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Werewolf Forms

by Liza Brown

YouTube Channel: Filmora Video Editor

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I do watercolor Timelapses but the program I was using started cutting off on my phone and I was losing chunks of time and not noticing until later. I switched to just recording in my phone's normal camera but then it was hard to find a good program for speeding things up. 
After searching around a bit and trying out Filmora in a free trial, I decided I really liked it and I've been using it since then. Filmora is easy to use right away. I've only had to look up a few things. 
The filmstock effects and things are really cool and I'm happy that I don't always have to go hunting for new music and can just pick from the stuff preloaded in the library. 
Filmora has really helped me create a "look" that is much more professional and consistent than my weird little old videos and I'm happy that it lets me do some things that I wouldn't have otherwise been able to do."