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Social Video: How to Use It to Increase Revenue

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

Social videos are trending right now as every other company is using them for revenue generation. Social video marketing technique is implemented across multiple social media platforms after studying the target audience.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. being the most prominent platforms for social media video marketing have a wide array of opportunities to grow your business revenue.

Through this article, we are going to tell you how to enhance your business revenues using video marketing across the social media platforms.

Part 1: What is social video?

It refers to a broad range of videos ranging from an immaculately crafted video commercial to a live raw video on Periscope or Facebook. If you summarize it, it is nothing but a digital video customized for consumption and sharing across your social media networks.

Social media video marketing involves making platform specific videos, as well as their capability to be shared on a certain platform.

The videos for Instagram or Snapchat might be having different norms than that of Twitter. Each platform needs the video to be optimized according to its standards. The story structure to the emotion it evokes, a prerecorded social video needs multiple aspects to be shareable.

social video

In case of a live streaming video, real time engagement and authenticity are the key factors. It should encourage the audience to interact when the video is live streaming.

You should remember that viral video and social videos are different. Social videos with a mere 600 to 700 views can garner more leads and make it a success. The video might include how to guide about the product and what purpose it solves.

Part 2: What is the popular video type on social media video marketing

According to eMarketer, product or service overview videos and customer testimonials are widely popular for social media distribution.

But apart from those educational and how-to videos, recap or event promotions, company storytelling videos, virtual tours etc. have a strong foothold. How to videos are also used for branding.

Marketers are now moving towards social media videos to gauge their efficiency in advertising and branding. It helps creating potential customers by sharing these videos online.

Moving away from the traditional trends in marketing, they are experimenting and relying on social engagement organically. It works as a KPI (key performance indicator) for social videos.

Part 3: YouTube video marketing

Apart from being the most favorite video sharing platform, YouTube is equally garnering significance as a strong tool for online marketers. A huge number of marketers are about to include YouTube in their marketing agenda.

If you are thinking that your audience is not on YouTube, then that would be a grave mistake. More than one third of people accessing online content end up with YouTube. From how-to videos to company introductions they are all over YouTube.

Being available in around 76 languages, YouTube is the second largest search engine. You can create unique content and enhance your brand’s SEO and web presence efficiently. Every minute, YouTube gets 300 hours of video content uploaded for the consumers.

It makes YouTube a perfect place to grow your brand and enhance your business through social media marketing videos.

Part 4: Facebook video marketing

Facebook videos don’t stay back when it comes to reaching your fans at a broader scale. Spending some money to create video content and video ads for Facebook can bring considerable results for your brand.

You can even upload your YouTube videos on Facebook natively and attract more viewers. Natively uploading the social video for marketing will keep them there forever. Due to the advanced Newsfeed algorithm of Facebook, the reach of your videos are highly important to promote your brand.

As Facebook and YouTube both are competitors, having the video on one platform won’t suffice. With embedding options, view count, website conversion, Facebook videos is getting more attention from the target audience.

Part 5: Twitter video marketing

Twitter, though has a limited length for the video to be uploaded reaches a wide audience through its ‘#’ hash tags and retweets. Here are the major benefits of having your social media marketing videos on Twitter.

1. Create more interest in your consumers for the product

As the length of videos in Twitter is less, you can make them creatively attractive and funny but in a crisp way. GIFs or videos of 5 seconds would help the viewers watch the video within 5 seconds while scrolling through their posts on the timeline.

If you are promoting your product as a healthy option, then try incorporating fruits to them and in case you have F&B chain then create funny boomerang GIFs to introduce your new drinks.

Always know the right way to evoke emotions in your audience through your Twitter social videos and win them as customers.

2. Higher engagement requires more user-generated content

Well! In case you are thinking, only you can create and promote social videos then you are wrong.

Use videos created by your followers as a tool to boost your brand reach. Encourage them to share their experience about your product and how they would recommend it to someone. These can act as genuine and organic marketing videos for your brand.

People love to hear first-hand encounters and product experience or reviews, as it makes them believe more.

You can post your own video first and then ask consumers to follow the lead. Be innovative, ask them to include a certain hashtag. When they share their videos, their friends, family, and their friends’ friends would view the video due to the hashtags and tags.

Merely a hundred people can make the video visible to thousands of people, depending on their social network. Who knows, you might even land up a huge order out of the blue, as you have no idea how far your reach has been though customer videos.

You can even collaborate with some other brand and get more exposure online. Even collaborating with influencers is a great idea for your brand promotion. You grow your reach mutually and gain more impression over the internet, organically the best way to make your online presence felt and enhance your online marketing.

Final Verdict

While speaking of the best social video marketing tool, you can’t pinpoint a particular platform being the best. The wisest option for you is optimizing the same video in multiple ways for all the platforms and then sharing them as much as possible.

When you have different mediums to bring prospective customers, even a small gain counts. Because, as a whole you get a good number of viewership to your brand video or product how to. The most essential thing though is, sharing a link to your product or services website.

Concluding the topic here and at the end, we believe that we could help you. Please share your views on the topic and if you found it helpful. Thanks for your time and glancing through this post!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.