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Sony PlayStation VR Headset Review

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

First Impressions of Sony PlayStation VR

Sporting curved, black visor, LED-illuminated positional trackers along with a one of a kind headband in order to enhance user comfort, PlayStation VR definitely looks like what you would expect a VR headset of future generations to look like. It primarily puts both the HTC Vive’s marked unit and Oculus Rift’s sleek back exterior right into shame.

Judging from latest E3 convention, it is very clear that PSVR developers are on the right track to deliver compelling experiences. In fact, according to Sony, there will be fifty different games when the headset debuts.

Comfort and Design

PlayStation VR is absolutely the most stylish among the VR headsets available in the market. The experience of Sony when it comes to designing the consumer facing technology shines from the sleek white and black design, to its padded rubber finish surrounding the eyes alongside the blue lights, which in the first place act as the head tracking points.

Putting this PlayStation VR is indeed a very simple affair. The plastic crown that it has fits over the user’s head and the button located on the rear really helps in terms of adjusting the size of the opening in order to secure the VR. Tight fit is a paramount of importance for the sports games where the players are moving their head.

Tracking and Display

To make virtual appear real life, Sony made a responsive screen. RGB display is responsible for delivering combined full HD resolution or about 960x1080 pixels to every eye. This is made even better because the 5.7 inches OLED screen is just like the size of what players would get with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that is attached to the Gear VR.

Sony has worked really hard just to make sure that the PlayStation VR does not cause any motion sickness. It has 120Hz refresh rate, which simply means that its headset mainly updates 120 times a second, thus produces very smooth image that is pleasing to the eyes.

Pros and Cons


  • PSVR is much cheaper compared to its competitors.
  • Sony has announced that all existing games in the PS4 can be played on VR via Cinematic mode.
  • Offers great specs at an affordable price.
  • PSVR promises great list of the upcoming VR games.


  • As viewed by many, PSVR underperforms in areas of the image sharpness as well as sound quality when compared to the Oculus Rift.
  • Unlike others in the market, it is exclusive for PS4.
  • It will not come with the PlayStation Move.

Given the configuration complexity’s state, users can be surprised to see the outline change of PSVR from the visual outlook. Overall, this is going to put a really big dime in the heart of every gadget lover out there.

PlayStation VR features

PlayStation VR primarily features full positional sensing, tracking in which the users are in real time. This enables them to experience immersive 3D games in full 360 degrees environment. The best thing is that the users can definitely interact with the games through the standard Dualshock gamepad, which in the first place has built-in motion control functions.


PSVR mainly sports 5.7 inches 1,920x1080 OLED display. Since it uses stereoscopic 3D with the use of two screens with the identical images for the eyes, this then translates into resolution of about 960x1080 per eye. The use of OLED certainly means that PSVR games will absolutely pop; this is all because of the increased color saturation as well as brightness.

Other Features

PSVR is not just a platform for different games. Alongside the traditional games, Sony is sure enough to offer PSVR-ready content from the PlayStation Music as well as PlayStation Video arms, perhaps in the form of the immersive music virtualization or even virtual movie theaters.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.