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How VR movie might change the world

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Let’s get introduced with the virtual world of film making with Chris Milk

Technological advancement is what leads us to the edge of success. If we talk about one consistent thing in this world, that would be the continuous advancement in the field of technology. Virtual Reality is now one of the core topics of discussion for many of us. There has been a transformation of VR technology from an only medium of making science fictions to an idea that can change the entire way of how we take a look at the world!

What is VR actually?

Well, VR is a “computer-simulated reality” which is a computer technology that depicts an environment that is real and imagined and it simulates the presence of the users into that environment and allows the user to make physical interactions into that environment. To put things simple, it’s an artificially created sensory environment that can include experiences like; sight, touch, hearing and smell.

“It’s a computer generated three dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipments such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.”


The different experience of traditional movie and VR movie

It’s true that traditional movies have great impacts on the people of the entire world. It’s a great medium of entertainment and the experience of watching movie is going to be changed with Virtual Reality cinemas. It’s a complete new approach to the cinema that offers much larger view to the audience. Unlike the traditional cinema that only provides audience with a frame of window to watch the story, VR cinema presents a 360 degree view that is something really exciting. You not only just see what the director or the film maker wants you to see but, the entire surrounding place. It feels like you are inside the movie and you can actually feel and live the characters. The audiences are put into the same environment where they not only see the story, they can sit and stand with the people in the story and feel like it’s real. VR movies are able to capture every little detail from all directions which is something excellent!

How can VR movies influence or change the world?

If you look back to the past, there were always someone to bring in changes to the world and when it is about introducing VR movies to the world, it is Chris Milk. He is the man who has always been curious and enthusiast about using latest and advanced technology to tell stories.

Along with the company VRSE, Chris Milk used VR cameras to shoot full-fledged VR film about a Syrian girl. Sidra is her name and she was at that time, living in a refugee camp in Lebanon. The film takes you through her life. What she does in the house with her family, how she goes to school, how she enjoys time with her friends. Everything you will get to see in a different approach but with complete vision of the entire surrounding place. You get a different approach to see everything. You feel that you are present with the people inside. In this movie you are sitting on the same ground the girl is sitting on and you can feel her humanity in a deeper way.

The true power of VR films – people are going to be mesmerized with the experience

It is a mind blowing experience to see VR films with VR machine. People who would never have a chance to sit in a refugee camp in Jordan and see how life is there, they can visualize things through this film. Their decision will affect millions of life and while watching the movie, they will find themselves right into the spot with the girl. This out of the world experience will encourage more film makers to create VR films and this can bring changes to the people other side of the film. This is the true power of VR.

How VR movies are going to change the world?

The technology is mostly used in video games but, unlike a video game, the VR movies connect human to other humans in a profound way. This is something that you will never find in any other form of media. It can change how people think about each other. It can change the life of the people in the movie too. Through VR machines, we get more connected to human in the films. This is the reason why VR has the potential to change the world!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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