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In The Garden & The Bb's 1 Year Celebration October 2019

by Liza Brown Nov 11,2019

YouTube Channel: Filmora Video Editor

I started making videos, just about a year ago. this video I have submitted shows my beginnings and after seeing a sample of other work since then I have learned so much. I do enjoy using Filmora 9 and all the free embellishments found that is offered. I started to keep memories of my yard then it became the need to show others how I see nature. AS it grew colder it was nice to have something indoors to keep me busy, hoping and planning for spring. Filmora encouraged me to venture out even in the snow and film and create what I had experienced. ICE< SNOW< etc. what was usually a dreaded thing became a beautiful thing I wanted to capture. I have picked music and worked the videos around the songs. "In The Garden" Gospel was my first song and wanting to use all the verses as themes to the videos. Finding the Channel I created needed a niche I did not want to just have blooms, it became all things B - OUR cat Blossom appears in lots of the videos. The channel fits mostly in PETS& ANIMALS since YOUTUBE did not have a garden category, Sometimes I put under blog, or travel, how to. Branching out in many Directions. Thank you for this interest you have in seeing everyones productions and creations made with Filmora 9.