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Things you should know about Google Daydream

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Nov 26, 2021• Proven solutions

What is Google Daydream?

Google is advancing in the field of virtual reality rapidly from the start of 2016, and just not the google cardboard, there are so many inventions are being made in this field. Back in the month of May, at Google I/O, the company has unveiled a very fascinating and intriguing concept in the field of virtual reality with a new invention called Daydream, and it is a unique project in this field.

Google Daydream, clear from its name, is not a simple physical and stand-alone device as other VR concepts around. On the other hand, it is actually a platform which is based on virtual reality hardware standards, and it provides opportunities to the manufacturers to follow the concept, also combining a new piece of hub software provided by the Google corporation. Now, the main purpose and aim of this project are to make this concept a lot more familiar to the people using the android operating system, and hence making the virtual reality apps and video content easily available to everyone using the android phones.

Google Daydream is a very vast concept, as it will not only provide a major platform to the manufacturers. It will also be a part of combining all the information present on the internet about the virtual reality in pieces, and present this whole information on a single platform. Although, Google Daydream project also includes the making virtual reality hardware devices and the guidelines to these devices are presented in the Daydream project.

Release dates & Price

According to the reports, Google is planning to launch Google Daydream ahead of October and November this year as it is finalizing deals with its content partners. It is expected to be a very splashy event. Well, talking about the price it is not expected to be too much costly as other VR headsets. The expected price of Google Daydream is between $150 to $200.

Google Daydream Headset

There is a concept about the Daydream VR release that is developing is that it isn’t going to support any of the smartphones that are currently present in the market. We can think of two reasons that must be behind this lack of compatibility. One of them could be a lack of the necessary sensors or 2nd reason could be the absence of low persistence display in the devices. Now, Google Cardboard was released for the simpler use and was compatible with almost every smartphone. While, Google Daydream VR is being released for high-end virtual reality experience, and it will be compatible with the high-quality mobile phones.

Release Date and Price

Some manufacturers have announced some of the dates that are considered to be closer to the actual release dates, but there is no final call on this release date yet. Well, it is highly expected that it will be released shortly after the release of the Google’s next Android Nougat release. The Daydream platform will be released before the end of 2016 and after that, the next product to be out is Daydream VR headset. The price of this device is expected to be very much comparable to the Gear VR. It will not be too much costly and easily affordable to the middle-class people also.

“Daydream-Ready” Phone and Compatible devices

Google does not talk about the compatibility of Daydream-ready much. Till now, only a few devices have been confirmed to be the compatible devices to the newly releasing technology. But until we don’t have the official hardware spec list of the Daydream-ready we can’t say things as certain. But let’s talk about some of the devices that are confirmed to be compatible with it.

First of all, the official Daydream-ready phone which was announced is ZTE Axon 7. It’s only $400 cost with a vast list of features, and the biggest of them it is an official device of Daydream-ready. Other than that, there is another device, which is a high-end version, Zenfone 3 Deluxe is also an announced compatible device of the Daydream-read.

Other than these devices, all the other Daydream-ready compatible devices lists are just speculative. But it is highly expected that many of the high-end devices will be compatible with the headset. Now if Google decides to implement the idea of external sensors than there will be a huge list of Daydream VR-ready compatible devices which are already around.

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