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The Best Google Daydream Apps and Games You Should Know

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Apr 02, 2021• Proven solutions

You might be interested to use a daydream application on your device; that is definitely a great idea and once you choose right platform to enjoy your content, soon you will have real fun. The article below will help you in selection of some of the best daydream applications along with top rated daydreaming games; you can easily choose any of these combinations to get started with real excitement and never ending fun.

Google daydream Apps:

1. YouTube VR:

YouTube VR allows users to enjoy incredible VR viewing experience where they can explore the 3D world with real excitement. Its daydreaming feature assists video lovers to stay tuned to their favorite clips while adjusting 3D VR settings with ease. It is possible to watch as well as browse all YouTube videos, including 360 degree content in form of standard yet stunning rectangular videos. Here you can also manage easy switching options between key board controls and voice commands.


2.Netflix VR:

3D video lovers must have heard this popular name because it is often recommended due to its award winning performance. Most of the video viewers love to access this platform for easy access to movies, TV shows and documentaries. You can enjoy watching high quality content for hours on your android device using its daydreaming support. This application also managed one separate section for family and kid’s friendly shows. The best news is that you can start streaming right now for free with its one month trail package and it works without ad disturbances.


3. MyVR:

MyVR will never let you lose your interest for VR videos due to its interactive virtual room feature where anyone can manage a profile. Add various items to your profile as per your interest and keep enjoying them on the go. It can also help you to gain access to popular viral videos and they can be directly played on big TV screen. MyVR makes it possible to stream, share, save and discover content from internet. All that you need to do is add your favorite sources for artists, music, videos, recipes, news and many more to start enjoying quality streams fast.


4. Google Street View:

Get connected with Google Street View and start exploring some of the best natural wonders along with landmarks and popular locations around. It will assist you to stay in touch with your preferred business houses, restaurants, stadiums and museums. Users can also create their own maps with the help of 360 degree photography and add details about the world around. The content gallery at Google Street View can manage all your photo collections with high rich privacy settings.


5. Google Arts and Culture VR:

Using Google Arts and Culture VR, you can immediately start viewing awesome collections at museums and art galleries. You will be glad to know that this simple to use app cal help you to step inside the stunning world of popular artists like Rembrandt and van Gogh. Every brush stroke can be zoomed in to have crystal clear details about impressive art collections. This day dreaming app is definitely a pretty cool concept.


Google DayDream Games:

1.Coloring VR:

You can now access coloring therapy on your personal daydream VR device. If you often stay disturbed due to stress and anxiety then let these colors make your life beautiful. Enjoy a relaxing and smooth painting experience with this daydream game and have fun with your life. You will be able to find wide range of color choices on Coloring VR application and it will definitely help you to get out of all stresses from your life.


2. Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes:

This is really interesting! One player on this gaming platform is trapped inside the virtual room that has ticking time bomb inside. Other players are considered as experts in bomb diffusion process and they have to provide instructions to the trapped player. These instructions will be utilized to defuse the bomb with deciphering codes that are developed manually. But the most interesting thing is that this bomb is hidden from experts so everything becomes challenging on the puzzle platform.


3. Lego Brickheadz Builder VR:

Get this magic book and start solving object and character based puzzles with playful adventures on your device. Users can enjoy designing virtual LEGO models on this day dreaming game and can use various attractive characters like toys while changing their behavior and looks etc. Note that this game allows users to enjoy special combinations of creations for unlocking new items and characters. You will be glad to know that this platform is no longer limited to kids because many adults are also enjoying this daydreaming game on their device these days.


4. VR Karts: Sprint:

This game allows players to apply their own customization on karts and then they can step inside an incredible Virtual Reality racing world. Create a powerful kart for yourself and rush to the driver’s seat to start your race with potential opponents. The racing session will go on through stunning tracks where you can also collect additional power ups. You will also be able to access various weapons to defeat your opponents in the race. This impressive game is specially optimized for daydreaming feature and you can start enjoying it with online multiplayer mode. The champion Trophy mode makes it more interesting for all age groups whereas beginners can also start with simple single player mode.


5. Mekorama:

Mekorama platform will help you to meet with an interesting robot that has so many powerful features. He is trapped in a world of puzzles and you have to bring him back to home so it is going to be a big challenge for your daydreaming craziness. You can enjoy 50 basic game levels on your device whereas it can be extended up to unlimited adventure with the online modes. This game is designed with stunning creativity and the build in live editor allows players to enjoy creation of their own miniaturized world.


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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.