How to Set Up Your HTC Vive

By Mar 09,2017 17:18 pm

Be patient to set up HTC VIVE

Vive will undoubtedly take away your hearts with its performance but setting it up is not as seamless as you would like! Virtual reality is an expensive hobby and Vive will make you realise! Setting up the Vive can be frustration and it proves that getting up to the point where you can use it yourself is a rocky road. Setting it up may take around 30 minutes to one hour and you should be patient to set it up decently!

Ready your room for HTC Vive

For complete and immersive VR experience you will need a fair bit of space to fit in. space is one thing but along with that you have to place your PC strategically so that it is well within the range of 5m of cable. As HTC manufacturers term, you need to rule out mirrors and other direct sources of sunlight such as windows from your room by covering them with dark and thick curtains (you don’t want vampires out to love your VR, right?). You can have both sitting and standing experience with VR but in any case you need to clear space in your room. As mentioned by the developers, you will need space of around 2m in length and 1.5m in width which is around 6.5ft x 5ft. Now will you realize what it takes to dedicate a part of your house to feel completely another dimension!

HTC Vive Set up

Let us start with setting up of accessories if you have picked up some free space (though you can refer to the installation guide):

  • Unpack the base stations and attach cables and adapter and mount them as mentioned in below section of base station sensors.
  • Install the headset with the help of USB and HDMI cable and attach the other side of it to Link box with the help of Link box power chord. Just to add here, the headset is ridiculously powerful, it will help you in giving a sight to all directions without a hitch!
  • Connect the Link box with all chords attached, to your computer. Once it is attached, the drivers will start installing and thus do not interrupt by unplugging it.
  • As a final step connect your controllers to the headset and headset to the Link box and get started.

Software set up

If you have followed the first two steps then you are all set to step ahead! You have made the space and invested time in setting it up keeping your emotions in control! It is time to setup the software now! You have to download the software from their official website for which you have to create an account. ‘Steam’ is the name of the software which will give you access to this ultimate entertainment platform. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. You can download it here . After you have installed it, just launch it simply by juggling with options under Steam client or through tools under Library. Go to Tools> Library> properties> Betas and select Steam VR Beta update. Once Beta is updated then launch it by clicking in top right corner of the tool. It is fairly simple to setup the software and the installation guide would also assist you in doing so.

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