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How to Develop Video Marketing Strategy Easily

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Apr 08, 2021• Proven solutions

Do you wish to grow your business? Focusing on the video marketing strategy becomes vital, irrespective of the size of your company when you wish to expand your business and also to see your business evolve with time.

A solid strategy helps in guiding the video campaign for your company. Without a proper video marketing strategy, your campaign will be like a tree without roots.

Do you know how to build great strategies for your video campaigns? In this article, learn how to develop video marketing strategy for your business easily.

How to Develop Video Marketing Strategy with Examples

Step 1: Set a Goal for Your Strategy

Setting a perfect goal for your strategy is important. If you are not clear about what you want from your campaign, you might have to struggle with creating the right content.

Your marketing strategy should never consist of excessive promotional content as it might be considered spam and overlooked. The strategy you create must inspire, entertain, and educate your viewers.

When the viewers are inspired, they share and like your content. You would definitely want the viewers to convert to your customer but it is not advisable to push them and make them feel pressurized.

Understand your target customers and their preferences and create such content that will definitely be appreciated and used by your customers.

For example - the Coca-Cola advertisement that focuses on the science behind the measure of happiness of its customers on its 100th birthday. It shows how when one or two person likes, it leads to increasing shares, thus, increasing demands. So, the goal was to make the customers happy and content, instead of selling more.

Step 2: Research Comes Next

It is important to make a thorough research of the preferences of your audiences, the age group you would like to target, the location or demographics, and more prior to creating a video marketing strategy.

The right types of content, a storyboard for your video, characters in the video, everything must be clearly etched out with thorough research to make a strong video marketing strategy.

research video marketing strategy

Step 3: Determine Video Producer

Here you have 3 options to choose from. Firstly, your team or you can create videos. If you decide to make a number of low budget videos frequently, then this is the best option for you.

Secondly, you may hire a professional agency that is well adept in video making. It is definitely an expensive option but if you are looking to make just one impactful video, then professional video maker is what you need as you have no time to experiment.

Finally, you may hire influencers or bloggers who will be responsible for creating as well as promoting the video. Incorporating your services and products in the video can lessen the work of bloggers to some extent.

When you are confused, decide your selection on criteria like your budget, your creativity (how creative are you), target audience, and your time availability, etc. Once the points are clear, you can surely determine the video producer in the video marketing strategy.

video producer video marketing strategy

Step 4: Which Channel You Want To Publish

Are you live streaming a video? Then you do not need to edit before uploading the content to the various social media platforms. But, otherwise, editing the content becomes a vital part before uploading any kinds of content.

YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook are the best social media platforms. Out of this, YouTube is the most popular ones of the lot with billions of users. It offers SEO feature and you can directly feed content into the search engine.

Facebook’s native video reach is much higher than the YouTube content. When you have good following of the Facebook social media, uploading videos as part of video marketing strategy on FB becomes highly beneficial.

In comparison to Facebook and YouTube, Vimeo’s popularity is lesser but it has economical subscription rates for uploading video content. Not just that, you may also customize the video to place it on the landing page of your website or use for email campaigns.

publish video marketing strategy

Step 5: Start Promoting Your Videos

Random upload of content on YouTube cannot prove to be advantageous. You must publish and place it strategically for promotions. You must be aware where and how you can use your published content effectively in order to promote your company in the right light.

You may seek help from other businesses and bloggers who can willingly spread a word of mouth for your new content. If your videos offer value, it won’t be difficult to share and spread. For example, The Bahamas made a video where the pigs were seen swimming in the pool. It was a fun watch and influencers were hired to promote it. But, it required more boost so The Bahamas tied up with Expedia. It won’t be possible for a start-up to join hands with biggies like Expedia. So, asking the bloggers to promote can be the right decision for the company.

promote video marketing strategy


To witness your company touching the pinnacle heights of success, planning the right video marketing strategy is very important. Video content is the most demanding content as per the trend. In order to make your video completely professional, you may try the Filmora simplified software for a seamless editing experience. From 4k resolution to increasing or decreasing the speed, you can give make your video with a professional know-how with Filmora.

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