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Video Ideas: 10 Creative Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

With the fierce competition in the market, small business struggles to make a mark and strengthen their foothold.

Turning to smart and clever video ideas for marketing is one of the best things to do. Many small business owners have already understood this fact and incorporating video marketing into their business strategies.

However, if you want to be at the top, your video marketing ideas must be creative and clever. In this article, we will offer you 10 creative video ideas, including some of the low-cost marketing ideas too.

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Part 1: Creative Video Ideas

1. Use Animation

One of the most clever video marketing ideas is to use animation. Using cartoon or animations is not just enticing for the kids but also a great way to share your views, story or product with your target customers in the business.

Animation always helps in diving into the topic in a light and engaging way. The storage can also be fun with animation.

For instance, the product story shared through a cartoon animation explainer in the Dropbox marketing video is a great way to add humor and cheerfulness to the creative video marketing ideas.

2. Show Funny Behind-The-Scenes

Staying connected to your audiences is vital to make them feel a part of you. They always wish to know the real person behind all scripted contents.

The fun moments in behind the scene videos that cover the real you and your team appeals more to your viewers. What you think about your business and how you really run it or who are involved in the process of creating the product, such inside videos that captures the raw essence attracts your customers.

For example, the YouTuber Philip De Franco has two separate channels for media content and behind the scenes vlogs.

Part 2: Local Video Marketing Ideas

3. Become a Local Guide

Who knows your city better than you? So, if you really know your city so well, why not boast it and help others know the hidden gems of your city too?

Reviewing and recommending hotels and restaurants or talking about the upcoming concerts in the city, entertainment zones, camping sites, etc. can be one of the great ways to drive in both local as well as visiting traffic.

You may also create an interesting video highlighting the stories behind the places of interest in your city. Adding a unique voice and style of presenting can make a big difference to your videos.

The Toronto based lifestyle brand, Peace Collective’s video is a good example that focuses on the beautiful landscapes of Toronto. 

4. Local Events Are Appealing

Getting exposure on the expo floors where you are seen along with your competitors on the same platform is a great way to attract attention towards your brand.

Ensure that the event or the conference is being held in your city while participating. Find out the conferences or festivals calendar to get complete info on the upcoming events and check if you are in a position to sponsor such event and if not, then, bring creative video ideas to cover the event.

local event

Part 3: Low-Cost Marketing Ideas

5. Share Your Video

Whichever creative social online community platform you are using, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter or any other, sharing your video content on the social community can be one of the most low-cost marketing ideas for your business.

When you are part of a community, you can come across several queries from the customers. You may participate in such conversation by creating an explainer video that offers answers to the questions discussed in the social community. The video has to be engaging and interesting.

share video

6. Optimize Video Thumbnail

The small thumbnail image is the driving force that compels the visitors to click on the video. It is a common behavior of the people to judge a book by its cover.

So, a compelling thumbnail image is a much-required feature to attract the attention of the viewers. Optimizing a video thumbnail is easy.

You would definitely avoid a book with numerous text on it. Instead, if you see the book cover with a smiling face with direct eye contact or an attractive image, you would surely pick it up. Isn’t it? Similarly, the thumbnail image of the video must be appealing.


7. Use How-To Video

Educating your audiences is one of the most effective creative video ideas of all. The how-to videos help to answer the queries of the viewers and help them learn a new thing that they were unaware of.

The how-to videos help to throw light on your product highlighting its uses and offer worthy content to your existing as well as potential customers. Sharing tips related to your service or product or showing the viewers how your product is worth paying attention to can make your tutorial video marketing ideas successful.

how to video

Part 4: Clever Video Marketing Ideas

8. Live Video

The Live videos attract a good number of attention from the viewers. Sharing live video from any particular industry event on your Twitter or Facebook Live can be beneficial and amongst the clever video marketing ideas in the recent times.

Other examples of LIVE videos is to thank your customers through Skype or Google Hangouts, live question and answer sessions with employees or customers, live event with an influencer speaking, live demo or film presentations, live office events, etc.

live video

9. Video Contests

The video ideas of contests are a great way to engage customers. If you create a video making contest, you will definitely get great video ideas for your business as well as generate high caliber content with serious efforts from the users.

video contest

10. Show Customers Review

Showing off through customer reviews videos can be one of the best clever video marketing ideas that can help in building the trust of the prospective clients.

What your customers feel about your service or product, how was their experience, short clip of the employee speaking with the clients and why the customers chose you, if such question is answered through the customer review videos, it can be a plus point for strengthening the trust of every future customer.

show review


There are several video marketing ideas that can help your business grow but implementing the right video ideas can be little confusing. But, when you use Filmora, your confusion level reduces to zero. Try out Filmora, a simplified software for all your editing needs. Create a high-quality professional video with the best Filmora software.

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