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10 Video Marketing Trends in 2024

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

The exciting innovative video marketing trends can be seen in the second half of the year 2024. According to the video marketing trends prediction in CISCO, it would take more than 2 years to watch all the videos circulated in just 1 second.

The video marketing is insanely popular in the recent years and the trend is growing with time. Here you can learn 10 video marketing trends that truly deserve your attention.

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10 Video Marketing Trends

1. Live Streaming Will Still Be Popular

With videos dominating the social media, live streaming of the videos create more customer engagement. There are various reports that suggests that users watches three times more of a live video than any pre-recorded ones.

According to the experts who usually observes while hosting the live sessions that the users are more excited and thrilled to interact in real-time with their friends, celebrities or brands.

You can expect the social networks to work more on the set up of the video features for streaming high-quality videos in the second half of the year 2024. You may also be spoilt for choices in terms of more interactive features and expanded budget for live streaming of videos.

2. Content Marketing Is A Must

Video content shower on the user can make them crazy. It is best to create personalized video content by avoiding redundant expenses on production.

When the brand personalizes the videos, it helps in cost-cutting. You need not address each of your customers in emails for personalizing, instead categorize the list of users and create videos accordingly. Many companies are considering personalization to be one of the best video marketing trends in 2024.

content marketing

3. Stories Are Important

The stories feature is booming in every social media sites. The war between Instagram and Snapchat to gain attention of the users on the stories sector is known by all.

Earlier, Instagram was said to copy the Snapchat’s story feature. But, presently, Instagram has left behind Snapchat with its unsurpassed following and 250 million active users on a daily basis compared to 123 million users of Snapchat. A new feature for embedded tweets stories sharing is in the pipeline for Snapchat.

The users need to wait and watch if the feature will be included in Snapchat or not. The battle for stories doesn’t end here. YouTube is also coming up with its new stories feature named Reels.

For the better vibes in the social atmosphere of YouTube, Reels is being developed where it is said that unlike its counterparts, Reels stories won’t disappear within a stipulated time of 24hours. You may also create numerous Reels, each with a set of videos associated to your subject.

ins story

4. Mobile Video Optimization

The squared videos are the new video marketing trends. You must have surely come across the squared, bright, and tasty Buzzfeed videos. As per the new Facebook guidelines, it is recommended to shift to the 1:1 mobile fit video format. The square-shaped videos cover more than 78% of the Facebook news feeds, creating a better chance for the videos to get noticed.

mobile video

5. Explainer Videos Will Be Prominent

What are explainer videos? It is a short effective video that gives information on how to do a particular thing easily and rapidly.

Whether explaining how to use a product or a gaming explainer video to help the users explain the tricks of winning the game levels, the explainer videos are extremely popular with the social media users.

The short length of the videos makes it easily shareable and helps in creating an instant impression. There are endless prospects for the branding. A great example for explainer videos is the Tasty series from Buzzfeed.

The bottom line is creating online engagement for the customers with videos is one of the best video marketing trends in 2024. You must be able to convince your users to share, like or follow the video created and you can get going.

explainer video

6. Cost Will Be Reduced

Recording and producing a video content involves a minimal cost. There are a number of video making tools available along with the handy mobile phone.

Today, almost every people have a smartphone. So, a microphone, smartphone, and an editing software is what you need to shoot an attractive and professional brand video, reducing the cost to a great extent.

You can also hire professionals at minimal cost from the online marketplaces that can make your task easier and also precise and perfect.

money reduced

7. Write Video Content

Transcribing your video content is beneficial for SEO. When you transcribe your video fully on YouTube, it ranks the video higher. If the video transcription is well written, it helps in the detection of keywords by the search engines which in turn helps the people with most relevant info.

As the search Algorithms of Google puts major focus on the YouTube videos, it can also help in higher rankings on Google.


8. 360° Videos

It is found that the 360-degree videos have shown a tremendous click-through performance when Google considered it despite its low see-through rate when compared to other video versions. The low cost per view makes the 360° videos cost-effective and a worth doing investment as per the recent video marketing trends.

360 video

9. Cooperation Will Be Frequent

Testimonial videos where the customers team up with the employees to share the brand stories is one of the best video marketing trends for 2024 and the upcoming years.

Here the challenge is to collect stories from the individual brand interaction, focus and finally process it in ways to boost engagement and also maintain the brand values. Videos help in increasing the trust of the customers in a particular brand.


10. Videos Will Erupt From All Sides

The video marketing trends data and figures reveal that out of the box thinking for video circulation are essential and worth it. Apart from YouTube and Facebook, video dispersion is also popular on platforms like Instagram,, Verizon, Twitter, and Twitch.



Video marketing trends are conquering the entire digital world of promotions and advertising. Do not be left out in this fast-paced trend of marketing in 2024. Filmora can help you edit video easily with powerful tools.

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