing and this one is no different. The video shows how they have been ended up creating the right pair of runners for offering the softest and well support you. The creative thought behind this video is spectacular, they have made it funny and interesting by comparing it with baking something and finding the real dough for it.

product video Nike

Final Comments

We are sure that the above videos have stroked a cord in you. Well! Then what’s there to wait longer? You can take the clue and use your imagination to think out of the box and come up with an idea that can be captured beautifully with the right camera. Proper voice over and more importantly the right video editing software are also the key elements to make your product video a marketing sensation and grab more consumers. If you want to edit product video, here we recommend using Filmora. It includes more than 300 filteres, effects, title/text templates. It is a powerful video editor for business owners. Download it now to have a try!

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