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How Virtual Reality can Improve the Tourism Experience

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

Virtual Reality Tourism:

It is much easier to sell products and services when they are displayable to consumers or they have a sales inspection point. But this is not the case with tourism as you cannot display it for branding. That is why videos play important role in overall promotion of travel and tourism world. And the fact is that virtual reality concept can take this promotion to next level with greater profits.

The most impressive thing to know about virtual reality is that it helps the viewer to get inside the virtual dimensions while exploring the information in immersive form. So many sensory inputs work together to add real world beauty into virtual environment, it can be a combination of sound, sight and even touch with their incredible impact.

Sustainable solution for constrained world:

There are so many people who are not able to travel to have tourism experience, the reasons behind can be lack of time, finances or even physical prospective. But it doesn’t mean that they cannot explore the beauty outside; virtual reality gives them opportunity to view everything even while sitting at their own comfortable place. It can also make visits possible to locations that are otherwise difficult to access for every tourist thus virtual reality can be termed as a sustainable solution to tourism.

Best Applications:

  • Virtual reality can provide biggest support to educational institutes where teachers can help students to learn facts from virtual reality based field trips. They can easily explore Great Wall of China as well as Pyramids of Egypt while sitting inside their own classroom.
  • Many hotels around the world are installing VR service rooms these days so that visitors can explore local sites from their luxury hotel room itself without facing troubles on busy roads of cities.

Virtual Reality Travel Assistance:

The successful implementation of virtual reality concept can lead to classic location based tourism assistance on real time basis. A mobile device can get complete virtual data about locations using GPS and Camera etc so that person can avail desired information about accessible placed around.

The trustworthy information circulation ensured by virtual reality technology will help travelers to stay safe from fraud tour guides and taxi drivers.

With all such incredible advantages, there is no doubt to say that Virtual Reality can give new dimensions to the tourism world and it can definitely improve site exploring experience of travelers.

Virtual Travel apps to Try:

Below are few details about some of the best Virtual Reality applications that you must install in your device to have complete VR assistance on the go:

# Caribbean VR Google Cardboard:

This application is designed for View Master VR, Color Cross, GearVR, Zeiss VR One, Homido and Google Cardboard. It ensures incredible 360 degree views for stunning sites of world and can provide you easy way to step inside immersive experience for visiting your favorite travel destinations. Some of the most commonly accessed sites include magic sandy Islands, St Barts, St Maarten and Pinel Islands. It can make your tiny device a complete tour and travel package with outstanding VR experience.


# Ascape VR: 360 Degree Virtual Travel:

Het Ascape VR on your device and soon you will be able to visit beautiful travel destinations and iconic local sites with 360 degree view on your own device screen. This application allows users to enjoy Hawaii beach locations, various vibrant streets of New York; the well known feed elephants of Africa as well as you can have a dive with bloody sharks at Caribbean. Get Ascape VR and start exploring new travel destinations that have rich cultural heritage! Some of the most loved sites offered by Ascape are Disneyland Star Wars parade, Coca Cola Museum field trip, Denver Broncos stadium and many more.


# Virtual Gorilla (Cardboard VR):

This app works perfectly on Android 4.4 and its higher versions while offering enough storage space so that users can easily download videos up to 250MB. It is the best platform to take memorable tour to African jungles and spend time with African safari that is surrounded by Gorillas all around. You can bring home the real adventure with its 3D sound effects and true VR video mode but always remember to put headphones so that you can have full immersive viewing experience.


# World Cities Virtual Travel:

This app contains loads of pictures from many amazing locations of the world so that viewers can have a vast travel experience. Some of the best sites that you can explore on your android device using World Cities Virtual travel app include: Dubai, Tashkent, Paris, Rome, London, Venice and many more. This app is quite easier to use with user friendly interface and it promises crystal clear content quality for every VR video.


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